Can You Eat Corn With Wearing Braces? (All You Need to Know)

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Could you resist eating that brilliant yellow corn on the cob on your tabletop? Obviously not. So you’re going to acquire it and consume it. Yet, it might be an issue if you are one of those persons wearing braces.

I’m sure your orthodontist has already given you a list of foods to avoid while wearing braces. We are certain that it contains corn.

Can you eat corn with wearing braces? You certainly can. Yet, eating corn while wearing braces might be difficult. The pericarp is the outer layer of the maize kernel. It is one of the parts that may become caught between your teeth, bracket, and wires.

Read reading to learn more about why corn might be problematic for your braces.

Can I eat corn with wearing braces?

Yes, corn may be eaten with braces. Even so, it’s preferable if you avoid it. That is because it may easily get trapped between your teeth and in your braces. The corn kernels are difficult to remove.

What is the best way to eat corn with braces?

If you really want to consume corn, there are a few things you can do to reduce the likelihood of it causing problems with your braces. The advice provided below will undoubtedly be beneficial to you.

Suggestions for eating corn with braces

Boil the corn until it is soft.

There is a method for softening the maize kernels and making them more manageable to eat with braces. Boil the corn for at least 5 minutes. It softens the corn as well as its exterior coating. This tip may help you chew the corn kernel more effectively.

Remove the corn kernels from the cob.

The secret to eating solid food with braces is to cut it into tiny pieces. When it comes to corn, it is best to remove the kernel from the cob. By doing so, eating corn with braces may be simple.

Do you get corn trapped in your braces?

Absolutely, corn may easily get lodged between your teeth and braces. The outer shell and other portions of the maize kernel are very small. Even when you chew, there are certain bits that are not broken down.

What happens if you eat corn while wearing braces?

To minimize further complications, various suggestions for eating corn with braces were addressed above. Yet, with or without braces, over-boiled corn or not, corns break into bits that readily become lodged in your teeth and braces. Some trapped fragments may still need to be removed using your toothbrush or dental floss.

How do I repair corn on braces?

As previously said, you may wash your teeth to eliminate corn caught between your teeth and braces. If brushing your teeth isn’t enough, we recommend using floss to remove plaque and other food particles from your teeth, such as corn kernels.

Is corn classified as a sticky food?

Some types of maize are considered sticky. One example is waxy corn. It becomes sticky when cooked because to the high concentration of amylopectin (a component of starch). The amylopectin makes the maize kernels waxy and sticky.

Can I eat corn during the first week of wearing braces?

It is definitely better to avoid eating corn during the first week after receiving braces. Corn may easily get trapped in between your teeth even if you do not wear braces, but it is more likely to become lodged if you do. Also, avoiding corn might help you prevent hurting your braces.

Is corn OK for eating with braces?

Despite the fact that maize is high in fiber and various vitamins and minerals, it is best to avoid eating it. Avoiding corn might offer you greater peace of mind since you will not be troubled by the fragments trapped in your teeth, and your orthodontic treatment will be shorter.

Does corn cause damage to and breakage of braces?

Biting the corn kernel while it is still on the cob would most likely harm your braces. The worst-case scenario is that the brackets will fall off. As you bite the corn on the cob, your teeth rub against the cob, and we all know how hard the cob is. The pressure exerted might harm your braces.

Commonly Asked Questions

Can you eat corn on the cob while wearing braces?

No. It’s not a good look to eat corn on the cob with braces. It might harm your brackets and cause them to fall off. This may need more visits to your orthodontist for re-adjustments and a lengthier treatment term.

Can you eat corn chips with wearing braces?

Corn chips are thin and simple to bite into. You’ll have no trouble consuming them.

Can you eat cornflakes with wearing braces?

Cornflakes are tiny and thin, similar to corn chips. It will not do any harm to your braces. You may also consume cornflakes with milk. This will soften it and make it extremely simple to chew.


Although maize is wonderful, avoiding it is beneficial to your health. While there are techniques to make corn easier to eat with braces, eating it, especially while it is still on the cob, may be problematic. It may cause brackets to fall off or wires to become loose. It may also rapidly get lodged in your teeth and braces.

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