Does Orange Juice Make You Poop and Cause Diarrhea? (Explained!)

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Juices made from fruits, such as oranges, are filled with nutrients and are healthful to drink. Oranges are also a gratifying treat for many people, which is why many individuals will not reject a glass or two of orange juice when it is provided to them. In spite of this, if you’re drinking orange juice and all of a sudden discover you have to urinate, you can find yourself wondering:

Does orange juice make you poop and cause diarrhea? Yes, orange juice makes you poop and causes diarrhea. Drinking this juice in small quantities will not cause any problems, but drinking too much of it will cause diarrhea and poop. Hence, you can drink some of it to relieve constipation or avoid it to prevent diarrhea.

Despite the fact that it is a mainstay for many people’s diets, orange juice may also lead to stomach issues such as diarrhea. Thus, in order to be able to deal with it in a more effective manner, you need to understand why it happened.

In this post, we will explain all you need to know about the influence that orange juice has on our digestive system and colon, so keep reading! In this manner, you will be able to obtain a sense of how your body would respond and how you will cope with it in the event that the unthinkable happens.

Let’s not waste any more time and get right in, shall we?

Can drinking orange juice make you poop?

Indeed, orange juice makes you poop. Its capacity to relieve constipation and dehydration is comparable to that of other types of fruit juices. On the other hand, it may also cause you to have bowel movements, particularly if you consume a lot of orange juice.

As this juice, like most others, contains a lot of sugar, it is better to use it in lieu of water and to drink just a little amount of it so that you do not end up consuming an excessive amount of sugar.

Is orange juice capable of causing diarrhea?

It is true that drinking big volumes of orange juice may lead to diarrhea, however the risk is only present when drinking huge amounts. Since it includes both water and sugar, consuming more than two glasses of orange juice at once might lead to diarrhea.

Orange juice has a rather high amount of sugar in it, and consuming big amounts of the beverage might lead to further issues. Increase the amount of water you consume rather than drinking orange juice.

Is it common to defecate after drinking orange juice?

While it is possible, drinking orange juice may never be considered normal if it causes you to have diarrhea. If you take a significant quantity of this fruit juice, then the risk of this happening to you increases significantly.

In spite of this, it is not typical to feel the need to defecate after consuming even a little quantity of liquid. So, in order to prevent any more issues, you need to examine your digestion in order to ascertain whether or not it has been impacted.

Is it usual to have diarrhea after drinking orange juice?

No, experiencing diarrhea as a result of drinking orange juice is not usual. Orange juice is typically safe to take, but only if you limit how much of it you drink at once. Moderation is the key.

If you consume even a tiny quantity of orange juice and find that you get diarrhea as a result, you need to have your digestive system checked out. By doing so, you can identify whether you have stomach difficulties.

What causes orange juice to make you poop?

Since it contains water, sugar, naringenin, and fiber, drinking orange juice will cause you to have to go to the bathroom. The fruit juice contains fibers and carbohydrates that may help control bowel movements, and the water can assist soften stools that are overly firm.

While drinking orange juice might make you go to the bathroom more often, it may be beneficial for those who suffer from constipation and have trouble defecating regularly.

Why does orange juice make me dizzy?

Since it includes sugar, water, naringenin, and fiber, drinking an excessive amount of orange juice may lead to diarrhea, even in those who do not suffer from constipation.

Because of the sugar, the naringenin, and the fiber, the regulation of your intestines is improved, which, if you are not already constipated, will result in diarrhea. In addition, the water may assist in bowel relaxation, which may result in stools that are watery, which is an indication of diarrhea.

What should you do if orange juice causes you to poop?

If drinking orange juice causes you have diarrhea, you should limit how much you drink of it. Orange juice should not be consumed on a regular basis under any circumstances.

What should you do if orange juice causes diarrhea?

If you drink orange juice and then develop diarrhea, you should continue to drink orange juice and eat other solid things. By doing so, you will provide your digestive system with something more to process in addition to the juice.

In addition, it will be to your advantage to cut down on your intake of juice. You may enhance your health by reducing the amount of sugar you consume as well as the amount of fiber you consume.

How quickly does orange juice cause you to poop?

As soon as it is processed, orange juice has the potential to make you have diarrhea. Orange juice’s laxative impact often doesn’t start to kick in for around two to three hours after you drink it.

Because of this, you should try drinking some of this juice along with some water, particularly if you find that you have a difficult time defecating. In addition to that, it may help treat constipation.

Is orange juice good for constipation?

Orange juice does, in fact, relieve the symptoms of constipation, and the reason for this is that drinking orange juice causes the consumer to have a laxative effect.

Naringenin, fiber, sugar, and water are the four primary components that are found in orange juice. Because of this, you may have diarrhea as a consequence of the softening of the stool and the regulation of bowel movement.

Orange juice is a great remedy for relieving the pain associated with constipation and should be consumed whenever the condition is present. But, make sure you receive enough of water to drink.

Is it true that orange juice makes your excrement stink?

In general, drinking orange juice will cause your stool to smell similar to that of other fruit juices. Nevertheless, drinking a lot of juice may make your stool smell like certain fruits and vegetables, and this effect is exacerbated when the juice is consumed in large quantities.

So, in order to have a better understanding of what factors contribute to these issues, you might think about cutting down on your intake of orange juice.

Do you fart after drinking orange juice?

Indeed, orange juice makes you fart. This is due to the fact that orange juice includes a lot of sugar as well as fiber, both of which may make you fart and produce gas. Nonetheless, this is a common side effect of consuming an excessive amount of juice. As a result, you do not need to be concerned about it provided that you consume orange juice in a moderate amount.

Commonly Asked Questions

The following are some questions that are posed rather often about the impact of orange juice on diarrhea and bowel movements. If you are concerned about the same situation, the answers that are provided below may be of use to you.

