Chicken Smells Like Eggs: Is It Bad? (Explained)

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Chicken is one of the meals that we like eating on a regular basis. Many of us order them when we go out to restaurants, and the majority of us keep raw chicken in our homes so that we may prepare them anytime we choose. If you purchase raw chicken on a regular basis, you could find it unsettling if some of your raw birds have an odor similar to that of eggs. In the event that this takes place, you can ask:

If my chicken smells like eggs, is it bad? If your chicken smells like eggs, it’s due to Salmonella enterica. This bacteria creates a gas that smells like eggs. If the egg-like smell is funky, you should discard the chicken. Raw chicken that is safe for consumption should only have a mild or no scent.

In general, raw chicken should be stored in the freezer if it is not going to be cooked within the near future. In order to avoid buying chicken that smells like eggs, you should always check the chicken’s aroma before purchasing it. In addition, unless you plan on preparing it in the near future, you should store it in the freezer for the best results. By doing so, you may stop the germs from multiplying, which maintains the chicken free from contamination and makes it suitable for ingestion.

This article will provide you with all of the information you want about raw chicken and the reason why it might smell like eggs. You will get the knowledge necessary to choose the freshest raw chicken and store it in a manner that eliminates any unpleasant odors, similar to those caused by eggs.

Let’s not waste any more time and get right in, shall we?

What’s the deal with my raw chicken smelling like eggs?

Salmonella enterica is the bacterium responsible for the egg-like odor that may be coming from your raw chicken. This bacteria creates a gas that smells like eggs.

Salmonella enterica bacteria are a potential human pathogen that may cause enterocolitis. This bacterium may grow on raw chicken if it hasn’t been kept properly; the bacteria creates a gas that gives the chicken an odor similar to that of eggs as a result of the gas.

To put it more simply, raw chicken that smells like eggs has either already gone bad or is on its way to going bad. Consuming raw chicken that has an odor similar to that of eggs is very dangerous. You should not eat the raw chicken if it has a fragrance similar to that of eggs.

What’s the deal with my cooked chicken smelling like eggs?

If eggs come to mind when you smell cooked chicken, it’s probably because Salmonella enterica was present, which produces a fragrance that’s similar to that of eggs as it develops.

A gas in the form of hydrogen sulfide is produced when raw chicken that contains Salmonella enterica is either on the verge of going bad or has already begun to go bad. A gas like this produces that unpleasant odor that is comparable to eggs.

The chicken has already gone rotten if you can smell eggs coming from it after it has been cooked. As a direct consequence of this, the chicken is unable to be consumed in any capacity, and you should get rid of it as soon as you can.

Is it terrible if chicken smells like eggs?

If a chicken smells like eggs, then it definitely isn’t a good chicken. When you have raw chicken, it shouldn’t smell very strong, and in fact, you shouldn’t smell anything at all.

In most cases, the slight aroma of a fresh raw chicken may be used as a reliable indication of its level of freshness. Hence, if the raw chicken you have gives out an odor that is comparable to that of an egg, you shouldn’t cook it or ingest it in any form.

Is it possible to cook chicken that smells like eggs?

No, chicken that smells like eggs cannot be cooked successfully. As soon as raw chicken begins to smell like eggs, it is no longer appropriate to cook it since it has been spoiled.

Even if you cook the chicken, it will still have an odor that is similar to eggs, and you cannot eat it since the bacteria has already multiplied within the bird and it is no longer safe to do so.

Even while germs could be killed by cooking at the right temperature, it does not imply you should put your health at risk by consuming such food.

If you are selecting raw chicken, it is preferable to choose a piece that does not have any odor, and you should keep that piece frozen unless you are preparing to cook it.

You won’t have to be concerned about that unpleasant odor, and you’ll know for sure that the raw chicken you’re about to eat is safe to ingest.

Is eating chicken that smells like eggs safe?

No, it is not safe to consume chicken that has an odor similar to that of eggs. Salmonella enterica is a kind of bacterium that thrives when chicken is spoiled and is responsible for the egg-like odor that may be produced by raw chicken.

