Cheddar vs Mozzarella Cheese: What Is the Difference?

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There are many different types of cheese available, but two of the most common and well-known are cheddar and mozzarella. It is quite unlikely that any of these cheeses is unfamiliar to you. Yet, this does not necessarily imply that you will be able to differentiate between the two.

In point of fact, a great number of individuals would be unable to do so, and some people would even believe that they are one and the same! Yet you couldn’t be more incorrect in thinking so.

So what is the difference between cheddar and mozzarella? The most significant difference between cheddar and mozzarella is that cheddar is aged for at least two months, while mozzarella isn’t often aged at all. Thus, cheddar has a sharper and stronger taste.

Nonetheless, this barely exhausts the topics that may be discussed about the distinctions between mozzarella and cheddar. Because of this, we really shouldn’t be spending any more time, so let’s just get right down to business and get started!

What exactly is the difference between cheddar and mozzarella cheese?

Mozzarella is a kind of Italian cheese that is on the softer side and is typically produced using the milk of buffaloes. Nevertheless, it is not unheard of for mozzarella to be produced using the milk of cows these days. Despite the fact that it is often served fresh, on occasion it is aged for a period of two weeks in the cellar.

On the other hand, Cheddar is a sort of firm cheese that was first produced in the English community of Cheddar, a tiny hamlet. The only ingredient required is cow’s milk, and the aging process may take anything from two months to a full year. Yet there are varieties of cheddar that are so rare that they may be aged for decades!

Taste of cheddar vs. mozzarella

The length of time that cheddar and mozzarella are aged gives the former a much more potent taste than the latter. It is acrid (and this is particularly true for the cheddar that has been aged for a longer period of time) and pungent. On the other hand, mozzarella has a flavor that is subdued and milky in nature.

Melting Cheddar vs. Mozzarella

Since mozzarella is a mild and recently produced kind of cheese, it melts quite well. It’s possible that the superb melting capabilities of mozzarella are what’s responsible for the cheese’s widespread popularity.

Ańd Despite the fact that cheddar is a kind of cheese with a high degree of firmness, it melts very nicely. But, in order to get the greatest results, shredding the cheese with cheddar is the best course of action to take.

Fat of cheddar compared. mozzarella

The amount of fat that is found in various types of cheese is still another essential characteristic. How does it turn out when you combine mozzarella with cheddar? While the exact figures vary depending on the product, one thing is certain: mozzarella definitely has a lower fat content than cheddar.

Price difference between cheddar and mozzarella

The price of a wedge of cheddar or mozzarella cheese is not going to break the bank. There is a great deal of variation in this regard; nonetheless, it is safe to say that one pound of each of them may be purchased for something in the neighborhood of eight dollars.

Uses of cheddar vs. mozzarella

While cheddar and mozzarella both melt in a similar manner, the ways in which they might be used are not that dissimilar. Both may be used in the preparation of foods such as toasts and pizza, with cheddar additionally being an excellent topping for dishes including pasta.

The fact that mozzarella is often utilized in Italian cooking is going to be the cheddar and mozzarella’s most notable distinction when it comes to their respective applications in the kitchen. On the other hand, Cheddar may be traced back to its origins in the United Kingdom.

Nutritional differences between cheddar and mozzarella

Now that we get that out of the way, how about we compare the nutritional worth of mozzarella and cheddar? You may examine them using the following table:

Cheddar Mozarella
Calories 402 300
Total fat 33g 22g
Carbohydrates 1.3g 2.2g
Protein 25g 22g
Cholesterol 105mg 79mg
Sodium 621mg 627mg

Which cheese is superior, mozzarella or cheddar?

It is impossible to determine whether mozzarella or cheddar is superior due to the fact that this decision is solely dependent on the individual. If you are more interested in a taste that is sharp and really cheesy, though, you will probably select cheddar above the other options.

On the other hand, mozzarella will almost certainly be a better option for you if what you’re searching for is a flavor that is clean, mild, and has hints of milkiness.

Can I use cheddar instead of mozzarella and vice versa?

You’ll be happy to know that cheddar can stand in for mozzarella, and vice versa. This is due to the fact that they both tend to melt in a very similar manner.

Despite this, they are not the same types of cheese, with cheddar possessing a taste that is noticeably more pungent than that of mozzarella. As a consequence, you shouldn’t anticipate getting the same outcomes.

Is cheddar or mozzarella healthier?

If you’re concerned about your health, mozzarella is a better choice than cheddar. This is because it has a higher percentage of both fat and cholesterol. In addition to this, cheddar contains a noticeably larger number of calories compared to mozzarella.

Which is better for pizza, mozzarella or cheddar cheese?

In a general sense, it is possible to say that four different types of cheese are used to produce pizza, and both mozzarella and cheddar are included in this number (the other two being provolone and parmesan). As a result, this ought to be really pleasing to your taste buds.

If you are looking for advice, though, we suggest that you stick to the more traditional mozzarella. There is a good reason why this cheese is still considered to be the best choice for pizza (some sources claim that mozzarella is used to make as much as half of all pizzas created in the world!).

Is it possible to combine cheddar and mozzarella cheese?

Having said that, though, there is a possibility that there is an option that is even superior, and that is combining cheddar and mozzarella together. It would seem that in this manner, you are able to enjoy the fantastic texture of mozzarella as well as the robust taste of cheddar cheese on your pizza at the same time.

It is possible to combine cheddar and mozzarella cheese, and the resulting dish will still taste great.

Frequently Asked Questions

For the spaghetti, do you like cheddar or mozzarella?

