Desserts Beginning with A (Any Dessert You Can Imagine!)

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Our world is full with desserts, and as someone who enjoys sweets, understanding more about them is a dream come true. Thus, whether you’re out of dessert ideas or looking for new ones to try, this post is for you.

Owing to the large number of dessert names, we decided to categorize them. Here is a list of desserts beginning with the letter A, along with brief descriptions. We also added sections for Italian, French, German, and Mexican sweets so you could have a closer look at them if you like these cuisines.

This collection should help you remember past sweets you used to adore and provide you ideas for new desserts to explore and try.

Prepare your sweet tooth, and let’s begin!

Desserts beginning with the letter A

We’ve compiled a list of 52 desserts that begin with the letter A, along with their descriptions. Begin by exploring all of those listed below!

Cake with Angel Food Angel Food Cake has a light, fluffy texture. Egg whites, flour, and sugar are used to make this cake. Because of the beaten egg whites, it has an aerated texture. Every time, this dish delivers a taste of bliss.

Pie with apples Apple Pie is best served warm with a dollop of vanilla ice cream. Every American, whether at home or at a restaurant, enjoys apple pie.

Trifle in America The traditional American trifle is constructed by stacking fresh fruit with cake and then topping it with pudding. There are several types of cake and pudding that may be used for it, making it suitable for practically any event. You may also customize the layers to your liking. It’s ideal to serve them cold on a hot summer day.

Cake for Amish Friendship Around the holidays, Amish Friendship Bread is delicious. You may share your starting sample with your friends if you have one! After your friends have created their own, they may share it with their pals, hence the term friendship bread.

Cake with Applesauce The ingredients for applesauce cake include apple sauce, flour, sugar, and spices. This dish may be served warm or at room temperature with ice cream or whipped cream. This tasty cake is also high in fiber.

Ambrosia Ambrosia is a fruit salad topped with small marshmallows, heavy cream, and coconut. Ambrosia began to appear in cookbooks when citrus fruit became more commonly accessible in US marketplaces in the late 1800s.

Dumplings with apples Apple dumplings are enclosed in dough and baked or boiled. To cover the hole left by the core, it is occasionally filled with raisins, cinnamon, butter, and sugar. In Amish cuisine, this dish is often served as a morning food.

Strudel with apples One of the most memorable dessert titles is apple strudel. Vienna and its apple-filled pastries came to mind right away. Strudels with apricots, cherries, peaches, and pears are also popular. There are also savory variations.

Anmitsu Anmitsu is a classic Japanese cold dessert that has been loved for ages. Mitsu contains fruits, condensed milk, Dango, and azuki bean paste in a dark brown syrup. Agar jelly is a clear, white jelly made from red algae. The cubes have been created. To manufacture it, water is dissolved in agar.

Cake from Alabama Lane Alabama Lane Cake has established a reputation as a well-known Southern dessert that originated in Alabama. Lane cake includes 3-4 layers and a rich raisin filling cooked with whiskey. The vanilla layer cake contains egg whites, but the custard filling contains egg yolks.

Pie with Acorn Squash Acorn Squash Pie is a tasty alternative to pumpkin pie that is made using acorn squash, an underutilized produce. Squash has been farmed by indigenous peoples in the Americas for a long time before it became famous in the Old World.

Anko Anko is one of Japans traditional sweets produced from azuki beans. Moreover, red bean paste is often used as a filling in Japanese desserts. Sweet bean paste is frequently used in pastries and sweets in Asian cultures.

Crispy Apricots Apricot Crisp has a streusel topping. It’s a dish comprised of diced apples and rolled oats that’s sprinkled with brown sugar. A crisp is a sort of American dessert cooked with a crispy topping that usually consists of a variety of fruit.

Crumble of Apricots Apricot Crumble is cooked using stewed apricots and crumbles formed from oil, flour, and sugar. When apples are plentiful in the fall, crumbles are popular in the United States and the United Kingdom. After World War Two, the dessert was invented in the United Kingdom.

Aseedah In many Arab nations, aseedah is a popular dessert and traditional cuisine. The Aseedah meal is a staple in Yemen and may be consumed at any time of the day, whether it be for lunch or supper. There are three components in this recipe: wholemeal wheat, boiling water, and salt.

Cheesecake with Avocado Avocado Cheesecake utilizes the smooth, creamy texture of avocado to produce a stiff, custard-like foundation without the need of gelatin. To make it more festive, top it with red fruits like strawberries, cherries, or raspberries.

Cookies made with arrowroot powder Arrowroot Cookies are made using arrowroot flour rather than ordinary flour. Arrowroot’s health advantages may be linked to its high levels of B vitamins and iron. They are also supposed to ease the stomach.

Ashure is another name for Noah’s pudding or Ashura. This delicacy, which is similar to porridge, is popular across the Middle East. In addition, the meal contains a variety of cereals, dried fruits, nuts, and fresh fruit.

Almond Biscuits Since they include almond flour, extract, and toasted almond pieces, the Almond Cookies are buttery, soft, and chewy.

Wings of an Angel Angel wings are traditionally produced by twisting dough into thin ribbons, deep-frying them, and then coating them with powdered sugar.

The Arctic Roll Arctic Rolls are ice cream cakes made with vanilla ice cream and sponge cake that are topped with cranberry sauce in between.

Anzac Biscuit Rolling oats, flour, sugar, butter, golden syrup, baking soda, boiling water, and desiccated coconut are the ingredients in Anzac biscuits. During World War I, the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps was connected with Anzac biscuits.

