Enchilada vs. Burrito: What Is the Difference?

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If you’ve ever eaten at a Mexican restaurant, you know that the menu is often quite extensive and offers a great deal of variety. As a result, it is possible for someone who is visiting these locations for the first time to get confused. For example, if you saw enchiladas and burritos, you can find yourself wondering about both of them and whether or not they are two separate items. So, you may ask:

What is the difference between enchiladas and burritos? Enchiladas and burritos differ in many ways. For instance, enchiladas use corn tortillas, while burritos are often made with flour. In addition, enchiladas are enjoyed with forks while burritos are handheld. The sizes are also different, and a single burrito is equal to at least three enchiladas.

In spite of the fact that it could seem that all of these many forms of Mexican cuisine are same, the reality is that they can be rather distinct from one another. So, the focus of this study will be on two more well-known styles of Mexican food. But before we get into it, let’s discuss the key distinctions between burritos and enchiladas!

Let’s not waste any more time and get right in, shall we?

The ingredients of burritos and enchiladas vary just little, yet those variances distinguish the two meals. If you like wheat tortillas, you may make burritos with them. Corn enchiladas (a popular Mexican meal) are a good alternative for individuals who adore maize. It also influences whether you prefer to eat with forks or with your hands.

A corn tortilla is used to wrap a filling before it is baked and served with a flavorful sauce. This dish is known as an enchilada. They are often referred to as enchiladas and have their roots in the cuisine of Mexico. Enchiladas may be stuffed with a variety of items, including meat, cheese, beans, potatoes, veggies, or a mix of these and other things.

In terms of enchilada sauces, some examples include hot sauces like salsa Roja, various moles, and cheese-based sauces like chili con queso. Other possibilities include a combination of these elements. Enchiladas are an excellent method to use up leftovers for Hispanics since they can be prepared with almost any kind of food.

To the best of our knowledge, the first dish was probably a tortilla smothered in some kind of spicy sauce. Despite the fact that this dish’s popularity has grown over the course of time, it has always been an integral component of the culture.

What exactly is a burrito?

Burritos are a traditional dish from Mexico that are typically composed of a sheet of tortilla and a filling. It is the filling that is contained inside the tortilla, and the tortilla itself serves as the covering that encloses the filled. Thin and round, tortillas are a kind of roti made from wheat flour.

Fillings for burritos may be made with a variety of meats, including chicken, beef, mutton, pork, and hog. Mutton is also an option. In addition to that, you might use veggies like peas and beans in the dish. In addition to utilizing cooked rice for the filler, the rice filler is also coated with sour cream after the rice has been cooked.

The components get a taste that is more savory after being combined with various hot sauces and spices. Before rolling the ingredients up, some individuals like to enhance the taste by sprinkling cheese over the mixture.

What is the difference between an enchilada and a burrito?

The distinctions between an enchilada and a burrito are outlined in the following paragraphs. After that, you may investigate the ways in which one is distinct from the other.

Wraps made with tortillas

Burritos are often cooked using wheat tortillas, but enchiladas are typically made with corn tortillas. This is only one of the many distinctions that exist between the two foods; nonetheless, it is one of the most important distinctions.

a manner of serving

Enchiladas are typically eaten with a fork, and they are presented to the customer on a plate. On the other hand, burritos are often consumed one mouthful at a time and are thus offered in portable containers.

When ordering enchiladas at a restaurant, you may discover that they come with additional side dishes, and there may even be more rice and more salsa on the plate. This is because enchiladas are often presented as a buffet item.

When it comes to burritos, they are virtually always served standing up, and they are consumed directly from the wrapper they came in.

Serving sizes

The size of an enchilada, on the other hand, is much less than that of a burrito. Because of this, you will need at least three or more enchiladas in order to get the same quantity of food as is included in a burrito.


Burritos and enchiladas both include some kind of sauce. On the other hand, enchiladas often have a greater quantity of sauce than burritos.

What are the ingredients you use to make enchiladas?

Corn tortillas are traditionally used to make enchiladas, which consist of filling the tortilla with a flavorful sauce and rolling it up around a filling. Enchiladas are a traditional Mexican meal that may be stuffed with a wide variety of ingredients, including meat, cheese, beans, potatoes, vegetables, or even a mixture of these things.

Moles, cheese-based sauces like chili con queso, and spicy sauces like salsa Roja and sriracha may be included in the category of enchilada sauces. Mexicans utilize leftovers to create enchiladas. In spite of this, the dish has earned a well-deserved reputation throughout the course of its existence.

What are the ingredients you use to make burritos?

Often, flour is used in the production of the tortilla wrap that is used for preparing burritos. Burritos are often stuffed with various types of meat, such as beef, pig, chicken, or even mutton. Certain fillings also accommodate the use of beans and peas as an ingredient. The filling may also have rice and several other ingredients added to it.

In addition, sauces and spices are often used to provide flavor to burritos. Cheese is often used in burritos to enhance the taste, however using it is not required.

What’s better, an enchilada or a burrito?

While there are just a few key distinctions between burritos and enchiladas in terms of the ingredients, those distinctions are what set these two meals apart from one another.

If you like them, burritos that are cooked using flour tortillas are a tasty option. For those who like corn, the enchiladas are the way to go (which is a traditional Mexican dish).

