Does Nutella have a shelf life? (All You Need to Know)

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Nutella is one of those items that you can keep for a long time, particularly if you haven’t opened it yet. Nevertheless, this does not imply that Nutella will last indefinitely:

Does Nutella have a shelf life? Yes, Nutella does expire, albeit it takes a long time for that to happen. When it comes to Nutella, an unopened bottle may last for many years, while an opened one can survive for up to a year if properly preserved.

But, this is not the end of what can be said about this subject, and a more in-depth examination is absolutely required to really comprehend it.

So let us not spend any more time and simply get started!

Is Nutella perishable?

Even Nutella goes bad, despite the fact that it seems to stay forever; nevertheless, it takes quite some time before that occurs. Believe it or not, an unopened pack of Nutella may survive for many years, while an opened one can last for at least a year.

Well, at least when you keep it correctly. What does this imply? Nutella should always be kept someplace out of direct sunlight, such as the pantry, but it is important to remember that it does not belong in the refrigerator!

Is Nutella safe beyond its expiration date?

Indeed, Nutella is typically OK beyond the expiration date since it can, in fact, be kept properly for a few years. But, keep in mind that once opened, Nutella will only survive for a year.

How can you tell if Nutella has gone bad?

So, how can you tell if the Nutella has gone bad? As Nutella reaches the end of its shelf life, it loses its smooth and soft feel and becomes hard. Another common occurrence is for this rock-solid mass to begin to split apart.

Where can I find the Nutella expiry date?

The expiry date for Nutella may be found on the label; it’s not difficult to discover; but, the information it gives isn’t that helpful, to be honest.

When Nutella is opened, does it go bad?

Sure, Nutella spoils once opened, but it doesn’t happen quickly. Nutella, believe it or not, may be kept in the pantry (rather than the fridge) for up to a year after it has been opened.

Can you consume unopened outdated Nutella?

We said before that since Nutella has a very long shelf life, it is typically excellent beyond the expiry date, even if it has been opened. As a result, you may normally consume unopened outdated Nutella.

The only time you need be concerned is when the Nutella has gone bad. And how do you know that? Nutella has gone bad when it becomes hard and its texture starts to break apart, although we discussed this briefly above.

Is it possible to become ill from expired Nutella?

As we hope you already know, consuming rotten food almost always results in food sickness, and Nutella is no exception. Indeed, expired Nutella may make you ill, and as a result, you should always throw it away if you notice any of the aforementioned symptoms.

But, as we said in the previous response, in many circumstances, Nutella is still edible beyond the expiry date, therefore consuming old Nutella normally does not result in a poor outcome.


Although while Nutella is one of those items that can keep for a long time, that doesn’t imply it can keep indefinitely. When kept in the pantry (remember, Nutella does not belong in the fridge! ), unopened Nutella will keep for a few years, while opened Nutella will last for approximately a year.

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