Pavlova from Australia The inside of Australian Pavlovas is fluffy, with a crispy crust. Pavlovas and other meringue-based treats are popular. Pavlovas, an Australian or New Zealander original, is named after a Russian dancer from the early twentieth century.

Arroz with Leche Arroz con dulce is a popular holiday dish in Puerto Rico and other tropical island nations. Flavorful spices like cinnamon, ginger, and cloves are mixed in.

Affogato Affogato is a coffee-based Italian dessert. Scoops of ice cream or gelato are topped with a hot espresso or drowned in it.

Shortbread Cookies with Almonds Almond Shortbread Cookies are a dish that forms part of the Christmas ritual of greeks.

Fruit Cake from Allahabad Allahabadi cakes are rum cakes created for the Christian communities of India and Pakistan to consume during the Christmas season.

Apfelkuchen Apfelkuchen is a sort of apple cake that originated in Germany. Use Christmas spices instead of raisins, and replace the raisins with fresh cranberries for a more festive taste.

Allerheiligenstriezel Stietzel, or Allerheiligenstriezel, is a braided yeast pastry. All Saints braid is the English title for it. Flour, eggs, yeast, shortening, butter, raisins, milk, salt, poppy seeds, or decorative sugar are among the components. Some regional varieties may include rum and lemon juice.

Apas Apas is a sweet biscuit native to the Philippines. It is oblong in form. Apa also means wafer in Filipino.

Arany Galuska’s Arany Galushka originates in Hungary and is regarded as a classic dessert. Sugar and almonds are shaped into butter-rolled balls, layered, and cooked until golden.

Tigela, Aa Na Aa na tigela is a kind of Brazilian dessert. The palm fruit is frozen and mashed. Acai berries have a creaminess or earthiness to their flavor.

An Alexandertorte is a typical lunch or supper dessert made with pastry strips, raspberry preserves, or jam. Icing should be firm before serving the torte, so prepare it a few days ahead of time.

Bakhlava from Armenia (Pakhlava) Armenian Bakhlava is straightforward and tasty. The cinnamon-spiced chopped walnuts are sandwiched between flaky layers of phyllo dough, with a clove-infused syrup on the side. Armenian Bakhlava, a highlight of Armenian Christmas feasts, varies from Greek baklava in how it is sweetened.

Pudding in the Manner of America Pudding was brought to the American colonies by English colonists. American puddings are sweet and have a texture comparable to custards and mousses.

Angel Favorite Angel Delight is a powdered confection made in the United Kingdom. To produce a mousse-like dessert, stir it with milk until smooth.

Frog Cake from Australia The Australian Frog Cake is shaped like a frog’s head and is made of sponge cake and cream coated in fondant. The Balfours bakery in South Australia invented this renowned South Australian delight in 1922.

Khobz Mbesses of Algeria Algerian Khobz Mbesses are often made using Farina or Semolina.

Dumplings with apples An apple dumpling is a pastry wrap that has been baked or boiled around an apple. Apples are peeled, cored, and sometimes quartered before being placed on a chunk of dough to make dumplings. Filling the center may be done in a variety of ways, including cinnamon, butter, sugar, raisins, and sultanas.

Amandine Amandine is a culinary name for garnished almonds, often known as almondine. These meals are often prepared with butter, seasoned with spices, and topped with flaked or whole almonds. The name almondine is often misspelled in American cookbooks.

Abnabat bnabt is made from sugar that has been cooked with various tastes. There are several types of Abnabat, such as Abnabat Gheichi.

Cookie made with ammonia Baking ammonia is used as a leavening agent in ammonia cookies. In the United States, these sweets are typically linked with Scandinavian-American cookery. In Polish cuisine, the dish is also known as Ciasteczka Amoniaczki.

Akans Akanes is similar to loukoumi, except it is flavored with goats milk butter instead of fruit essences. This product is only available in the northern Greek town of Serres. The name Akanes or royal halva goes back to Ottoman control in Ottoman Greece.

Tofu annihilated Annin tofu is an apricot kernel milk, agar, and sugar jelly. It is a classic dessert in the cuisines of Beijing, Cantonese, and Japanese. Rather than soybeans, the key component in tofu, we’re talking about a tofu-like substance here.

Italian sweets beginning with the letter A

Affogato Affogato, which translates as “drowned in coffee,” is a coffee-based dessert. A scoop of simple milk-flavored gelato or ice cream is generally topped or drowned in an espresso shot. In certain cases, a shot of amaretto, Bicerin, Kahlua, or another liqueur may be added.

Wings of an angel Angel wings are made of twisted dough ribbons that are deep-fried and coated with powdered sugar.

German desserts beginning with A

Aachener Printe is a sort of Lebkuchen that originated in Aachener, Germany. All manufacturers are situated in or around Aachen according to the protected origin designation.

Mexican sweets beginning with the letter A

Alegras Alegra is made mostly in the hamlet of Santiago Tulyehualco in Mexico City’s Xochimilco borough from amaranth seeds and honey or sugar.

Alfajor Alfajor, also known as Alaj, is a classic delicacy comprised of wheat, honey, and almonds.

Amaranto Amaranth is a grain that is related to quinoa. The seed is small and pale in color, and it is cooked and consumed similarly to rice and oats. Amaranth flour may also be crushed into flour and used in gluten-free baking.

Arroz with Huevos Arroz with Leche is made with rice, milk or water, and additional ingredients like cinnamon and raisins. There are variations for both sweets and supper. When served as a dessert, it is usually paired with sugar.

French desserts beginning with A

Wings of an angel Angel wings are a traditional sweet and crisp confection consisting of dough twisted into thin ribbons, fried, and then dusted with powdered sugar.

Sweets that begin with each letter of the alphabet