To put it more simply, you are not allowed to eat your chicken if it smells like eggs. As a result, you shouldn’t prepare the chicken in a method that might potentially lead to health issues and then eat it after you’ve done so.

What happens if you eat chicken that has an egg odor?

If you eat chicken that smells like eggs, you might end up with digestive troubles including throwing up, diarrhea, or an upset stomach. These symptoms could occur after eating the chicken.

Although though boiling chicken properly will eliminate the germs that cause illness, you should still avoid eating chicken that smells like eggs since there is always a chance that you might become sick from doing so.

If you want to eat raw chicken, you should choose a piece of the chicken that doesn’t have any odor and you should keep it frozen unless you want to cook it.

Because of this, you won’t have to worry about those unpleasant smells, and you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing the raw chicken is safe to eat.

Commonly Asked Questions

The following answers address some of the most common inquiries people have about raw chicken and whether or not it smells like eggs. You are welcome to have a closer look at the many kinds of chicken that we stock here, and if you have any questions regarding the subject, we will do our best to provide answers.

Frozen chicken smells like eggs

If your chicken in the freezer smells like eggs, then it has either already gone bad or is on its way there. In general, frozen chickens that smell like eggs should not smell that way, therefore you should throw them away if you notice that they do.

When you defrost chicken from the freezer, there shouldn’t be a scent that’s similar to rotten eggs. In certain instances, there can be a faint odor, although this is quite uncommon.

Because of this, you should always make sure that the frozen chicken you purchase does not have any kind of odor. In this manner, you will be able to assure its safety so long as it is kept frozen.

Organic chicken has an egg-like odor.

Salmonella enterica is to blame if your organic chicken has an odor similar to that of eggs. The chicken gives out hydrogen sulfide because of a bacterium that lives on its skin. Hence, if you have organic chicken that has been improperly stored, it may have a rancid odor that is similar to that of eggs.

If your chicken has this smell, it means that it is either on its way to going bad or has already gone bad. As a result, you should steer clear of ingesting it and, the next time you go shopping, look for organic chicken that does not smell at all like eggs.

Fresh chicken smells like eggs, hello?

Salmonella enterica is likely to blame when the chicken you received from HelloFresh smells like eggs. In this particular instance, the formation of hydrogen sulfide in the chicken is due to the presence of a bacterium. Also, if you have not properly stored your HelloFresh chicken, you may find that it has an unpleasant odor.

If you smell anything like this coming from your HelloFresh chicken, it is either already spoiled or is on its way to becoming so. Hence, the next time you get chicken from HelloFresh, you should be sure to choose chicken that does not smell like eggs.

Home Chef chicken has an egg-like odor.

Chickens raised in a Home Chef coop that emit an odor similar to that of eggs almost certainly have Salmonella enterica, the bacteria responsible for the odor. In this particular instance, the formation of hydrogen sulfide in the chicken is due to a particular kind of bacterium. If you fail to keep the chicken in the appropriate manner, it is possible that the Home Chef chicken will have an odd odor.

If you notice a rancid odor coming from your Home Chef chicken, you may be certain that it has already gone bad. When you purchase chicken from Home Chef in the future, you should be cautious to choose one that does not have an odor similar to that of eggs.

While cooked, chicken smells like eggs.

Salmonella enterica, which may cause hydrogen sulfide gas, may be to blame if the chicken gives off an odor reminiscent of eggs while it is cooking. Cooking has a chance of making the odor less strong, but still, this is not something that should be consumed.

That is an indication that the chicken has gone bad and should not be consumed if the smell does not go while it is being cooked.

When defrosted chicken is cooked, it smells like eggs.

If when you cook your chicken after it has been defrosted, it has a scent similar to eggs, this indicates that you did not keep it appropriately at some time and that it has gone bad.

A chicken that has been defrosted and smells like eggs after it has been cooked should not be eaten since it should not smell like that.

A properly defrosted chicken breast shouldn’t smell like eggs at all. There may be a faint odor present on occasion, although it is quite uncommon.


