Is Nutella Beneficial for Losing Weight? (Myth debunked!)

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Nutella’s clever and relentless advertising succeeded to persuade (at least a portion of) the globe that its product is a nutritious snack that no morning should be without. It, however, cannot be far from the truth:

Is Nutella beneficial for losing weight? However, Nutella is not beneficial for weight reduction since it includes a lot of sugar and palm oil, which makes it quite heavy in calories. As a result, Nutella should be taken in moderation and, preferably, avoided entirely while attempting to reduce weight.

But because this was just a cursory response, let us now take a more in-depth look at this subject in order to really comprehend it.

Is Nutella beneficial for losing weight?

No, Nutella is not a diet food; on the contrary, Nutella is incredibly fattening. Unfortunately, because to the way the brand has presented itself for a long time, many people believe it is a healthy and nutritious snack; however, this couldn’t be farther from the reality.

What’s the deal with Nutella being beneficial for you?

The idea that Nutella is healthy came from Ferreros’ marketing to sell their product. They attempted to persuade consumers that Nutella is healthy since it includes hazelnuts.

The goal was to persuade people that since hazelnuts are nutritious, Nutella is as well, making it a healthy morning staple. But, as this whole post demonstrates, this cannot be far from the reality.

Is it okay to consume Nutella when on a diet?

Although you can eat Nutella while on a diet, you should try to avoid it if possible, so if you’re wanting it, a small amount won’t hurt, but eating four spoons of it in two minutes isn’t exactly the wisest thing you could do.

What are the advantages of consuming Nutella?

To be honest, there are no true health advantages to consuming Nutella. Nutella is only useful as a high-calorie source when individuals are trying to lose weight; otherwise, it is nothing more than a pleasant snack.

Is Nutella a ketogenic food?

No, Nutella is not a ketogenic food. Why? Since keto implies it includes no carbs, and Nutella, to be honest, is solely sugar. As a result, Nutella is the last thing you should consume when on the keto diet, and even a little amount of it might cause your ketosis to be reset.

Is Nutella rich in carbohydrates?

Absolutely, as previously said, Nutella is quite rich in carbohydrates due to its primary ingredient being sugar. As a result, despite its appearance as a nutritious spread, Nutella is an extremely fatty and harmful indulgence.

Is Nutella high in fat?

Yeah, Nutella is incredibly fatty since it includes a lot of sugar (as well as palm oil and chocolate). Nutella is also very rich in energy, making it as fattening as a spread can go.

Is Nutella as bad as peanut butter?

That is to say, Nutella is worse than peanut butter in almost every way. As a result, peanut butter is only healthier than Nutella if you are allergic to peanuts, since Nutella includes just hazelnuts.


Manufacturers of Nutella have somehow managed to persuade a large portion of the globe that their product is healthful; nevertheless, this is not the truth. While hazelnuts are healthy, Nutella contains very little of them and is mostly comprised of sugar, making it incredibly fattening.

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