Can You Bake With Cardboard? (Explained!)

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Cardboard is a common material used by pizza restaurants for delivery and takeout, and that is what we generally receive when we order pizza to eat at home. Since these boxes can survive the heat of a newly baked pizza, you may be wondering whether you can also reheat it in the oven. Hence, you could wonder:

Can you bake with cardboard? Sure, you may put cardboard in the oven, although it is not recommended. In the oven, cardboard may easily catch fire. As a result, even if you set the temperature to the lowest level, you must still keep an eye on the cardboard to prevent any hazards.

Placing a pizza on a baking dish is the best method to reheat it. It’s much safer than putting it in the oven with the box. Since cardboard is easily ignited, putting it in the oven would endanger your whole house. As a result, avoid doing it as much as possible.

Knowing this information is critical for the safety of your oven and your whole household. As a result, we addressed some of the questions you may have about this subject. This way, you may grasp the hazards and learn how to avoid such mishaps.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Can cardboard be heated in the oven?

Yes, you may put cardboard in the oven on warm, but keep an eye on it at all times. Although the warm setting on the oven provides a low temperature, you cannot leave the cardboard since it is easily ignited.

In general, the safest heating temperature is from 170 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. You may leave the box in the oven for 15 minutes at this temperature if you check it every other minute.

Another thing to keep in mind is that even at moderate temperatures, cardboard may rapidly get heated.

Is it safe to bake a pizza box made of cardboard?

No, putting a cardboard pizza box in the oven is not safe. But, bear in mind that a cardboard pizza box might catch fire at any moment due to the contained heat of the oven.

In general, cardboard catches fire at higher temperatures, thus modest settings are safe. But, you can’t be certain with an oven, so keep an eye on your cardboard while it warms up.

While pizza boxes can survive the heat of a newly baked pizza, they may catch fire in an oven’s heating system at any moment.

As a result, it is best to avoid putting a cardboard pizza box in the oven. Alternatively, if you have a baking pan to put in the oven, move the pizza to it. You can reheat your pizza without risking sparking a fire through the cardboard.

If all you want to do is keep the pizza warm, preheat your oven to a low temperature and keep it closed with the box. This way, after the oven is heated, you can turn it off and leave the pizza and box inside to remain warm.

What temperature causes cardboard to catch fire?

Cardboards will generally catch fire at temperatures over 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Although being on a high setting, your cardboard may still fire at a low temperature due to the contained heat of an oven.

As a result, the safest bet would be approximately 170 degrees Fahrenheit. Of course, if your oven has a lower temperature setting, that is preferable.

Always use a baking tray instead of the box when putting anything in the oven. Its the greatest technique to keep your house secure from probable fire. It will also aid in the prevention of oven damage.

Can you bake a cardboard pizza box at 200 degrees?

Yes, you can bake a cardboard pizza box at 200 degrees. But, you must keep a watch on the box since it is prone to catching fire.

The problem with cardboard pizza boxes is that they may catch fire rapidly. With the oven’s heating system, it may catch fire at any moment, particularly if it comes into contact with or is near to the heating element.

When cardboards burn at roughly 400 degrees Fahrenheit, you may reduce your temperature by half.

The safe temperature for keeping your pizza warm is 170 degrees Fahrenheit. At this temperature, you may place your pizza box in the oven. That should be plenty to keep your pizza warm if necessary.

You may use a baking tray instead of the full box if you have one. This manner, you can assure the safety of your pizza and oven.


So, can you bake with cardboard? Yeah, you may put cardboard in the oven, although we don’t advocate it too often. It is better not to put any cardboard in the oven.

In general, even at the lowest oven temperature, putting cardboard in the oven increases the danger of immediate igniting or fire. Moreover, cardboard is made with a paper foundation and a thin board, making it very flammable. As a result, you should try to avoid placing it in the oven as much as possible.

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