Can You Eat Sour Patch Kids With Braces? (All You Need to Know)

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The powerful taste of Sour Patch Kids, a popular and widely consumed candy, is one of the reasons for the candy’s widespread popularity. And just as there are folks who have an addiction to pretty much every other kind of popular food, there are a lot of people who are simply hooked to eating them. So, when such individuals start to wear braces, they may rapidly find themselves asking the following question: “What should I do?”

Can you eat Sour Patch Kids with braces? No, you can’t eat Sour Patch Kids with braces. If you’re wondering why it’s because they’re extraordinarily chewy and sticky. Additionally, their acidity isn’t any good for your braces either.

But, this was just a cursory explanation; if we really want to comprehend this subject, we will need to go a little further into it.

Hence, let’s not squander any more time and get started right now!

Sour Patch Kids are a chewy, sticky candy with a high acidity level. And since all three of these foods are very damaging to your braces, you must avoid Sour Patch Kids if you must wear braces; otherwise, they will be ruined.

When you have braces, it is unfortunately impossible to consume Sour Patch Kids, and there are even a handful of different reasons for this. The first and most apparent reason is that Sour Patch Kids are chewy and sticky, which makes it easy for them to become trapped in your braces or even for your braces to break as soon as you start chewing on them.

But, apart from this, there is also the fact that Sour Patch Kids have an extraordinarily high acidity level, which is a terrible thing for your braces since it causes the metal brackets to corrode and wear away. If you have to wear orthodontic appliances, you should avoid eating sour candies like Sour Patch Kids at all costs.

How can you eat Sour Patch Kids while wearing braces?

In the last response, we went over some of the reasons why, if you are wearing braces, you should steer clear of eating Sour Patch Kids as much as you possibly can. Hence, it should come as no surprise that eating Sour Patch Kids while wearing braces is not possible, at least not if you do not want your brackets or wires to get damaged.

How to Eat Sour Patch Kids When Wearing Braces

If you are required to avoid certain foods when you are wearing braces, one of those foods is sour patch kids. We trust that you all understand this. Nonetheless, if you do still want to nibble on them for any reason, you should at least adhere to the following three guidelines afterward:

Tip 1

After the consumption of Sour Patch Kids while wearing braces, the first thing that should be done is to consume a great deal of water. The explanation for this is that the water will assist get the sugar out while also significantly reducing the harmful effects that the acidity will have on the body.

Tip 2

And this is going to be really crucial for the second step, which is to clean your teeth, since the second step involves brushing your teeth. But, since sugar makes your teeth more sensitive, you should wait at least a half an hour before doing so. In the meanwhile, drinking water can only assist and is recommended.

Tip 3

But what if it seems as if cleaning your teeth makes no difference at all? You’ll have to resort to using dental floss in such case. Then, make a knot in it so that you may use it to pull the remnants out of your braces, and then use the knot to actually pull the remainder out of your braces.

Do you get Sour Patch Kids trapped in your braces?

Because of their extreme stickiness and ability to be chewed, Sour Patch Kids may cause your orthodontic appliances to get entangled. This has been brought up a few times previously. Due of this, you should absolutely stay away from Sour Patch Kids if you want your braces to remain in good condition while you are wearing them.

How can you repair Sour Patch Kids with braces?

We have previously gone over this topic in great detail in the previous three pointers; thus, in order to repair Sour Patch Kids while wearing braces, properly clean your teeth, and then use dental floss if required. That may not seem like much, but to tell you the truth, there is really nothing more you can do; well, apart from avoiding eating Sour Patch Kids in the first place-

Sour Patch Kids are they considered a sticky food?

Since Sour Patch Kids are regarded to be a sticky snack, it is strongly recommended that those who wear braces refrain from eating them. Nevertheless, it is not the only one since Sour Patch Kids have a very high acidity level, which may harm your braces as well. This is another reason why it is important to avoid these candies.

Is it okay to eat Sour Patch Kids during the first week of braces?

As you have been reading this post, we have been attempting to convey to you why eating Sour Patch Kids is a major no-no when you have to wear braces. Because of this, it should be rather obvious that you should avoid eating Sour Patch Kids during the first week of having braces since this is the time when your braces are the most susceptible to damage.

