Can You Eat Airheads With Braces? (All You Need to Know)

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Taffy candies known as Airheads are produced by a Dutch-Italian firm in the state of Kentucky. They were initially brought to public attention in the middle of the 1980s, and ever since that time, they have gained an incredible amount of popularity over the whole of the United States and Canada.

Hence, despite the fact that Airheads are not legally available for purchase anyplace else, there are still a great number of individuals who adore them. As a consequence of this, it is quite probable that some of you are pondering the following question:

Can you eat Airheads with braces? No, you cannot eat Airheads with braces. That’s because when having braces, you should avoid any chewy food, and Airheads are considered to be the prime example of chewy candy.

But, this is by no means everything that can be stated on this subject; so, let’s go on to a more in-depth examination to ensure that we fully comprehend it.

Then, what exactly are we waiting for? Lets just get started!

Can I eat Airheads while wearing braces?

To put it more simply, the answer is no, you will not be able to consume Airheads while you have braces. Nevertheless, why? When you have braces, you should avoid eating any food that is difficult to chew or sticky since these types of foods are the ones that are most likely to harm your braces.

And considering that Airheads, along with other incredibly popular candies such as Skittles and Starburst, are regarded as the perfect example of what might be termed chewy candy, it is obvious that if you have braces, you are unable to consume them.

How can you consume Airheads while wearing braces?

Due to the fact that Airheads are an exceptionally chewy candy, it is imperative that you steer clear of them at all costs when you are wearing braces. This information was provided in the prior response. Due of this, there are not many ways to consume Airheads while wearing braces, unless you are prepared to take the risk of breaking or damaging your appliances.

Eat Airheads with Braces Tips

Hence, you should realize at this point that eating Airheads while wearing braces is not exactly the best combination. Nonetheless, if you do for any reason decide to get some while you are still wearing braces, make sure that you don’t forget to perform the following two important things afterward:

Tip 1

First things first, you need to give your teeth a thorough brushing, but before you do so, you should wait at least a half an hour, as sugar may cause your teeth to become more sensitive. As a result of this, it might come in helpful to drink a lot of water while waiting in order to assist the sugar in getting out of there.

Tip 2

But, considering how very chewy and sticky Airheads are, just cleaning your teeth won’t likely be enough to remove the residue left behind by these candies. Due of this, you should begin by using some dental floss, then you should make a knot in the dental floss, and then you should use the knot to pull the remaining food out of your braces.

Do you get Airheads trapped in your braces?

Because of its remarkable chewiness, Airheads may, in fact, get lodged in your orthodontic appliances. On the other hand, this is not even the most important challenge associated with consuming them while wearing braces. Due to the fact that they are chewy, munching on several Airheads when you are wearing braces may result in the braces breaking quickly owing to the strain.

How do you put Airheads on braces?

We have previously described this one above, so just to quickly recap, if you still for some reason decide to buy some Airheads when you are wearing braces, it is more than possible that they will get trapped in them. This is something that we have already covered. So, in order to get Airheads to fit on braces, you need to wash your teeth well and, if necessary, apply some dental floss as well.

Are Airheads classified as a sticky food?

Indeed, Airheads are what is known as a sticky food, which is one of the most crucial reasons why you should avoid eating them while you are wearing braces since it might potentially damage your teeth. Nevertheless, the reason that is much more important is that Airheads are highly chewy, and because of the pressure that is produced while chewing on braces, it is possible that your braces may break immediately if you eat Airheads.

Can I consume Airheads during the first week of wearing braces?

When wearing braces, it is important to avoid doing airheads at all costs, as we have previously discussed in great detail. Because of this, it is abundantly clear that you are not allowed to consume Airheads during the first week of having braces since Airheads have the potential to harm your braces even much farther down the road.

Are Airheads safe to consume when wearing braces?

No, you shouldn’t consume Airheads if you have braces on your teeth. In point of fact, as we have shown in great detail up to this point, Airheads are among the very worst options available to you. So, if you are required to wear braces, you should avoid Airheads as much as physically feasible since there is a high probability that they may cause harm to your braces.


