Can You Eat Bagels With Wearing Braces? (All You Need to Know)

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While it is largely accepted that bagels originated in Poland, they are unquestionably most popular in Canada, the United Kingdom, and, of course, the United States, particularly New York and Montreal. Yet, they have recently become quite famous across the whole globe. As a result, understanding the answer to this question may be useful no matter where you are:

Can you eat bagels while wearing braces? While you may eat bagels with braces in most circumstances, you should avoid ones with very firm crusts since they can easily shatter one of the braces brackets. Additionally, remember to cut the bagel into smaller pieces before eating into it, otherwise you may wind up with the same result.

But, this was a very quick response, and if we are to really comprehend this issue, we will need to go a little further.

Therefore, without further ado, let us dive right in!

Can I eat bagels while wearing braces?

To summarize, you can eat bagels with braces, although as we just said, it isn’t always that straightforward. So, what’s the big deal? Some bakers like to make their bagels crust excessively crispy and hard, which is bad for your braces. As a result, avoid these types of bagels at all costs, and you should be OK.

How can you eat bagels while wearing braces?

As we said in the last response, the most essential thing to remember while eating bagels with braces is to avoid those with an excessively firm crust. On a similar topic, you should generally avoid toppings like sesame since they may also produce a mess.

Suggestions for eating bagels with braces

But picking the appropriate sort of bagel isn’t the only thing you can do; here are three more ways to eat bagels with braces:

Tip 1

To make chewing the bagel easier, cut it into smaller pieces before beginning to eat. This is particularly true when discussing large bagels, but you should do so with smaller ones as well.

Tip 2

The second suggestion will be about what to do after eating the bagel, which is to clean your teeth gently. But, it will most likely not be enough, so you need also acquire some dental floss to clean all of the remaining debris out of your mouth.

Do you get bagels trapped in your braces?

Bagels do not get trapped in your braces. But, when you utilize sticky toppings, such as certain types of cheese, this does not have to be the case. As a result, if you must wear braces, it is better to avoid all toppings and eat just the basic bagel.

What happens if you eat bagels while wearing braces?

Nothing awful occurs, believe it or not. If you eat bagels with braces, make sure they’re not too crispy first. Furthermore, don’t forget that you can’t use any crunchy (or sticky!) toppings.

How do you put bagels on braces?

We discussed this extensively above in the part with our bagels eating advice, so let us now take it just quickly to repair bagels on braces, you basically have to wash your teeth very carefully. When it isn’t enough, go buy some dental floss.

Is it true that bagels are a sticky food?

No, bagels are not considered sticky food, at least not if no sticky toppings are used. As a result, it may be preferable to eat the bagels plain, without any toppings at all.

Can I eat bagels during the first week of wearing braces?

Regrettably, you cannot have bagels during the first week of wearing braces. While bagels may usually be eaten while wearing braces, this isn’t always the case in the start of the operation, when the braces are most vulnerable to damage.

Is it okay to eat bagels with braces?

While bagels are not good for eating with braces, they are also not the worst option. But, you must ensure that their crust is not too firm and that no crunchy or sticky toppings are used.

Can bagels hurt or break your braces?

Although bagels may harm and break your braces, this should not be the case if you follow all of the advice in this article, such as avoiding crispy ones and thoroughly rinsing your teeth afterward.

Commonly Asked Questions

Can toasted bagels be eaten with braces?

Regrettably, toasted bagels cannot be eaten with braces. You may be asking why. Because toasting makes them significantly more crispy, which is not something you want when wearing braces.

Can untoasted bagels be eaten with braces?

Since they aren’t as crispy, you can eat untoasted bagels with braces. But, this does not have to be the case when they are already overbaked, so always double-check before biting into them.

Can you eat soft bagels with wearing braces?

Absolutely, you can eat soft bagels with braces; in fact, that is the kind of bagels you should seek out! As a result, simply avoid any chewy or sticky toppings, and everything will be just fine.

Can you eat bagel bits while wearing braces?

You can’t eat bagel bits with braces shortly after taking them out of the fridge since they’re extremely crunchy and typically hot.


Bagels may be eaten while wearing braces, believe it or not! Nevertheless, keep in mind that you should avoid excessively crunchy bagels as well as those with difficult-to-chew-on or sticky toppings.

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