Can You Eat Cheez-Its With Braces? (All You Need to Know)

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Cheez-its are a well-known snack that can be found all over the globe and are enjoyed on a daily basis by a large number of individuals. The unfortunate reality, however, is that if you start to need the use of braces in the future, you won’t be able to be one of these folks any more. This is the rationale for why:

Can you eat Cheez-Its with braces? Unfortunately, you cannot eat Cheez-Its with braces, because there’s a very high chance that would damage them. Cheez-Its are very crispy, which means it is more than likely biting into them will break one of the braces’ brackets.

Yet, this is by no means all that can be stated about this problem; hence, if we truly want to comprehend it, we are going to have to go a little bit further into it.

Hence, let’s not waste any more time and get straight down to business shall we?

Cheez-Its, like almost every other kind of chip, can’t be eaten with braces because they’re simply too crispy and crunchy. Because of this, there is a good probability that biting into them will shatter one of the braces brackets, and even if that doesn’t happen, some small fragments of the Cheez-Its will become lodged in the braces.

No, you can’t eat Cheez-Its when you have braces, at least not if you don’t want your brackets or wires to become loose or damaged. Eating Cheez-Its, which are foods that are both highly crunchy and easy to crumble, increases the likelihood that the braces may be damaged, either immediately as a result of the Cheez-Its being lodged in them or later as a result of one of the brackets falling off.

How can you eat Cheez-Its while wearing braces?

In the last response, we discussed the reasons why it is a terrible idea to eat Cheez-Its when one has braces. Not only is there a possibility that a little piece of it will get lodged in the braces, but there is also an extremely high probability that one of the brackets will immediately become fractured. Due of this, it is sad that there are no adequate methods available for eating Cheez-Its while wearing braces.

Cheez-Its eating hints with braces

You should now have a fairly clear understanding of why it is a terrible idea to snack on Cheez-Its while wearing orthodontic appliances in your mouth. But if you are still set on doing it, at least keep in mind the following three pieces of advice afterward:

Tip 1

The first piece of advice that we can provide you is to decide which flavor of Cheez-Its you want to eat. We suggest that you go with either the Big or Original kind of Cheez-Its. One of the most significant issues associated with Cheez-Its is the high probability that a little piece of the cracker may get lodged in the braces. This issue can be mitigated by selecting a kind of the cracker that has a flavor that is less powerful.

Tip 2

You should always let the Cheez-It sit and melt on your tongue for a while before actually biting into it. This will help prevent one of the braces brackets from breaking while you bite into it, which is another major problem associated with eating Cheez-Its while wearing braces. Another important piece of advice we can give you regards another massive problem associated with eating Cheez-Its while wearing braces.

Tip 3

Once you’ve eaten Cheez-Its while wearing braces, you should always take the time to gently clean your teeth. This is the last and most important piece of advice, but it’s also one of the most useful and astute! Use some dental floss in addition to that, since it by itself most likely will not be sufficient to remove all of the remnants, because of this.

Do you get Cheez-Its trapped in your braces?

Yeah, Cheez- As you chew on them, a lot of crumbles fall off of them, and those little bits have a tendency to become trapped in places where they shouldn’t be. As a result, it is possible for it to get lodged in your braces. Due of this, it is highly recommended that you steer clear of potato chips completely while you have braces on your teeth, or at the very least, clean your teeth well after eating them.

What happens when you eat Cheez-Its while wearing braces?

If you have braces and consume Cheez-Its, there is a good probability that the snacks may get lodged in your orthodontic appliances, making it difficult to remove them. In addition, chewing into Cheez-Its while wearing braces might potentially result in the wires or brackets breaking, which is both exceedingly risky and incredibly costly.

How do you put Cheez-Its on braces?

What do you do then if some of the Cheez-Its become trapped in your braces when you’re eating them? Brushing your teeth thoroughly is the first and most crucial step in eliminating the effects of Cheez-Its on braces. If it isn’t sufficient, you may always try using dental floss as well. Just make a knot in it, then use the knot to draw the remaining pieces of string out of the braces, and everything should work out well after that.

Are Cheez-Its classified as a sticky food?

Cheez-Its are not regarded to be a sticky food; nevertheless, this does not imply that they cannot get lodged in orthodontic appliances, nor does it mean that it is even possible to consume them while wearing braces. This is due to the fact that they are quite crumbly, which increases the likelihood that some of the smaller bits may get lodged in the braces. This is in addition to other causes.

Can I eat Cheez-Its during my first week with braces?