Salmonella enterica, a kind of bacterium, is to blame for the eggy odor that is coming from your chicken, to put it in a nutshell. Egg-like odor is produced by this bacterium as a byproduct of its gas production. If the chicken smells like eggs, it is preferable to throw it away and get a new one. While raw chicken may be consumed without risk, the scent of the chicken should be either very faint or nonexistent.

It is best to keep raw chicken in the freezer if you do not intend to prepare it any time in the near future. While purchasing chicken from the supermarket, you should make sure that it does not have an odor like that of eggs. Keep it frozen unless you are planning on cooking it in the near future. By doing so, you may prevent the germs from multiplying and ensure that the chicken is unhazardous for ingestion.

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Is chicken bad if it stinks?

When chicken is spoiled, it will smell weird and unpleasant (funky), sometimes even resembling the smell of spoiled eggs. It is possible that fresh raw chicken will not be completely odorless, but it should not smell rancid. When anything smells bad, it should be thrown away.

What happens if I cook chicken that smells?

The good news is that you are probably going to be OK even if you consume chicken that has a somewhat off-putting odor to it. Raw chicken poses the greatest threat due to the presence of harmful bacteria such as salmonella, listeria, and E. coli; however, cooking the chicken to an appropriate temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit will make these germs harmless.

What does rancid chicken smell like?

Chicken that has been sealed in its fluids for an extended period of time may develop a faintly unpleasant stench, despite the fact that fresh chicken has very little of an odor to begin with. A red flag should be raised about chicken that has an overpowering odor. It is no longer safe to consume the food if it has an odor that is fishy, sour, or sulfur-like and reminds one of rotten eggs.

How can you tell if a whole chicken has gone bad?

Here Are Four Easy Methods to Determine Whether Raw Chicken Has Gone Bad
Keep an eye out for spots that are gray and yellow. Taking a close look at the raw chicken and observing the color of the flesh is one of the most effective methods to determine whether or not the chicken has gone bad…
Pay Attention to Funky Smells. Feel for Slimy Meat. Recall When You Purchased It. Pay Attention to Funky Smells. Feel for Slimy Flesh.
Jan 4, 2020

Is it OK to cook chicken that smells a little?

The presence of a putrid odor is a reliable indicator that the chicken is spoiled. Uncooked, freshly prepared chicken will have either a very faint odor or none at all. You should toss away your chicken if it has a strong odor, such as an odor that is sulfurous or sour and that is comparable to the scent of rotting eggs. On the other hand, you should never depend only on your sense of smell to decide whether or not chicken is fit for consumption.

Will smelly chicken make you sick?

In other instances, it is the bacteria that have died, which makes sense given the very short duration of their life cycles. But, it is essential to be aware that eating chicken that has an unpleasant odor will not make you sick, provided that you prepare the chicken correctly in accordance with the criteria that we outlined before.

Can you cook bacteria out of chicken?

By cooking poultry and beef to an appropriate internal temperature, you may eliminate any germs that may be present. Check the temperature using a thermometer designed for use in cooking. The color of the meat or the consistency of its fluids are not reliable indicators of whether or not it has been cooked thoroughly. Within two hours of the meal being prepared, any leftovers should be placed in the refrigerator and chilled to at least 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

What to do after eating spoiled chicken?

While treating food poisoning, it’s important to get as much rest as you can.
Eat whenever you are hungry, but try to limit yourself to meals that are low in calories, light, and fat to begin with (bland foods such as toast, crackers, rice and bananas are good choices)
Stay away from meals and beverages that include alcohol, caffeine, or carbonation, as well as those that are very spicy or greasy.

How do you cook almost spoiled chicken?

In most cases, chicken may be consumed even after it has passed its sell-by date, provided that it does not have an offensive odor. Again, using a slow cooker is one of the most convenient methods to use a large quantity of chicken all at once, particularly lean chicken breasts. Put all of the chicken breasts in the slow cooker, and then pour some chicken stock over them so that they stay wet as they cook.

Can you taste if chicken is rotten?

Nevertheless, before you go ahead and swallow the chicken whole, you should take a moment to savor the taste and concentrate on it. Spit it out and throw away the remainder of it if it has an odd taste or appears to have a somewhat sour flavor.