Can You Drink Juice When Wearing Braces? (Apple Juice, Orange Juice…)

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There are two types of juice: natural and artificial. All juices include sugar and acids, both of which may be harmful to oral health. Yet, when it comes to braces, it is best to avoid liquids.

Can you drink juice while wearing braces? Sure, you may drink juice while wearing braces, but only in moderation. Sugar is the major ingredient in many unhealthy juices, carbonated beverages, sodas, and fruit juices. Drinks with braces should be avoided.

If you’re wondering what juices you can drink with braces and how to drink acidic juices. Then continue reading this post to get answers to any remaining questions.

Can you drink orange juice with wearing braces?

You should avoid drinking orange juice when wearing braces. Orange juice is high in sugar and includes acetic acid, which damages tooth enamel and causes stains on braces. Also, orange juice is usually harsh on your delicate teeth.

Orange juice drinking while wearing braces may weaken the bonds that hold the braces to the teeth, causing the brackets to shatter.

Can you drink apple juice with wearing braces?

Natural fruit sugar is just as bad for your braces as regular sugar; you should also avoid drinking too much pure juice when wearing braces.

Since it is neutral, apple juice is one of the safest juices. It is lower in sugar and acid than other fruit juices. You may thus consume apple juice 1-3 times per week.

Can you drink cranberry juice with wearing braces?

Yes, you may consume cranberry juice while wearing braces because it contains compounds that prevent cavity-causing germs from adhering to your teeth. Of course, it’s recommended not to drink much when wearing braces, but you may sip using a straw.

Cranberry juice decreases plaque by up to 90% by lowering sugar levels in the mouth, making it tougher for acids to form. As a result, it may be provided as a nutritious juice for short-term dental health.

Can you consume mango juice with wearing braces?

Sure, you may drink mango juice with braces, but only in moderation. Mango is a tropical fruit. It includes a lot of sugar as well as a few acids. Thus eating rather than drinking this fruit is preferable.

Mango juice is thick and firm, and it may stain braces, so sip it with a straw. Mango juice may be consumed 1-2 times per week.

Can you drink bubbly juice while wearing braces?

It’s quite OK to drink fizzy juice with braces on occasion. Nevertheless, excessive use of fizzy juices may be dangerous since fizzy beverages include numerous sugars, citric acid, carbonic acid, and phosphoric acid, all of which are toxic to teeth. The acids may erode tooth enamel and cause tooth decay.

Can you drink pineapple juice with wearing braces?

Fresh pineapple juice is excellent for dental health. Pineapple is the only fruit that includes bromelain, a health-promoting enzyme.

It aids in the healing process and has other additional advantages. It certainly includes a lot of sweets, so it’s best to consume in moderation. You should consume pineapple juice 1-3 times a week.

Can you drink grape juice with wearing braces?

Grapes are the most intense in terms of color and sugar content of any fruit. Sure, you may drink grape juice on occasion, but not too often, since the color of the juice will stain and destroy your braces.

Also, grapes are high in acetic acid and carbohydrates, both of which are bad for braces.

Can you drink Jamba juice with wearing braces?

Smoothies and Jamba juices are high in sugar and have a bright hue. They are readily able to go into your aligners and get locked there.

Also, Jamba juices may discolor and damage your braces. As a result, it is best to avoid such juices or drink them just once a week.

Can you drink lemon juice while wearing braces?

It’s quite safe to drink lemon juice with braces on sometimes. Nonetheless, we suggest limiting the amount of lemons.

While diluted, lemon is still a citrus fruit that may corrode metal and tooth enamel. As a result, it is best not to consume lemonade on a regular basis.

Can you drink fruit juice while wearing braces?

All drinks, beverages, and natural fruit juices have sugar as the primary ingredient. Fruit juices should be avoided since sugars and natural acids may cause significant harm to your braces.

It might discolor your braces and harm your tooth enamel. If you must drink, be sure to use a straw and to rinse your teeth afterwards.

