Can You Bake Using Paper Towels? (Explained!)

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Paper towels are one of the most useful kitchen products. You’ll find this gadget useful for cooking, cleaning, or even basic meal preparation. You’re probably wondering whether you can use it in the oven since you’ll find it in most kitchens. As a result, you may wonder:

Can you put paper towels in the oven? No, you cannot bake using paper towels. Paper towels are highly combustible and may catch fire at high oven temperatures. As a result, it is preferable not to place it indoors, since it may present a fire danger.

One of the things you should avoid while working with your kitchen is any possible damage or accident. Since paper towels readily catch fire, it is advisable to find alternate uses for them rather than risking your whole kitchen catching fire.

As a result, we wrote this post to highlight the risks and reasons why you shouldn’t use paper towels in the oven. This manner, you’ll be able to assess the danger and avoid using this strategy at all costs.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Is it okay to bake using paper towels?

No, it is not safe to bake using paper towels. Paper towels may be effective in absorbing grease or fats. It may, however, constitute a fire danger if exposed to direct heat from the oven.

Paper towels are an excellent option for absorbing all of the fat in your dish and cleaning up after cooking. Nevertheless, exposing them to direct heat is not recommended since they may catch fire. Such a danger is a full red flag that should be avoided at all costs.

Can you bake with damp paper towels?

No, you cannot bake using damp paper towels. Although a damp paper towel is less likely to catch fire in the oven than a dry one, using it is still not a smart idea.

Paper towels are thin enough that direct heat may rapidly dry them out. As a result, if you place wet paper towels in the oven, they will quickly dry up and cause a fire.

As a general guideline, avoid using paper towels in the oven since they may start a fire that can harm not just your oven but also your whole kitchen.

Is it possible to make paper towels oven safe in any way?

Paper towels are unlikely to be safe in the oven, unless the oven is switched off and you just use them to wipe up after cooking.

For example, if you have a grease mess in your oven after cooking, you may clean it up using paper towels. Paper towels can quickly absorb oil, making them an excellent oven cleaning tool.

That is not feasible, however, if you want to use paper towels directly beneath the oven’s direct heat. This procedure may result in the paper towels catching fire inside the oven, which you do not want to happen.

To summarize, you should avoid using paper towels inside the oven while it is turned on. When you simply use paper towels to clean the oven after it has been turned off, you may do it whenever you choose.

Is it possible for paper towels to catch fire?

Paper towels can, in fact, catch fire. Since paper towels are thin, they easily catch fire when exposed to direct heat. As a result, leaving a paper towel in a hot oven is quite dangerous.

Paper towels are a good cleaning medium for removing oil and fats. As a result, you’ll find it useful when your oven gets a spatter of oil while cooking.

Since you can’t wash the oven with soap and water, just wipe away the oil and the rest of the mess with paper towels.

But, if you want to utilize paper towels by leaving them in a hot oven, you should avoid doing so at all costs. Such an approach may result in a fire, which can do much more harm than you might anticipate.

At what temperature does a paper towel ignite?

Paper towels catch fire at roughly 451 degrees Fahrenheit. Yet, it may no longer ignite at lower temperatures. You should still not leave it in the oven.

Several recipes need paper towels because the oven might get oily without them. Nonetheless, it is preferable to utilize other options since the hazards of using paper towels are too great.

Paper towel qualities may provide a fire threat and can spark a fire at any moment. As a result, the greatest thing you can do is explore other options.

What should you do if you placed a paper towel in the oven?

If you placed a paper towel in the oven, remove it immediately. Since it is directly beneath the oven’s heat, it may catch fire at any moment.

If your oven is too hot, turn it off before removing the paper towel. As much as possible, dont place paper towels in the oven since they might spark a fire.

This is something to keep in mind to guarantee the safety of your whole kitchen and house, not just your oven.

What can you put in the oven instead of paper towels?

Although paper towels cannot be used in the oven, there are other options. Parchment paper and aluminum foil are the finest alternatives to paper towels.

Paper made with parchment

Within the oven, parchment paper has previously been demonstrated to be safe and functional. As a result, it is often employed in baking, and it is what you continually line up with your baking pan.

Although parchment paper is not as absorbent as paper towels, it is sufficient to protect your oven from all of the oil, reducing the mess.

Foil made of aluminum

If you want to avoid spatter in the oven, aluminum foil is your best choice. Aluminum foil can endure high oven temperatures and collect all of the grease. While using such, however, make sure it does not come into touch with the hot element.


So, can you bake with paper towels? No, you cannot bake using paper towels. Since paper towels are good absorbents, you may find them useful for removing oil from your dish.

Nevertheless, although it seems to be a good solution, it cannot be used in an oven since it may fire at high temperatures.


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