Baking Pan on the Stove: Ingredients (Explained!)

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Baking pans are excellent cookware not just for baking but also for preparing other foods that need the use of an oven. Although these pans work great in the oven, you may be wondering whether you can also use them on the cooktop. You may be wondering what happens if you place a baking pan on the burner.

Baking pans are made of various materials, and although they all perform the same in the oven, they vary when used on the stove. Thin metal baking pans, for example, deform as a result of the uneven heat distribution on a burner. Aluminum roasting pans, on the other hand, are better suited to stovetops since they are sturdy enough to endure fire.

Baking pans often have the same qualities that are appropriate for oven temperatures. As a result, the thought that they could not operate properly on a cooktop might be concerning. This article will go through several baking pan materials and how they operate on a stove.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Can you cook with a baking pan on the stove?

You may use a baking pan on the stove, but be careful that it may cause damage to the pan.

A baking pan, for example, is totally safe to use on the stove since it is meant to handle heat while cooking. Yet, the heating method of a stove differs from that of an oven.

Unlike an oven, the combustion on a stove is completely uneven. As a result, your baking pan may distort since just the bottom section of the pan heats up fast while the other parts stay unheated.

As a result, if you don’t mind your baking pan warping, you may proceed and place it directly over the stovetop’s flames.

If you don’t want things like that to happen, you should acquire a roasting pan to use on your cooktop. Roasting pans are thick enough to resist direct heat while being warp-free. Likewise, tis a good option, particularly when youre preparing foods instead of baking.

Can I cook with a metal cake pan?

A metal cake pan, like a baking pan, should not be used on the stove. You may still do it as long as you don’t mind the pan warping due to uneven heating.

One thing to remember is that these metal cake pans are thin enough to easily burn your ingredients. Even if you don’t mind warping, you’ll probably end up scorching your materials even on medium-high heat.

As I indicated before, if you want to cook on a stovetop, try utilizing a roasting pan instead of a baking or metal cake pan.

This manner, none of your equipment will be harmed, and you will be able to cook at regulated temperatures, avoiding any undesired burning or toasting of food.

While cooking on the stovetop, you should avoid using cheap baking pans as a general rule. Even if these pans do not distort, the aromatics or other components may burn. Nonstick stainless steel or aluminum roasting pans are often the best choice for stovetop heating.

Can I cook with an aluminum cake pan?

You may use an aluminum cake pan on the stove, but it is not recommended. While an aluminum cake pan absorbs heat, it is still thin enough to distort owing to combustion.

This pan, like other baking or cake pans, is not appropriate for stovetop cooking. As a result, if you want to have the finest cooking experience possible, you might consider utilizing an aluminum roasting pan instead.

A pan of this kind is thick enough to endure stovetop cooking. Thus, if you need to put it back in the oven after searing, go ahead.

Is it safe to use a stainless steel cake pan on the stove?

On the stove, you may use a stainless steel cake pan. Nevertheless, owing to the uneven heat distribution of the stove, this cake pan, like all others, is prone to warping.

For all forms of oven cooking, a stainless steel cake pan is suitable. But, it is not the same when used on a cooktop.

Of course, if you understand the consequences, you may go ahead and do it. But, to get the most out of your stainless steel cake pan, use it in the oven rather than on the stove.


So, what happens if you heat up a baking pan? Regardless of the material, baking pans have a thin structure that is prone to warping when subjected to the uneven heat distribution of the stove. As a result, regardless of the materials used, no baking pan is suitable for stovetop cooking.

As a general rule, baking pans are the best kind of cookware for oven cooking. If you must cook on a stovetop, consider purchasing a roasting pan of some type. These pans are thick enough to resist the heat of a stove’s bottom fire, making them excellent for preparing dishes.

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