However, if you’re currently sporting orthodontic appliances, you won’t be able to enjoy the popular taffy candy known as Airheads for the foreseeable future. Since Airheads are so chewy and sticky, eating them when you have braces on your teeth might easily cause the brackets to become loose or broken. Because of this risk, you should avoid eating Airheads at all costs.

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What kinds of candy are OK for braces?

While you have braces, the following confections are the healthiest options for you to consume.
Reese’s Pieces are a kind of candy.
Peanut butter candy in the form of Reese’s cups.
3 Musketeers and other bars consisting only of soft chocolate.
Or peanut butter, if you like. M&Ms (NOT peanut M&Ms) (NOT peanut M&Ms)
Bars made with chocolate (no nuts)
Crêpes à la mode (no nuts)
Ritz Bits small crackers.
More Items…• October 25th, 2021

Can you eat dum dums with braces?

Candies with a firm texture

If you bite down on candies such as Jolly Ranchers®, Dumdums®, Life Savers®, and jawbreakers, you will damage your braces in a way that is very difficult to repair.

What happens if you eat candy with braces?

Sticky, difficult, and ooey-gooey— It Doesn’t Matter in Any Way

3 If you have braces on your teeth, biting into a piece of hard candy can exert extra strain not just on the tooth but also on the bracket or band attachment that is attached to the tooth. Most of the time, the band or the bracket will give up to the pressure that is required to eat the candy, and as a result, they will either shatter or come loose.

Is it OK to eat Skittles with braces?

Skittles as well as M Ms., you shouldn’t try to chew candy like this when you have braces since they are very tough. If you consume too many of them, you will most certainly wind up with shattered brackets and frayed wires. It would be wise to avoid being there. Mike Ike’s and Sour Patch Kids are two examples of: Because of how sticky and chewy these candies are, eating them when you have braces on is one of the worst things you can do.

How do you eat the first week of braces?

It is OK to eat as soon as you leave the office; however, we strongly recommend that you stick to eating things that are on the softer side for the first few days while your mouth and teeth become used to their new positions. Maintain a diet of foods such as pasta, bread without seeds, vegetables that are easily mashed, pudding, soup, yogurt, etc.

Can you eat Oreos with braces?

You should steer clear of anything that is crunchy or tough; this implies that you shouldn’t eat almonds, potato chips, or popcorn. Use something like Cheetos or Pirate Booty instead. Cookies that are soft and do not contain nuts are delicious, but you should steer clear of hard cookies like Oreos and Chips Ahoy unless you like dunking them in milk. It’s alright to have ice cream, but you may forego the toppings of nuts and hard candy.

Can I eat Takis with braces?

When you have braces on your teeth, you should steer clear of eating any food that is very gritty or hard to chew. Chips such as Fritos, Doritos, Tostitos, Cheetos, and Takis, as well as pretzels and other types of hard breads, are examples of foods that may not only damage your wiring but also cause your brackets to break. Other examples of such foods are takis.

Can you chew fun with braces?

Santa Clarita, CA – If you just had braces put on, one of the first pieces of advice your orthodontist will usually give you is to steer clear of foods that are very sticky or chewy so you don’t end up breaking your new orthodontic work.

Can I eat Twix with braces?

Although while anything with a significant amount of caramel, such as caramel apples, tastes fantastic, you should avoid eating anything that have a lot of it. If there is just a little quantity of caramel in the candy, like what you’ll find in a Twix bar or a Milky way, then it may be good to eat a bit of it. For example, if there is only a small amount of caramel in a Milky way bar.

What foods to avoid braces?

While you have braces, you should stay away from foods like nuts.
Potato chips.
Veggies that have a crunch.
Candies in a more solid form (such as jolly ranchers or lollipops)
Gum (Sugar-free gum is allowed) (Sugar-free gum is okay)
Candies with a sticky consistency (like laffy-taffy or gummy bears)
a piece of corn on the cob.
Further things…
•Aug 25, 2020