Desserts Beginning with B (Any Dessert You Can Imagine!)

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Desserts abound in the globe, and knowing more about them is a sweet tooth’s dream come true. This page is for you if you’re seeking for desserts or have ran out of dessert ideas.

We chose to categorize the dessert names since the list was lengthy. As a result, we’ve produced a list of desserts beginning with the letter B, along with brief explanations. Dessert lovers will discover sections devoted to Italian, French, German, and Mexican cuisines.

This list should help you recall past sweets you used to appreciate and provide you ideas for new desserts to try.

Prepare your sweet tooth, and let’s get started!

Desserts beginning with the letter B

We’ve compiled a list of 85 desserts that begin with the letter B, along with their descriptions. Begin exploring them now!

Alaskan Baked Alaska Baked Alaska is made out of a sponge cake, ice cream, and a layer of meringue that is either baked or torched to brown.

Brownies Brownies are chocolate dessert treats in the form of squares or rectangles. It is determined by the density of the brownie, which might be fudgy or cakey.

Pie with Boston Cream Boston Cream Pie is a yellow butter cake with custard cream and chocolate icing. In Boston, in cream pies, the cream filling is sandwiched between cake layers.

Split Bananas Chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry ice cream sandwiches are sandwiched between banana halves to make Banana Splits. It’s drizzled with chocolate and strawberry syrup and served with almonds and cherries.

Biscotti are crunchy cookies that are ideal for dipping. They are twice-baked, oblong in form, dry and crispy, and eaten with a drink, typically Vin Santo.

Cake in a Box Box Cake is a handy cake in a box that is simpler to create than a traditional cake. Many who are accustomed to box mixes believe that homemade cakes are excessively thick since they have that moist but extremely airy quality. The crumb of homemade cakes is often tighter. You should do what you are used to and like.

Bread with Bananas Banana Bread is a bread cooked using mashed bananas as the primary ingredient. This fast bread often has a sweet, moist, cake-like feel. While there are several traditional-style banana bread recipes, other recipes produce banana bread using risen dough.

Cake with Buckles The buckle cake is a single-layer cake that is filled with berries or cut-up fruit to give it a buckled look. The origins of the buckle are shrouded in mystery. This meal has been prevalent for centuries in the United States, implying that it was invented by colonists.

Pie with Blueberries Blueberry pie is made out of blueberry filling. Blueberry pie is simple to prepare since the fruit does not need to be pitted or peeled. A top and bottom crust are often present. Circular and crumble crusts are two types of pie crusts.

Cake in a Bundt Pan Bundt Cake is a doughnut-shaped cake made in a Bundt pan. A bundt cake has a thicker texture without being too goopy.

Cake with Blue Velvet A blue velvet cake looks similar to a red velvet cake. It is a fluffy vanilla cake with a dash of chocolate and tangy cream cheese icing.

Bomboloni Bomboloni are liquid-filled powdered doughnuts. These treats are often filled with Nutella, although they may also be filled with apricot jam, marmalade, or custard.

Cake of the Black Forest Black Forest Cake is a simple dessert that is well worth the effort. Layers of whipped cream and cherry filling cover the chocolate sponge cake.

Pie with Banoffee Ripe bananas, silky toffee, and a cookie crust make up Banoffee pie.

Cheesecake with Baileys The filling for Baileys Cheesecake contains Irish cream and ganache, which is topped with a chocolate cookie crust and cheesecake layers.

Betty Brown Brown Betty is a traditional American dessert that consists of fruit and sweetened crumbs. This dish, unlike cobblers and apple crisps, utilizes sweetened crumbs between layers of fruit. Whipped cream or lemon sauce is generally served on the side.

Berlingozzo Berlingozzo is an Italian confection in the form of a ring. Baking soda, flour, butter, sugar, eggs, milk, and baking soda are all used in this recipe.

Banana Bread Bananas Foster is a dessert made with bananas, vanilla ice cream, brown sugar, cinnamon, rum, and banana liqueur. Adding alcohol to butter, sugar, and bananas causes inflammation. The bananas are covered with the sauce on top of the ice cream.