Can you drink diluted juice while wearing braces?

A dilute juice is composed of imitation fruit condensed in water, squash, sugar, and other acids that are damaging to your dental health.

It is preferable to avoid diluted juices since they may harm your braces, break the wires, and reverse the strengthening process.

How can you drink juice while wearing braces?

If you wish to consume juice while wearing braces, consider light-colored juices and natural fruit juices over artificial or sodas to avoid staining your braces and teeth. Just eat less and add some water to your juices to lessen the acidic content.

Remember to thoroughly rinse your mouth with mouthwash after drinking to remove any acidic particles that may have remained.

Drinking Juice with Braces

Tip 1

The first thing you should do after drinking juice is brush your teeth and gently cleanse your mouth. This is because acids and sugars may be left behind on braces, causing tooth rot and harming braces, therefore brush regularly.

Tip 2

The most significant and effective suggestion here is to consume various juices using a straw. Every time you take a drink, the straw keeps the acids and sugars away from your teeth. Also, using a straw avoids direct contact with your teeth, which is significantly safer.

How frequently can you drink juice while wearing braces?

Various juices have varying levels of carbohydrates and acids; most include citric acid, which may be harmful to your teeth.

Since the acid might erode the enamel on your teeth, consume it just once or twice a week. Also, it will protect your braces from damage and keep them from being soiled.

Is juice getting caught in your braces?

No, juice does not become trapped in your braces, however the acids and sugars in juice may remain in your teeth and braces. The acids corrode the metal of the braces as well as the chemicals required to make them function.

Thus, instead of taking a chance, eat acidic juices in moderation. Be care to completely rinse your mouth.

What happens if you drink juice while wearing braces?

As previously stated, various juices contain varying amounts of sugars and acids. Too many juices may be dangerous, so limit yourself to 1-3 times each week.

Juices high in sugar and acetic acid may severely harm your teeth and braces. It may erode the enamel of your teeth and discolor your braces badly. As a result, you should avoid these citrus liquids as much as possible for your health.

How do you repair juice stains on braces?

If you consume acidic liquids on a regular basis, your braces will be damaged. The first step for repairing your braces is to avoid drinking it. If you must drink, rinse your mouth properly with water twice to minimize further damage.

Can I drink juice during the first week of wearing braces?

Apple juice and pineapple juice are examples of nutritious liquids that are helpful for your dental health. But, avoid consuming citric acidic drinks since they are harsh on braces and might cause damage.

During the first week, you may experience pressure and stiffness on your teeth as the braces progressively align with the jaw bones, thus it is advisable to avoid acidic foods.

Is it safe to consume juice while wearing braces?

Sure, juices are okay to consume while wearing braces, but only healthy juices. Juices that are good for your teeth and will not affect your braces.

Eating solid meals is difficult with braces, so drinks are an excellent alternative. Just be sure you choose fruit juices that are low in sugar and acid.

Does juice harm or break your braces?

Acidic foods such as lemon, grapes, and oranges are bad for your braces because the quantity of acid in them may corrode the metal of your braces even if consumed in a diluted form.

As a result, such items must be avoided. Also, ingesting an excessive quantity of colorful juice could stain your braces. It will not damage your braces, but it will reduce their effectiveness by rendering them worthless.

Is it okay to sip juice via a straw when wearing braces?

Yes, you may drink juice with braces if you use a straw; it keeps the acids and sugars away from your teeth with each sip. Also, when you drink juice via a straw, the acids in the juice do not come into direct contact with your teeth, which is considerably safer.


Fresh juices are an excellent source of vitamins and sugars that the body need. But, too much sugar and acid might damage your braces while you are wearing them. It is advisable to use less and avoid it altogether.

Most juices, sodas, and lemonades are high in sugars and citric acids. Since citric acid is a highly concentrated acid that may erode the enamel of your teeth, it is best to avoid these drinks if you have braces.

Because of the sugars in lemonade, you should brush your teeth after drinking it and thoroughly rinse your mouth with water.

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