Is it necessary to keep bitters refrigerated? (Explained!)

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Many people believe that all types of alcohol may be kept almost anywhere, which sounds sensible, right? Is this, however, the case? Let’s see how it goes with one of the less common types of alcohol:

Is it necessary to keep bitters refrigerated? Bitters do not need refrigeration since the alcohol serves as a natural sterilizer. Nonetheless, because of the chemical components it contains, it is normally suggested to refrigerate it after opening.

Nevertheless, to put it bluntly, if we really want to comprehend this subject, a more in-depth examination is definitely required.

So let us not spend any more time and simply get started!

Is it necessary to keep bitters refrigerated?

Bitters do not need to be refrigerated due to the alcohol content, and it is sufficient to keep them away from direct sunlight and heat. As a result, you may store them in the pantry, but remember that refrigerating them after opening is a good idea.

Is it necessary to keep orange bitters refrigerated?

No, orange bitters do not need to be refrigerated since the alcohol content functions as a sufficient natural sterilizer. But, placing them in the fridge after you’ve opened them may extend their lives a little.

Is it necessary to keep Swedish bitters refrigerated?

Moreover, unless we’re talking about the alcoholic kind, even Swedish bitters don’t need to be refrigerated. Nevertheless, non-alcoholic Swedish bitters are becoming increasingly popular, and they should be kept in the refrigerator.

Is it necessary to keep angostura bitters refrigerated?

No, angostura bitters do not need to be refrigerated since they contain a high concentration of alcohol, which automatically sterilizes them. As a result, refrigerating isn’t essential even after opening, however it won’t hurt.

Is it necessary to keep Fee Brothers Bitters refrigerated?

According to the producers, fee brother bitters do not need to be refrigerated, even after they have been opened. Nevertheless, as always, we suggest storing them in the fridge once opened to maintain them in the best condition possible.

How long do bitters keep in the refrigerator?

Bitters, as previously said, do not need to be refrigerated; nonetheless, keeping them in the refrigerator is still an option. If you do, keep in mind that bitters may be stored in the fridge for up to 10 years.

Can unopened bitters be kept at room temperature?

Yes, unopened bitters may be kept at room temperature since bitters contain a high concentration of alcohol, which works as a natural sterilizer. It implies that an unopened bottle of bitters will keep for a very long period, even if it is not kept in the fridge.

Is it necessary to refrigerate bitters once they have been opened?

And nothing changes when discussing an already opened bottle of bitters since, owing to the high alcohol content, bitters do not need to be refrigerated after opening. Yet, having said that, doing so is not a bad idea.

How can you keep bitters without refrigerating them?

Since that bitters do not need refrigeration, it should come as no surprise that the easiest method to keep them without refrigeration is to simply place them in your pantry. They’ll last a long time there, but more on that in the next response.

How long can bitters be kept at room temperature?

We’ve explained a hundred times that since bitters don’t need refrigeration, they may survive for a very long period outside of the fridge. But what time exactly does it imply? Bitters may be stored unrefrigerated for up to 10 years!

Is it okay to store bitters at room temperature?

Since bitters is an alcoholic beverage that does not need refrigeration, it is acceptable to store it at room temperature. Nevertheless, storing it in direct sunshine or heat is not recommended, so consider storing your bitters in the pantry, for example.

What happens if you leave bitters out at room temperature?

Bitters, as previously said, are one of the items that do not need refrigeration. As a result, it is obvious that leaving bitters unrefrigerated has no negative consequences.

How can you tell if your bitters have gone bad?

Even bitters ultimately become bad, albeit it takes a long time. So don’t panic; the only way to tell whether bitters have gone bad is to see if their color has deteriorated. If so, it’s time to throw the bitters.


Bitters, like many other alcoholic drinks, do not need refrigeration since they contain enough alcohol to be organically sterilized. As a result, even after opening, they do not need to be refrigerated, albeit doing so will not hurt them.

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Can bitters sit out?

As a result, most bitters have a shelf life equivalent to that of any spirit: indefinite. Chemical reactions and evaporation in the bottle, like other spirits, will ultimately begin to affect the flavor if you store the same bottle for a decade or longer, but none of this will harm you and the product will not degrade.

Do non-alcoholic bitters need to be refrigerated?

The simple, worry-free solution is to use alcohol-free bitters such as All The Bitter. Is it necessary to keep your bitters refrigerated? No way! Our bitters are shelf stable, however they should be stored in a cold, dark area to keep them fresh.

Can bitters be stored in a cool area?

Bitters may be preserved correctly in a cold, dark area for many years. Its taste, though, may begin to diminish with time, so utilize them within a year or two after purchase.

Are bitters chilled?

Bitters do not need to be refrigerated since they are exceedingly alcoholic, allowing them to be stored for an extended period of time. Bitters should always be kept upright, refrigerated, and in a dark place. Angostura bitters are one of the most popular bitters that may be used in cooking.

Do bitters go bad if not refrigerated?

Bitters, on the other hand, do not need to be refrigerated. Although though bitters include organic chemicals, the alcohol functions as a natural sterilizer and preservation agent. So you may keep it on your bar cart or in your liquor storage cabinets without concern.

Are bitters bad for your liver?

Bitters support the liver by assisting in toxin clearance and detoxification, coordinating sugar and fat metabolism, and aiding in the production of gallbladder-supporting hormones such as cholecystokinin (CCK).

Do people drink bitters straight?

They are a necessary component of many popular bar cocktails. Cocktail bitters are stronger in taste and more concentrated than digestive bitters. As a result, bartenders use cocktail bitters in minimal quantities in their drink recipes and never give them directly to consumers.

Why can bitters be sold in grocery stores?

Since less than half of the bottle contains real alcohol, most cocktail bitters are offered as non-alcoholic drinks in the United States. This permits them to be sold in supermarkets rather than liquor shops. They may even be sent to you in any state, unlike alcohol, which is only available in a few.

Do you have to be 21 to buy bitters?

Bitters are technically alcoholic, with an ABV ranging from 35% to 45%. Since they’re marketed in such tiny amounts and have such a powerful taste, most recipes call for only a dash or a few drops, making the total alcohol contribution insignificant and explaining why you don’t have to be 21 to purchase them.

How many drinks does a bottle of bitters last?

They are indestructible, making them an excellent investment.

A 750-ml bottle of liquor will provide around 12.5 drinks. You may create 150 cocktails using a 5-ounce bottle of bitters and two to three dashes apiece.