Buckeye Buckeyes include peanut butter fudge that has been partly dipped in chocolate, exposing the peanut butter. Buckeyes are chocolate-covered peanut butter balls that are comparable to peanut butter balls.

Cookies in Black and White Round cookies with vanilla frosting on one side and chocolate icing on the other are known as Black and White Cookies.

Custard that has been burned The typical burned custard is rich, smooth, and all a custard should be. It’s warming, filling, and simply great.

Cake with Bumpy Surfaces The bumpy cake is made of a rich chocolate cake that has been covered with fudge icing and piped lines of sweet frosting. The rough texture provides an artistic cross-section whenever a dish is cut.

Cake with Bee Stings Bee Sting Cake is a typical German delicacy that consists of two thin layers of yeast cake filled with a creamy filling and topped with a crispy, buttery honey-and-almond coating. As a consequence, the yeast cake balances off the sweet filling and topping.

Bun in Black A Scotch bun, or black bun, is a fruit cake loaded with raisins, currants, almonds, citrus peel, cinnamon, ginger, and black pepper.

Cake with a Blackout Blackout Cake, also known as Brooklyn Blackout Cake, is a chocolate cake with chocolate pudding layers and chocolate cake crumbs on top.

Blondie Blondies are several types of sweets. It has a blonde look, as opposed to a dark brownie, owing to the use of vanilla instead of cocoa.

Pudding with Bread and Butter Bread and Butter Pudding is a classic British delicacy. On pieces of buttered bread sprinkled with raisins, an egg custard mixture seasoned with nutmeg, vanilla, and other spices is baked.

Rice Pudding Baked Warm rice pudding tastes the nicest. Yet, you may already have the ingredients for this easy old-fashioned recipe in your cupboard!

Jell-O with Shattered Glass Stained Glass Jell-O is another name for Broken Glass Jell-O. This traditional dessert dish looks stunning on a buffet table whether you’re organizing a holiday event, picnic, or luncheon.

Ice Cream with Butter Pecans Butter Pecan Ice Cream blends vanilla ice cream with toasted pecans and butter taste.

Butter Cake is a simple cake prepared of butter, sugar, eggs, flour, and leavening ingredients such baking powder and baking soda.

Claw of the Bear A bear claw is a sweet, yeast-raised Danish pastry that arose in the mid-20th century in the United States.

Pudding with Butterscotch Butterscotch Pudding is made with rich, creamy caramel, fresh whipped cream, and caramel pieces.

Pudding with Budin Budin Pudding is an anise-flavored typical Puerto Rican bread pudding. Typically, the meal is served cold.

The Bread Pudding Bread pudding is a bread-based dessert found in various countries. It is often prepared using stale bread, milk or cream, eggs, lipids such as oil, butter, or suet, and additional ingredients depending on whether it is sweet or savory.

Cake for a Birthday A birthday cake is a cake that is consumed as part of a birthday celebration. This cake is often made in layers and frosted. The number of candles on top reflects the celebrant’s age.

Buccellato Buccellato is a kind of circular Sicilian cake. Buccellato contains aniseed, dried figs, dates, raisins, candied fruits, chocolate, and a variety of nuts such as almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, and pine nuts. Its usage around Christmas is a centuries-old custom in Sicily. It is often sweetened with honey.

Pie Made with Beans Bean Pie is a custard filled with mashed navy beans, sugar, eggs, milk, butter, and spices. Vanilla, cinnamon, and nutmeg are ubiquitous spices and flavorings.

Pie with a Black Bottom Black bottom pie is a chocolate pastry cream and rum dish. This early-twentieth-century icebox pie has a graham cracker crust and a creamy, bittersweet-chocolate bottom.

Pie with Blackberries Blackberry Pie is made with blackberry filling, which is generally jam, blackberries, or a mixture of the two. Since blackberries are sour, blueberries need less sugar than blackberries.

Andy Pie, Bob Bob Andy Pie is a dessert pie. Similar to a custard pie, the custard pie is flavored with cinnamon and cloves. It was named after two renowned geldings as the Amish workhorse.

Pie with Bumbleberries Bumbleberry Pie contains at least three different varieties of berries. Since there is no bumbleberry, it is often referred to as a mixed berry pie. This pie also contains rhubarb and apple.