There are a variety of cheeses that go well with pasta, the most popular of which being cheddar and mozzarella, but there are quite a few more. Thus, you won’t go wrong by selecting any one of these options.

So why limit yourself to just one? Instead, combine your cheddar and mozzarella cheeses, and you will have a dish that is very unforgettable!

For lasagna, should you use cheddar or mozzarella?

There are a large number of cheeses from which to choose while cooking lasagna, but cheddar is not often one of those cheeses. On the other hand, mozzarella is really the one that is considered to be the most popular.

Because of this, mozzarella is unquestionably superior than cheddar when it comes to creating lasagna.

For a sandwich, do you prefer cheddar or mozzarella?

Both cheddar and mozzarella are wonderful alternatives for the cheese that goes on sandwiches. The most effective method can even consist of combining mozzarella and cheddar in order to get the desired stretchy texture as well as powerful taste.

For nachos, do you prefer cheddar or mozzarella?

Even though mozzarella is a kind of cheese that may be used for nachos, its usage is much less prevalent than that of cheddar. This is despite the fact that mozzarella is one of the types of cheese that can be utilized.

For the pasta, do you like cheddar or mozzarella?

Some of the cheeses that go well with spaghetti are mozzarella and cheddar, but there are many of other options as well.

As a result, the decision is entirely up to you; however, if you want our advice, we have to tell you that when it comes to spaghetti, we think cheddar is superior than mozzarella.

For mac and cheese, should you use cheddar or mozzarella?

The macaroni and cheese recipe often calls for mozzarella as well as cheddar cheese. These are most likely the two varieties of cheese that are consumed the most of while doing this. As a result, you are free to choose any one of them.

If you want to make it seem elegant, though, you shouldn’t use just one cheese—use a combination of mozzarella and cheddar instead. In that case, it is going to turn out really fantastic!


Both mozzarella and cheddar are types of cheese, however mozzarella is often served fresh, while cheddar is aged for at least three months and sometimes even a full year before being sold. These two cheeses are highly distinct from one another.

On the other hand, they both have applications in the kitchen. This is due to the fact that they both melt in a rather comparable fashion. In spite of this, each is used in a distinctive style of cooking, despite the fact that both of these foods have achieved widespread notoriety in recent years.

Since mozzarella is a kind of cheese that is native to Italy, the majority of its consumption takes place in that country. On the other hand, cheddar is traditionally produced in England. Because of this, it is a kind of cheese that is strongly connected to the United Kingdom.

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Which is better mozzarella or cheddar cheese?

Mozzarella cheese has a lengthy shelf life, and if it is kept in the refrigerator, it may remain edible for up to one month. It is possible for it to continue for more than six months in some people. In contrast, mozzarella cheese has a very short shelf life when compared to cheddar cheese, which can easily be stored for more than six months without going bad.

How is mozzarella different from other cheese?

Mozzarella is a kind of cheese that is not matured for an extended period of time, which is what gives it its softer texture. Pizzas are where you’ll most often see it utilized. It has a very chewy texture, yet it melts quite quickly in the oven. Produced in Italy from the milk of cows or water buffalo, its roots may be traced back to that country.

Can mozzarella cheese be substituted for cheddar cheese?

In addition to its versatility in salads, some casseroles, and dips, mozzarella cheese has a calorie and fat content that is quite modest. It may be used as a direct 1:1 replacement.

What is the unhealthiest cheese?

Blue Cheese. 1 oz. …
Cheese made with Roquefort. Parmesan…. Roquefort, which is a processed kind of blue cheese that has a very high amount of salt.
Cheddar Cheese.
Apr 20, 2017
Cheeses that are bad for you
Halloumi Cheese. Be conscious of how much of this squeaky cheese you put on your bagel and salad first thing in the morning. …\sGoats

What is the number one healthiest cheese?

1. Mozzarella
In comparison to other types of cheese, mozzarella has a lower salt content and less calories.
There are other strains of Lactobacillus casei and Lactobacillus fermentum that may be found in mozzarella, both of which are considered to be probiotics ( 2 ).
Further things…
•Mar 4, 2019

Can I use cheddar cheese instead of mozzarella for pizza?

We do not recommend using cheddar as the lone cheese topping for your pizza since it is a common component of many cheese mixes that are used on pizzas. In comparison to other types of cheese, such as mozzarella or provolone, cheddar is difficult to melt. In light of the fact that younger types of cheddar are better able to retain their moisture after being baked, we would advise using such.

Does cheddar cheese melt?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re using it to top chorizo chili or to make a traditional grilled cheese sandwich; shredded cheddar melts very nicely. In addition to this, it contributes a somewhat abrasive character to the mix, which helps to keep things interesting.

What is mozzarella cheese best for?

Mozzarella is an excellent slicing cheese, making it ideal for use in Caprese salads, flatbreads, and pizzas. You may spread it over toast or your preferred protein, use it in our quiche made with sun-dried tomatoes and fresh mozzarella cheese for breakfast, or use it as a topping for roasted veggies. The Roasted Bell Pepper Salad with Mozzarella and Basil is a fan favorite in our household.

Does cheddar melt like mozzarella?

In the presence of heat, young cheddar may melt smoothly, but older cheddar may turn greasy and gritty. Put those selections that have been matured for two years aside for a cheese presentation. Colby, Edam, or Gouda cheeses are excellent alternatives to cheddar and are worth considering if you’re seeking for one.

Why does mozzarella melt better than cheddar?

The amount of fat that is present in the cheese is the primary consideration in determining how easily or how difficultly it will melt. If the cheese in question contains a larger percentage of fat, as mozzarella does, then it will melt more evenly than a kind of cheese that is either fat-free or low in fat.