How Do You De-Salt Salted Nuts? (Explained in detail for All Nuts!)

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While though nuts are normally quite nutritious and healthful on their own, this may alter rapidly when they are seasoned salted nuts usually taste lot better; nevertheless, this comes with certain drawbacks. As a result, you may be asking if you can remove the salt from them. And, believe it or not, there is a technique to do it, although imperfectly:

How do you de-salt salted nuts? To unsalt salted nuts, fill a basin with enough water to cover all of your nuts when you place them inside. Then, after a couple of hours, the water should have removed the great bulk of the salt. So now all you have to do is drain and dry the nuts, and you have successfully unsalted your salted nuts!

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Is it possible to remove the salt from salted nuts?

If you need to remove salt from your nuts for whatever reason, you must first recognize that this cannot be done completely, and no matter what you do with the nuts, some salt will always remain. Yet, there is a method for removing at least part of the salt from salted nuts.

To do so, place the nuts in a large enough basin and then cover them with water. If you wait long enough, the water will take out a lot of the salt from the nuts, which means you simply need to drain and dry them before you can use them!

How do you get the salt out of salted nuts?

As we said in the previous paragraph, removing salt from salted nuts is not difficult. Pour enough water into a basin to cover the nuts, then add the nuts. Next, cover the dish and let the nuts in the water for a couple of hours, stirring them vigorously every half hour or so.

After a time, the water should have washed away most of the salt, which is precisely what we wanted. As a result, just drain the nuts for a few minutes and then dry them, ideally in a drier machine, but an oven may also be used if you don’t have one.

How should salted peanuts be desalted?

Did you purchase any really salty peanuts? Don’t worry; there is a simple method to remove the extra salt from them. To desalt salted peanuts, first place them in a bowl and pour in enough water to cover them completely. Cover the bowl and wait for a few minutes.

Remove the peanuts from the dish after a few hours; now you simply need to drain the surplus water. Finally, either use a drying machine or an oven, or just wait a couple of hours, and your peanuts will be desalted!

How do you desalinate salted pistachios?

Do you know that pistachios do not taste salty on their own? Since it is so difficult to get a hold of them before they are salted, many individuals have never had the opportunity. You may, however, try removing the salt from your pistachios to make them taste more natural!

To unsalt salted pistachios, place them in a dish with enough water to cover them. After a few hours, the water should have removed the great bulk of the salt from the pistachios. As a result, all you have to do now is drain the nuts and they’re ready to eat.

Do you wish to go in the other direction? Discover how to salt unsalted nuts.

How do you de-salt almonds?

If you’re searching for a quick way to remove extra salt from almonds, consider this method. Just place the almonds in a tight paper bag and shake them well. Although while this will not remove the salt that has already penetrated the nuts, it will still perform a decent job of desalting almonds.

Commonly Asked Questions

Is it okay to wash salted peanuts for birds?

Sadly, you cannot wash salted peanuts for birds since it is just not feasible to remove all of the salt from the peanuts, and as we all know, if the birds take even a trace amount of salt, it will most certainly be detrimental to their health.


If the nuts you purchased are much too salty for you, don’t discard them; there is a reasonably easy and successful approach to remove the majority of the salt from them. All you have to do is soak the nuts in water for at least a few hours, and you’re done! This procedure may potentially be sped up by placing the nuts and water in an oven, but we don’t encourage it since it may ruin the final result.