Mexican Cuisine Beginning with the Letter B (Every Food Covered)

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Mexico’s cuisine is highly recognized for its vast range of distinct dishes and recipes. Moreover, Mexican cuisine is famous for its wide range of flavours and cultures, making it enticing.

Mexican food has a distinct and colorful look due to the many spices, herbs, and flavors that are used. There is little question that it is one of the most genuine cuisines due to its extensive pre-Hispanic heritage.

If you like eating, you will want to study and taste as much as you can about Mexican cuisine.

Therefore, first and foremost, let’s speak about all the Mexican delicacies that begin with the letter B!

Mexican cuisine beginning with the letter B

Let’s look at 10 Mexican cuisines that begin with the letter B! Continue reading to learn more about them.


Barbacoa is a unique and traditional Mexican dish made with beef, goat, or lamb. Traditional recipes call for dried chiles and spices to be gently cooked until soft. This filling may then be used to create tacos, burritos, and other dishes.

Bionico is a Mexican dessert that became popular in Guadalajara, Jalisco, in the early 1990s. Fruit is sliced into little cubes and drizzled with crema before being topped with oats, coconut, raisins, and honey. This dish may be made with nearly any variety of fruit. The most popular include papaya, cantaloupe, honeydew, strawberries, apples, bananas, and pineapple.

Birria Brirria is a classic Jalisco-style Mexican meal. Garlic, cumin, bay leaves, and thyme flavor the stew, which is cooked at a low temperature with chile pepper-based goat meat adobo. Unlike Barbacoa, which is cooked underground, Birria is cooked in a pot over a lengthy period of time.

Bistec Bistec a la Mexicana is a collection of basic and traditional beef meals made in many Mexican homes. This dish is served with warm tortillas and thin slices of beef in a fresh and tangy tomato sauce!

Biscochitos Biscochitos, also known as Bizcochitos from the Spanish term Bizcocho, are crisp butter biscuits scented with sugar, cinnamon, and anise. Traditionally, a fleur-de-lis, cross, star, or moon form is carved into the dough and rolled thin.

Bolillos are little, crusty white bread loaves with a soft inside. It is the most often offered bread as an accompaniment to Mexican dinners and is an essential component of Mexican cuisine.

Gitano’s Brazo The Spanish term for Swiss rolls is Braso de Gitano, which translates as Gypsy’s arm. Contrary to common assumption, the Swiss Roll was created in central European nations such as Germany and Hungary rather than Switzerland or Austria. While this dessert is seldom served at family dinners in Spain, it has become a popular option.

Burrito The burrito is a traditional Mexican and Tex-Mex dish made of a flour tortilla wrapped around fillings to create a sealed cylindrical shape. Tortillas are occasionally gently grilled or steamed to soften, making them more malleable, and enable them to stick together.

Percheron burro The burro perchern is a typical meal from the Mexican state of Sonora, specifically Hermosillo and Guaymas.

Buuelos Buuelos are delicious pastries made from fried dough that has been dusted with cinnamon sugar. Many Mexican houses serve them flattened into disks during Christmas and New Year’s. This dish has several variants throughout South America, but most homes serve it the same manner.

Mexican cuisine beginning with a distinct letter of the alphabet