Pie with Buttermilk Buttermilk Pie, one of the desperate pies, is made with basic, everyday items. This pie and chess pie are similar, although neither contains cornmeal. Buttermilk pie is an American dish that is often associated with the south. The writers are said to be of English ancestry.

Cake from Banbury Banbury Cake is a spicy pastry filled with currants that is oval in form. In the filling, currants are frequently paired with mixed peel, brown sugar, rum, and nutmeg. Banbury cake is similar to a flaky puff pastry turnover stuffed with dried fruits, butter, spices, and sugar.

Battenberg Cake is made out of many layers of sponge cake kept together with jam. The cake has a striking pink and yellow check pattern coated in marzipan when sliced into cross-sections.

Noel’s Cake A notable Christmas dish is Buche de Noel. This beautiful French delicacy is similar to a bche since it is shaped like a log, and Yule logs are also referred to as Christmas logs.

Tarte au beurre Butter Tarts are widely regarded as one of Canada’s most iconic desserts. The sweet tart is cooked in a pastry shell with butter, sugar, syrup, and eggs until semi-solid and crispy on top.

Sweet and Delicious Brutti Ma Buoni cookies are crunchy-chewy and available in bakeries all around Lazio. Brutti Ma Buoni is a term that implies ugly yet nice. That very much describes the dessert.

Budino Budino is a sort of pudding that originated in Italy. Before cooking, pistachios are pounded and combined in a food processor. Budino is an Italian term that implies custard or pudding. To make it more like a souffl or ganache, thicken the chocolate sauce with cornstarch or cookies, and flavor it with chocolate, caramel, apple, or butterscotch.

Beigli Beigli is a yeasted bread or roll stuffed with sweet walnuts and topped with a crackly, mahogany-colored crust.

Cream of Bavaria The taste of Bavarian cream is creamy vanilla custard. The cake has a rich taste due to the crème Anglaise foundation, which is basically a custard.

Bingsu is a traditional Korean delicacy prepared with shaved ice and sweet toppings such chopped fruit, condensed milk, fruit syrup, and red beans. Shaved milk is created by simmering milk and red beans with sugar for hours.

Baklava Baklava is a traditional Greek treat made of flaky phyllo dough, nut bits, and honey syrup.

Sweet Treats A bonbon has a thin shell and an oozing filling that oozes out as you bite into it. They frequently include sweet components, such as liqueur.

Tea with Bubbles Bubble Tea is made out of a tea base with a chewy tapioca ball topping, although it may also be topped with additional ingredients. Boba pearls provide a subtle flavor to bubble tea. It’s a pleasant, well-balanced milky drink with a hint of sweetness.

Brittle is a delicacy consisting of complicated sugar candy that has been broken into flat pieces and embedded with nuts such as peanuts, pecans, and almonds.

Pudding with Birds’ Nests The cores of apples have been substituted with sugar in the Birds Nest Pudding. You may nestle the apples in the crust by using it as a bowl. Crows Nest Pudding is another name for this dessert.

Pudding with Bananas The Southern United States is the birthplace of Banana Pudding. In most instances, vanilla custard, banana slices, and wafers or ladyfingers are layered, then topped with meringue or whipped cream.

Cake Bolo Rei Bolo Rei Cake, also known as Christmas ring cake, is a gently spiced fruit and nut cake. Bolo Rei, commonly known as Kings Cake, is a traditional Portuguese dessert.

Biscuits Biscuits are the British name for cookies. It is made of flour, and it is firm, flat, and unleavened. Sugar, chocolate, icing, jam, ginger, cinnamon, and chocolate are common ingredients.

Coffee Toffee Pie from Blums Blums Coffee Toffee Pie is a unique dish that originated in San Francisco! The pie is topped with coffee-flavored whipped cream. Blums bakery and restaurant unfortunately shuttered in the 1970s. Their pie recipe, on the other hand, may be purchased.

Italian sweets beginning with the letter B

Barbajada Barbajada is a frothy drink with a sour flavour produced from sweet milk. It consists of chocolate combined with equal parts milk and coffee, sugar, and cream on top.

Baxin Baxin is a typical Italian dessert from Liguria. It contains anise seeds, sugar, flour, and lemon. Benedictine monks in Liguria have been manufacturing and selling it since the seventeenth century.

