Do you keep Nutella in the fridge? (All You Need to Know)

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Nutella is one of the most popular spreads in the world; you might say people went crazy over it! Nonetheless, there are still certain elements about Nutella that appear to perplex people, such as this basic question:

Do you keep Nutella in the fridge? Nutella does not need to be refrigerated. On the contrary, refrigerating your Nutella will cause it to become hard and impossible to spread again. Additionally, storing Nutella in the fridge shortens its shelf life, so store it in the pantry or someplace else.

But that isn’t all there is to say on this subject, so let’s have a look at what else is out there, shall we?

What happens if you refrigerate Nutella?

You may not know that Nutella was invented by a renowned Italian baker named Pietro Ferrero, but it is a well-known truth that Nutella is currently made by a perhaps even more famous chocolate business called Ferrero. And as the Ferrero website advises, Nutella should be kept at room temperature, a.k.a. 64 to 68 F (18 to 20 C).

So what exactly is the rationale behind this? What happens if Nutella is refrigerated? When Nutella is refrigerated, it becomes hard and no longer spreadable. Additionally, it may dramatically shorten its shelf life, so never keep Nutella in the refrigerator.

Why can’t you keep Nutella in the refrigerator?

As we said in the previous response, the major reason you should never leave your Nutella in the fridge is that it will harden and become unreadable. But there’s more.

Another significant reason why you can’t keep Nutella in the fridge is that it can’t be maintained at room temperature for more than a few minutes after it’s been in the fridge.

This merely confirms that Nutella should never be stored in the refrigerator. Nevertheless, it also implies that after you’ve placed your Nutella in the fridge, you should either keep it there or toss it away.

How long does Nutella last once opened?

Nutella, believe it or not, may survive for quite some time even after opening. Once opened, Nutella is excellent for around a year if stored properly. What does it mean? It’s not difficult; you simply have to make sure the Nutella is fully closed and then store it somewhere quiet and cool, like the pantry (but not the fridge).


While it may seem that storing Nutella in the refrigerator may extend its shelf life, this is not the case. The major reason for this is that Nutella hardens and becomes unreadable when kept in the refrigerator.

But, once Nutella is refrigerated, it adapts to the environment and can no longer be kept at room temperature, which is equally inconvenient.

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