No, you are not allowed to eat Cheez-Its during the first week that you have braces, and the reason for this prohibition is fairly simple. When you have braces on your teeth, you should never, ever eat Cheez-Its. Because your teeth are the most susceptible to damage at the beginning of the process, it should be obvious that this option is completely off the table.

Are Cheez-Its safe to consume while wearing braces?

Cheez-Its are not something you should consume when you have braces, as we have been trying to convey to you throughout this whole essay; in fact, they are one of the worst foods you could pick to eat! The reason for this is because they are highly crisp and crunchy, which means that eating them might very likely cause harm to your orthodontic appliances, like as braces.

Can Cheez-Its break or harm your braces?

Yeah, Cheez-Its are a must-have. Since it is possible for its to harm and break your braces, you should avoid coming into contact with it as much as you possibly can if you are required to wear braces. First of all, they are quite crispy, which means that biting into them might easily break one of the braces brackets, and second of all, they are disintegrating, which is not good for the braces in any way.


Cheez-Its, much like just much every other sort of chip, can’t be eaten with braces because they are far too crispy and crunchy. There are a few exceptions to this rule, though, such as Pringles. Due of this, there is a good probability that biting into them may shatter one of the brackets on the braces. But, even if this does not occur, it is very certain that some very small fragments of the Cheez-Its will get lodged in the braces.

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What are the best kid snacks for braces?

Foods like yogurt, applesauce, smoothies, ripe bananas, soup, porridge, scrambled eggs, spaghetti, macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, and protein shakes are some of the greatest soft foods to eat with braces since they are more manageable.

What junk food can I eat with braces?

Items that are both delicious and easy to transport include string cheese, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, fruit, crackers, and pudding.
Chocolates like M&Ms, Hershey bars, Kit Kats, and Reese’s Pieces are all included in this category.
Cookies that are chewy and freshly cooked.
Cream or frozen yogurt, whatever you like.
Cheese puffs, potato chips, and soft pretzels are on the menu today.

Can crackers break braces?

can make it more difficult for you to brush your teeth: Nuts. Candies that are both sticky and firm. Crackers, bagels, pretzels, and other hard breads and pastries like pretzels. The following meals may cause problems for your orthodontic appliances:

What snacks can braces eat?

meatballs, deli meats, and chicken breasts that have been poached or baked.
Seafood—tuna, salmon, crab cakes.
Desserts such as milkshakes, smoothies, and frozen yogurt smoothies.
Further things…
Consume some of these:
Breads such as pancakes, soft tortillas, and muffins that do not include nuts.
Dairy products such as yogurt, pudding, and soft cheeses.
Fruit—applesauce, bananas, raspberries.
Hummus, bean dip.

Can you eat Cheezits with braces?

Avoid eating hamburgers when you have braces on your teeth. The following are examples of hard and crunchy foods: tortilla chips or hard shell tortillas, Cheetos, Fritos, Doritos, Kettle Chips, Cheez-Its, pretzels, popcorn, the crust of the bread or pizza, crispy french fries, well-toasted bread, fried chicken, and sandwiches.

How can I eat easier with braces?

How to Consume Food While Wearing Braces
Eat mostly things that are soft.
Stay away from anything crunchy or sticky that might potentially harm the brackets.
The meal was hacked up into bits.
Take smaller nibbles.
Chew your food thoroughly and slowly when you eat.
Avoid biting into items like burritos, apples, and corn on the cob as much as possible.
Use your rear teeth to chew food.
Use medication to ease your discomfort and lessen your sensitivity.
Dec 12, 2017

What food gets stuck braces?

One of the Top Ten Foods That Should Be Avoided When Wearing Braces Popcorn. You should abstain from eating popcorn for the length of the time that you have metal braces in your mouth. … Hard Rolls or Bagels…. Pretzels, Chips, Taco Shells, and Hard Crackers…. Pizza Crust…. Ice…. Nuts…. Chewing Gum…. Hard or Chewy Candy…. Ice.
In addition to this…•April 5th, 2021

Can food break braces?

Consuming foods that are too hard might cause the wires and brackets in your braces to break or get damaged. Avoid foods like nuts since they are examples of foods that are hard to chew. Hard shells for tacos.

Can I eat McDonald’s after getting braces?

You shouldn’t have any trouble consuming foods like ice cream, brownies, cookies, cake, French fries, hamburgers, hot dogs, or pizza as long as you stay away from the crust.

Can fries break braces?

It’s okay to indulge in french fries once in a while; nevertheless, you should make it a habit to clean your teeth thoroughly after each and every meal. With a floss tip or a proxy tip, remove any remnants that remain. In addition, if you are having trouble getting rid of any remnants, you shouldn’t attempt to remove them by force since doing so repeatedly would only do harm to your braces.