Can orange juice affect the color of your stool?

No, drinking orange juice will not cause a change in the color of your stool. The color of your stool will not be affected by orange juice, nor will it impart any colours to it. Orange juice has a mild orange tint. So, you do not need to be concerned that drinking this juice will have an effect on your bowel movements.

Do you poop more if you drink a lot of orange juice?

Absolutely, drinking a lot of orange juice will cause you to have more bathroom breaks. Consuming a lot of orange juice would result in high levels of sugar, naringenin, fiber, and water in your system. As a result, it has the potential to cause you to poop more often. Hence, it is a fantastic beverage to consume, particularly if you are having difficulty defecating.

Is orange juice an effective natural laxative?

Orange juice is a natural laxative, so yes, you may drink it. Orange juice has a high fiber content and contains a flavonol called naringenin, which both contribute to the juice’s laxative action. That is something you may take pleasure in, particularly if you are experiencing constipation.

Is orange juice responsible for bowel movements?

Indeed, orange juice produces bowel motions. This is due to the fact that orange juice has sugar, naringenin, water, fiber, and a flavonol called naringenin in its composition. These components have the ability to stimulate and produce movement in the bowels. Those who have issues going to the restroom often may benefit from drinking this beverage.

Is it true that orange juice turns your feces black?

No, orange juice does not turn your excrement black. Since orange juice does not alter the color of feces, drinking it will not result in black poop. As a consequence of this, if you have black feces, you should question whether or not any of the meals or drinks you eat may be to blame.

Is it true that orange juice turns your feces green?

No, orange juice does not turn your excrement green. Orange juice does not modify stool color hence it not create green poop. Hence, if you have green feces, you want to check on any other foods or drinks you ingest during the day.

Does orange juice soften your poop?

Absolutely, drinking orange juice will make your stools more watery. This fruit juice’s high water and sugar content might assist in making stools easier to pass. As a direct consequence of this, passing stool and having bowel movements become much less difficult for you.

Is it possible for orange juice to turn your feces yellow?

No, drinking orange juice will not cause your stool to become yellow. This is because orange juice does not possess a dark tint, which is known to have an impact on the stool. As a consequence of this, you should expect to defecate normally after consuming orange juice.


Orange juice, in a nutshell, will make you have diarrhea and will cause you to have bowel movements. If eaten in little amounts, this juice will not cause any problems; but, if drank in excessive numbers, you may have bowel movements and diarrhea. If you suffer from constipation, drinking some water will help reduce the discomfort, but if you have diarrhea, you should steer clear of liquids altogether.

Orange juice is used on a daily basis by a lot of individuals, however it may lead to digestive issues including diarrhea in certain people. To have a better understanding of how to cope with it, you must first have an understanding of why it occurs.

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Why does drinking orange juice give me diarrhea?

Fructose is one of the worst offenders, and it may either be found naturally in fruits (like peaches, pears, cherries, and apples) or added to meals and drinks (such applesauce, soda, and juice beverages). Fructose is found naturally in fruits (like peaches, pears, cherries, and apples). Those who consume between 40 and 80 grams of fructose on a daily basis are more likely to get diarrhea.

Does orange juice increase diarrhea?

Because of the high concentration of fructose in orange juice and its acidic character, drinking an excessive amount of it may be detrimental to the health. The excessive fiber might cause digestive issues, which can result in cramping in the stomach region and diarrhea.

Can orange juice cause orange poop?

Orange food is almost often the culprit behind orange stools. To be more specific, beta carotene is the pigment responsible for the orange color of food as well as the color of your stool. Carotenoid is the general term for the group of compounds that beta carotene belongs to. Carotenoids come in a variety of colors, including red, orange, and yellow, and may be found in a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, cereals, and oils.

Can orange juice and milk cause diarrhea?

When the quantity of protein in milk reacts with the amount of tartaric acid and vitamin C in orange juice, it may cause symptoms such as bloating, indigestion, diarrhea, or stomach discomfort. This can also happen when the two ingredients interact with one another.

Can orange juice cause digestive problems?

Foods That Are Acidic

Because of their high acid content, tomato sauce and citrus fruits like lemons, limes, oranges, and grapefruit may irritate the lining of the stomach, which in turn can lead to digestive issues. The fact that carbonated drinks may also be acidic is something that many people are unaware of.

What juice helps diarrhea?

As soon as you see symptoms of diarrhea or have a gut feeling that it’s about to start, give a diet consisting of clear liquids like water, weak tea, apple juice, clear broth, frozen pops, or plain gelatin a shot. Clear drinks assist reduce inflammation in the intestines and protect the bowels from having to work too hard.

What causes explosive diarrhea?

Infection caused by bacteria as well as viruses

coli. Food and drinks that have been tainted with germs are often the cause of bacterial illnesses. There are a number of viruses that are capable of causing explosive diarrhea, including the rotavirus, the norovirus, and other types of viral gastroenteritis, which is more often known as “stomach flu.”

What causes rapid bowel movement after eating?

When you eat, if food, particularly food that is rich in sugar, flows too fast from your stomach into your small intestine, you may be suffering from a disease known as “dumping syndrome.” Surgical procedures performed on either the stomach or the esophagus are the most common cause of dumping syndrome, which is also known as fast gastric emptying.

Can you drink orange juice with IBS?

Those who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) may feel more comfortable consuming fruits like berries, citrus, and bananas that contain less sugar.

Can oranges cause bowel problems?

“If an adult begins to eat oranges in big numbers, say four to five oranges per day, the extra fiber in the body might cause stomach distress, cramping, diarrhea, bloating, and nausea. This is because oranges are high in pectin, which is a kind of fiber.