Are Sour Patch Kids safe to consume when wearing braces?

Sour Patch Kids are not something you should eat if you have braces; in fact, they are one of the worst things you could consume with your new orthodontic appliance. The reason for this is because they are very chewy and sticky, in addition to having a high degree of acidity, both of which are factors that are extremely detrimental to the health of your orthodontic appliances.


Sour Patch Kids are a kind of candy that are very chewy and sticky, and have an abnormally high amount of acidity. Since all three of these items are particularly detrimental to the condition of your orthodontic appliances, you will need to avoid Sour Patch Kids at all costs if you are required to wear orthodontic appliances. If you do not, there is a very good chance that your orthodontic appliances will be ruined.

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Can you eat Sour Patch Kids with braces?

Acidulated Sweets (Sour Patch Kids & Warheads)

Because of the very high acidic content of these candies, giving them to youngsters who are already wearing orthodontic appliances is not a good idea. An excessive amount of acidity is harmful because it may erode the enamel on your teeth, which in turn increases the probability that you will develop a cavity.

What kinds of candy are OK for braces?

While you have braces, the following confections are the healthiest options for you to consume.
Candies made by Reese’s.
Peanut butter candy in the form of Reese’s cups.
3 Musketeers and other bars consisting only of soft chocolate.
Or peanut butter, if you like. M&Ms (NOT peanut M&Ms) (NOT peanut M&Ms)
Bars made with chocolate (no nuts)
Crêpes à la mode (no nuts)
Ritz Bits small crackers.
More Items…• October 25th, 2021

Can kids with braces eat gummy candy?

If you wear braces, you shouldn’t eat any candy that is chewy, sticky, or gummy since you should prevent damaging your appliances.

What happens if you eat candy with braces?

Be aware that eating too much sweets of any sort may cause plaque to build up around your braces, which can result in white stains that are impossible to remove (decalcification), cavities, or gum disease (gingivitis). It is also important to give extra attention to brushing the area surrounding your braces after eating anything sweet.

Is Sour Patch good for your teeth?

Treats like sour candies are quite common among individuals of younger generations. They are vibrant, they are entertaining, and they have a delicious taste. Nonetheless, sour candies have a rather high concentration of acid. Since it breaks down the enamel that protects the teeth, acid may do significant harm.

Can I eat Takis with braces?

When you have braces on your teeth, you should steer clear of eating any food that is very gritty or hard to chew. Chips such as Fritos, Doritos, Tostitos, Cheetos, and Takis, as well as pretzels and other types of hard breads, are examples of foods that may not only damage your wiring but also cause your brackets to break. Other examples of such foods are takis.

Are Jolly Ranchers OK for braces?

Avoiding Sweets When Wearing Braces

If you are using orthodontic appliances, you should steer clear of candies that are tough, sticky, chewy, or crunchy. It calls for a complete abstinence from candies like Starbursts. Jolly Ranchers are candy.

Can you eat Oreos with braces?

You should steer clear of anything that is crunchy or tough; this implies that you shouldn’t eat almonds, potato chips, or popcorn. Use something like Cheetos or Pirate Booty instead. Cookies that are soft and do not contain nuts are delicious, but you should steer clear of hard cookies like Oreos and Chips Ahoy unless you like dunking them in milk. It’s alright to have ice cream, but you may forego the toppings of nuts and hard candy.

Can I eat Skittles with my braces?

Skittles as well as M Ms., you shouldn’t try to chew candy like this when you have braces since they are very tough. If you consume too many of them, you will most certainly wind up with shattered brackets and frayed wires. It would be wise to avoid being there. Mike Ike’s and Sour Patch Kids are two examples of: Because of how sticky and chewy these candies are, eating them when you have braces on is one of the worst things you can do.

Can you eat Reese’s with braces?

Everyone’s favorite Halloween delicacy, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, are really OK for consumption with orthodontic appliances. Because Reese’s cups are chewy and don’t include anything that may get caught in your braces, you should feel free to eat as many as you like without worrying about damaging them.