Biscotti Biscotti, commonly known as Cantucci, are almond-based Italian biscuits. They are originally from Prato in Tuscany. They are traditionally dipped in Vin Santo, two-baked, oblong, dry, crispy, and twice-baked.

The Tortoni Biscuit Biscuit Tortoni ice cream comprises eggs and heavy cream and is sometimes topped with almonds or broken macaroons. It is thought that a French caf owner in the 18th century called it after an Italian.

Bombolone Bombolones are filled doughnuts with Italian filling that are consumed as a snack or dessert. Bomba is an Italian name for a kind of pastry that is also known as bomba in various locations.

Bruttiboni Bruttiboni, also known as Mandorlati di San Clemente and Brutti Ma Buoni, is an Italian hazelnut or almond-flavored cookie created in Prato, Central Italy, and many other places. It is, as the name suggests, ugly yet excellent.

Budino Budino is a creamy and rich sweet Italian dessert similar to custard or pudding. Budino was the original name for a medieval sausage, much as pudding was in English. Budino is the Italian term for pudding or custard.

German sweets beginning with the letter B

Cream of Bavaria Bavarian cream is a dish that is made by thickening milk with eggs, gelatin, or isinglass and then folding it into whipped cream. To serve, the mixture is formed in a cold mold and then unmolded. Earlier versions of the dish, known as Fromage bavarois, did not include eggs.

Berliner Berliner are jelly doughnuts. In Berlin, they are also called as Krapfen, Kreppel, or Pfannkuchen.

Bethmnnchen The ingredients for Bethmnnchen include marzipan, almonds, powdered sugar, rosewater, flour, and one egg. This cookie, which is traditionally produced on Christmas Day, is readily available in Frankfurt chocolate stores.

Baumkuchen Baumkuchen’s unique rings mimic tree rings when cut.

Bratapfel Bratapfel is a simple apple dessert prepared in the oven. Boskoop, a storable, substantial, and tart apple cultivar, is usually made for Christmas in the winter.

Bienenstich Bienenstich, or Bee sting, is a yeast dough filled with custard, buttercream, or cream and topped with caramelized almonds.

Cake with a Black Forest theme Black Forest cake is a treat that generally consists of many layers of chocolate cake, whipped cream, and cherries between each layer.

Bremer Klabe is a kind of Stollen made in Bremen, Germany.

Brenntar is a porridge prepared from roasted flour known as Musmehl.

Buchtel Buchtels are yeast-dough sweet buns filled with jam, poppy seeds, or curd.

Gateau de buckwheat Buckwheat gateau originated in the Lower Saxony district of Lneburg Heath. Buckwheat flour, heather honey, yogurt, cranberries as the fruit layer, and whipped cream and chocolate shavings as toppings are used to make it.

Mexican sweets beginning with the letter B

Bionico Bionico is a well-known Mexican dessert. It’s a fruit salad, as the name says, made out of cubes of fruit soaked in crema and topped with granola, coconut, raisins, and occasionally honey.

Buuelos A buuelo is a fried dough cake popular in Spain, Latin America, Israel, and other areas populated by Spaniards or Sephardic Jews, such as Southwest Europe, the Balkans, Anatolia, and other Asiatic and North African countries.

Gitano brioche Brazo de gitano is a rolled sponge cake with whipped cream, jam, or frosting. While the title “Swiss roll” comes from Switzerland, the cake is said to have originated in Central Europe, likely in Austria or Slovenia.

French desserts beginning with the letter B

Au Rhum Baba Baba Au Rhum is a yeast cake soaked in rum syrup and occasionally filled with pastry or whipped cream. Individual servings are the most popular shape, however bigger forms such as Bundt cakes may also be made.

Beignets are fried pastries that are often prepared using pâte choux, although they may also be made with yeast dough. It’s popular in French, Italian, and French-American cuisines.

Citron-flavored dog The bichon au citron was formerly a French pastry. The size, shape, and puff pastry are all reminiscent of a turnover. One of its most notable characteristics is the presence of lemon curd. Moreover, partly caramelized sugar is sometimes detected on the outer layer.

Sweets that begin with each letter of the alphabet