The distinction between enchilada sauce and burrito sauce is often what makes the difference in choosing one option over another. Your own taste is the most important factor to consider. Although some people enjoy their tortillas covered in sauce like an enchilada, others choose a perfectly wrapped tortilla that can be easily eaten with their hands and does not need any further preparation.

Calories in an enchilada compared. a burrito

When compared to enchiladas, burritos have a lower number of calories, but when compared to burritos, enchiladas have a larger number of calories. On the other hand, one hundred grams of beef enchiladas have just 168 calories, but one hundred grams of beef burritos include 238 calories. This is a crucial distinction to note.

As compared to the enchilada, the burrito contains an additional one hundred calories. The difference, however, will be more evident with bigger portions of food being consumed.

Is there a difference between burrito and enchilada sauce?

No, the sauces used for burritos and enchiladas are not interchangeable. In general, sauce is included in both of these foods. Nevertheless, enchiladas are distinguished from other Mexican dishes by the manner in which the sauce is applied to the top and covered. In addition to that, the color of this sauce is often either green or red.

Burrito sauces, on the other hand, are often designed for dipping purposes. Since it is eaten with your hands, the sauces are meant to be dunked in them.

Is a wet burrito equivalent to an enchilada?

In general, corn tortillas are used for enchiladas, while huge wheat tortillas are used for wet burritos. Enchiladas are a kind of Mexican dish. Second, you should roll moist burritos so that they are entirely sealed, but you should fold enchiladas so that the ends are left open.

The sauce is added to each of the meals, but the way in which it is added is different. For instance, sauces are used to cook wet burritos, and then more sauce — any sauce — is poured on top of the baked dish before serving (usually green or red sauce).


In a nutshell, enchiladas and burritos couldn’t be more different from one another. For example, corn tortillas are often used to make enchiladas, but flour tortillas are typically used to make burritos. In addition, although most people eat burritos with their hands, enchiladas are normally eaten with a fork. Burritos are often wrapped in tortillas. A single burrito is equivalent to at least three enchiladas, in addition to the fact that burritos come in a variety of sizes.

While the ingredients of burritos and enchiladas vary just little from one another, such distinctions are what distinguish these two foods distinctive from one another. You can make burritos using wheat tortillas instead, if that’s what you want. Enchiladas cooked with maize, which are a popular meal in Mexico, are a fantastic option for those who are fond of this vegetable. It is also a role in determining whether you like to eat with forks or love food that you can hold in your hands.

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Which is better enchilada or burrito?

If you like wheat tortillas more, then you should get a burrito instead. You should order the enchiladas if you like corn, since it is the typical method that Mexican food is prepared. The choice between burrito sauce and enchilada sauce is often the deciding factor.

Is a wet burrito just an enchilada?

Wet Burritos VS Enchiladas

The fact that they are both wrapped tortilla meals that are covered with sauce makes them comparable to one another, yet there are important distinctions between the two. To begin, corn tortillas are often used to prepare enchiladas, while huge wheat tortillas are typically used to make wet burritos.

Which is bigger a burrito or enchilada?

Due to the use of smaller maize tortillas, enchiladas are often smaller in comparison to burritos in terms of their overall size. At Mexican restaurants, enchiladas are often served in orders of three, but a single big burrito may stand in for a whole dinner on its own.

What makes it an enchilada?

, from the Spanish word enchilada) is a traditional cuisine from Mexico that consists of a corn tortilla twisted around a filling and coated in a savory sauce. It is pronounced [entilada]. It is possible to stuff enchiladas with a wide variety of items, such as meats, cheese, beans, potatoes, veggies, or even mixtures of these. ˌɛntʃɪˈlɑːdə An enchilada (

Why don’t they sell burritos in Mexico?

While the burrito is popular in the United States and Northern Mexico, the rest of Mexico does not consider it to be a traditional dish from Mexico. In Southern Mexico, you will most likely only find them in touristic places since they were created specifically for the tastes of Americans who are infatuated with burritos.

What is a chimichanga vs burrito?

The chimichanga, on the other hand, is fried, which is the primary distinction between the two. In point of fact, the best way to explain a chimichanga is as a burrito that has been deep-fried. Chimichangas are said to have originated in Mexico when a burrito was accidentally placed into a deep fryer, producing the dish that is currently known as a chimichanga.

Is a burrito still a burrito without rice?

A burrito is made by rolling a heated tortilla over meats, beans, veggies, and sauces such as guacamole or salsa, and then wrapping the whole thing up. Rice is little more than a filler, and its use here is totally unneeded.

What is a true Mexican burrito?

Two thin flour tortillas are used in the preparation of authentic Mexican burritos, which are then stuffed with a variety of contents. Despite the fact that one’s burrito filling may be as inventive and one-of-a-kind as their imagination allows, the classic burrito filling consists of meat, veggies, and beans. On the other hand, rice and guacamole are two toppings that are often added.

What are skinny burritos called?

As you may have be aware, burrito literally translates to “Little Donkey.” I decided to call them Burriquitas since they are so little in size compared to traditional burritos. They are wonderful for gatherings, watching the big game on television, or playing poker with friends.

What is a giant burrito called?

Burritos from California

Burritos from California, also known as Cali burritos, are enormous and stuffed with a variety of ingredients, much like its namesake, the Mission burrito. On the other hand, they omit the beans and rice in favor of loading up on French fries, carne asada, guacamole, pico de gallo, and cheese instead.