Can I Eat Beef Jerky While Pregnant?

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Who doesn’t like a good piece of meat occasionally that has been dried, sprinkled with salt, and flavored with a wonderful marinade? Am I right? This classic snack is popular among hikers, among other outdoor enthusiasts, in part because it is one of the most convenient and potent sources of energy that are now available.

But let’s be real: the vast majority of us couldn’t care less about that; we eat it because we like it; beef jerky is, without a doubt, one of the most well-liked snacks that can be found. Therefore it is really possible, that you’re craving that delicious slice of dried beef right now, especially if you’re pregnant.

But can you eat beef jerky while pregnant? Unfortunately, you can’t eat beef jerky while pregnant. Well, at least it is not recommended because there are a handful of problems that may result in you/your baby being harmed. What are they?

That is precisely the information that we are going to discuss with you in this post. Now let’s get started!

Is beef jerky safe during pregnancy?

Despite the fact that beef jerk is not only delicious but also quite nutritious (it is created organically, comes with a lot of proteins, and has almost no fat at all), consuming it while pregnant is not in any way anything that can be called safe.

Why? There are more considerations, such as the possibility of contracting toxoplasmosis, although we have not yet discussed that one here.

What happens if you eat beef jerky while pregnant?

You are probably wondering: If I snack on beef jerky when I’m pregnant, what will happen to the baby?

If you only eat a couple of little bites, there is probably nothing to worry about at all. But, this does not mean that it is risk-free; in fact, if you eat a large amount of beef jerky, you will almost certainly end up feeling unwell, and there is a possibility that this might even have more severe repercussions.

Even if you just eat one piece of beef jerky when you’re pregnant, there is still a potential that something awful may happen to you or your unborn child because of the protein in the jerky. So don’t misunderstand us.

You are probably asking yourself, “But why is it so? What precisely is the cause for that? What in the WORLD might damage you when you are pregnant?” right now. “But why is it so? What exactly is the reason for that?” So let’s not waste any more time and go right into the meat of the problem, shall we?

Are Beef Sticks Safe During Pregnancy?

Are there any risks associated with eating beef jerky while pregnant?

You’ve probably already suspected that there are a few problems involved with eating beef jerky while pregnant, but just in case: yes, there are a few risks linked with doing so. Since conventional beef jerky isn’t cooked, it’s possible that eating it might expose you to bacteria that cause foodborne disease. This is the first and most essential reason why beef jerky isn’t cooked.

Although while this might potentially harm everyone, the likelihood of it happening to pregnant women is much greater since pregnancy can weaken their immune systems. As a result, eating jerky may make them more susceptible to get diseases such as toxoplasmosis, which in turn can have an effect on their offspring.

Jerky not only poses this significant danger, but it also has a significant quantity of salt in it. Believe it or not, that salt might cause your blood pressure to rise, which is something you want to avoid doing when you’re pregnant since high blood pressure can harm the baby.

Can I eat homemade beef jerky while pregnant?

NO! It is significantly more likely for homemade beef jerky to spread foodborne disease than commercially produced jerky found in stores. This is due to the fact that those need to be (or at the the least ought to be) manufactured securely by pros and checked over as well.

What does it mean if you crave beef jerky while pregnant?

It’s nothing to be concerned about if you have a want for beef jerky when you’re pregnant; cravings during pregnancy are quite frequent (some experts estimate that over 90% of pregnant women will experience cravings at some point throughout their pregnancy!).

It is not unheard of for them to act strange either – believe us when we say that more pregnant women have experienced things like “I ate four pepperoni, Nutella, and pickle sandwiches this week” than you may imagine. It is not rare for them to behave in this manner.

To answer your question, yes, it is perfectly natural to have a hankering for beef jerky, particularly if you enjoyed eating this snack before you were pregnant.


It shouldn’t come as a surprise that many pregnant women have a need for beef jerky since it’s such a popular food in general. But despite how much you want it, you really shouldn’t give in to the temptation and eat it because of the quantity of salt it contains and the method it is made; both you and your unborn child might suffer adverse effects from doing so.


Can you eat dry cured meat when pregnant?

Since cured meats are not cooked, it is possible that they contain parasites that may cause toxoplasmosis in humans. Vitamin A may be found in high concentrations in liver and liver products. This may pose a risk to the health of the unborn child.

Is it safe to eat beef jerky?

In a nutshell, despite the fact that beef jerky is a nutritious snack, it should only be eaten in moderation. Your diet ought to be composed mostly of foods that have not been too processed or refined. While eating beef jerky is beneficial for your health, you should limit how much of it you consume since it contains a lot of salt and may be associated with the same health hazards as eating processed meats.

What if I accidentally ate beef jerky while pregnant?

If you are pregnant and have had healthy beef jerky, there is no need for you to be panicked. But, it is essential to keep an eye on your symptoms and determine whether or not you have a reaction to it. If you choose beef jerky that is suitable for consumption, there should be no need for fear on your part.

What meats are not good for pregnancy?

Meat that is either raw or undercooked, including beef, hog, and chicken. This contains both traditional and gourmet deli meats, such as ham and bologna….
Raw seafood, particularly shellfish, should be avoided…
Species of fish that have the potential to contain high levels of mercury, such as shark, swordfish, king mackerel, and tilefish…
pates, meat spreads, or smoked fish that may be stored in the refrigerator.

Is beef jerky dried raw?

Jerky is a product that is cooked all the way through. It is never served uncooked. Naturally, the act of just cooking meat does not preserve it in any way. Since it has so little moisture, jerky may be stored for a very long time without becoming bad.

Is dehydrated jerky safe to eat?

The temperatures that are reached in dehydrators and ovens during the dehydration process are not high enough to kill dangerous germs that are often found in raw meat. In spite of the fact that completely dried jerky may give the impression of being finished, it should not be consumed until it has been subjected to an extra heat treatment.

Is it safe to eat deer jerky while pregnant?

You should avoid eating jerky when your immune system is in a more impaired condition during pregnancy since it is dried and not cooked. Jerky is made from dried meat and is not cooked. If you do so, you will lessen the likelihood of having a bacterial infection that might be hazardous to either you or your unborn child. Choose any other food that is salty and flavorful instead.

How poisonous is the packet in beef jerky?

It’s possible that you’ve found packets of silica in anything from beef jerky to the brand new sneakers you just purchased. Ingestion of silica gel is not often harmful, however it has been known to cause choking in a few rare cases. Because of this, the producers put a warning sticker on them that says “Do not consume.” In the event that a loved one is having difficulty breathing due to the ingestion of silica gel, contact 911 immediately and seek immediate medical assistance.

Is beef jerky pasteurized?

Beef jerky is not pasteurized, which is the answer to your question, so no. Since the process of pasteurization destroys germs, it is critical for pregnant women to steer clear of foods that have not been subjected to this treatment. Consuming unpasteurized foods puts both you and your unborn child at risk of contracting Listeria and Salmonella infections, since these pathogens are frequent sources of these illnesses.

Is beef jerky a high risk food?

It is recommended by the American Cancer Society that you cut down on your consumption of red and processed meats such as beef jerky. This is due to the fact that the World Health Organization has reached the conclusion that consuming 50 grams of processed beef on a daily basis, which is equivalent to around two to three big pieces of jerky, raises the risk of developing colon cancer by 18%.