Mexican Cuisine That Begins With An A (Every Food Covered)

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Mexican cuisine piques the curiosity of many people due to the variety of dishes and recipes available. Moreover, Mexican cuisine is recognized for its range of flavours and cultures, which makes it so appealing.

Mexican food has a distinct appearance due to its distinctive blend of spices, flavors, and brilliant colors. Mexican cuisine still maintains its extensive, pre-Hispanic heritage, making it one of the world’s most genuine cuisines.

If you share my enthusiasm for Mexican cuisine, you will want to learn and taste everything! So let’s start with all the Mexican foods that begin with the letter A!

Mexican cuisine beginning with the letter A

These are 28 Mexican foods that begin with the letter A! Let’s take a look at each of them and discover more about them!

Achiote Achiote is a spice and coloring ingredient derived from the seeds of the evergreen plant Bixa Orellana. By macerating the seeds in water, the pulp around them hardens into cakes, which may then be processed into colours. The dried seeds are crushed into spices or eaten whole. Achiote is a yellowing agent that is used in the production of chorizo, butter and margarine, cheese, and smoked salmon.

Paste of Achiote Achiote paste is used to add color and taste to Mexican and other cuisines. Annatto seeds, cumin, pepper, coriander, oregano, cloves, and garlic are used to make it. Moreover, as a sauce, marinade, or rub for beef, poultry, or fish, this paste imparts an earthy, somewhat sweet, and spicy taste.

Acitrn Acitrns’ pleasantly sweet taste and chewy consistency are blended with other items, paradoxically enhancing their qualities. It is used as a condiment in a variety of foods, both savory and sweet, and as confectionery on its own.

Adobo Adobo is a Mexican condiment or cooking sauce made with chilies, specifically Chipotle and Ancho chiles. It’s a dried Poblano chile after it’s become red. These sauces are used as marinades to give meals a smokey, spicy taste.

Pollo en adobo Adobo de Pollo is a rustic Mexican dish full of classic ingredients. This spicy chicken dish calls for three types of chilies, tomatoes, spices, and other ingredients.

Aguachile Aguachile is a Mexican ceviche that originated in Sinaloa. This traditional version is made with raw shrimp, cucumber, red onion, lime juice, and powdered chiles (typically serrano or jalapeƱo) in water.

Aguamiel Aguamiel is a sap obtained from the maguey plant in Mexico that is said to have medicinal effects.

Albondigas Albondigas are Mexican soups prepared with meatballs, green beans, onions, and chicken stock. They’ve always been a family favorite.

Alegra Alegria is a Mexican confection created mostly in Mexico City’s Xochimilco neighborhood using amaranth seeds and honey or sugar.

Alfajor It is a well-known dessert made of a soft shortbread biscuit packed with dulce de leche. Alfajor, a Mexican delicacy made entirely of coconut, is frequently tricolored.

Amaranto Amaranto has been regarded as one of the world’s superfoods, a delicacy rich in culture and nutrition that has a long history in Mexico. Amaranto tastes like a grain and has a nutty, almost malty flavor, although it is really a seed. Amaranto has a high protein content, comparable to quinoa.

Rana, Ancas Ancas de Rana, as the name suggests, is a dish prepared with frog legs. It is an extremely nutrient-dense meal that has nearly little fat, making it an ideal addition to a weight reduction diet.

Ancho chiles are dried poblano chiles that are a mainstay in Mexican cookery. In general, this versatile component serves as the foundation for a plethora of sauces and salsas. It’s also known as the broad chile in Spanish.

Antojitos An antojito is a cuisine item in Mexico that refers to numerous street snacks or appetizers. Typically, they are tiny, delicious nibbles served as an appetizer before the main event or as a snack with a few beverages.

Aporreadillo Aporreadillo or Aporreado is a traditional southern Mexican meal. This meal is created with beaten beef that has been salted, shredded, and then cooked with guajillo, Arbol, or serrano chili sauce with garlic and cilantro. There are dry, salted, and cecina beef and venison jerky alternatives. It works great with rice and beans for breakfast or supper. The Aporreadillo may be red or green depending on the color of the sauce.

Arrachera is a Mexican skirt steak eaten with tacos. It’s a thinly sliced skirt steak that’s been seasoned with a variety of spices. The taste of the marinade grows more intense as it matures. Preheat the grill or cook the tortillas in the microwave. You may top the Arrachera with onion, cilantro, spicy sauce, lettuce, cheese, and other ingredients.

Arroz with Tumbada The Veracruz coast’s Arroz a la Tumbada is associated with red rice cooked with fresh fish and seasoned with epazote leaves; it is an outstanding taste experience.

Amarillo Rice Arroz Amarillo, or yellow rice, is a popular side dish. The premise is the similar, despite minor differences: long-grain rice is steamed with aromatics such as onion and turmeric, annatto, or saffron to generate the trademark yellow hue.

Rice with Camarones Arroz with Camarones, often known as shrimp rice, is a traditional Mexican dish. Rice in a shrimp broth is cooked and mixed with shrimp, onion, pepper, tomato, garlic, cumin, and achiote.

Rice with egg Arroz with huevos, or rice with eggs, is a simple but tasty breakfast dish popular in Mexico. You may alter the quantity of hot pepper sauce depending on how spicy you want your day to be.

Arroz with Huevos Arroz with Leche is a rice pudding sweetened with condensed milk, evaporated milk, and cinnamon-flavored evaporated milk. This easy rice pudding dish is one of Mexico’s most popular.

Arroz with leche Arroz con lima is a traditional Mexican rice meal prepared with garlic, lemon juice, and lemon zest. The garlic cloves are removed once the rice has been cooked, and the ingredients are blended with the rice. Before serving, garnish the arroz con lima with cilantro.

Pollo on rice Arroz with pollo, or rice with chicken, is a popular Mexican dish. It is a traditional meal in Mexico and other regions of Latin America, made in a variety of ways, each distinctive to the nation in question.

negro arroz Arroz negro, or black rice, is a Mexican rice dish that gets its dark color from black bean broth. To produce the dark broth, cook black beans with onion and butter in water until tender. Garlic is sauteed with rice, and then bean soup, epazote, serrano pepper, and salt are added.

Poblano Rice Arroz Poblano, often known as poblano rice, is a popular winter comfort food that serves as a hearty side dish for vegetarian meals.

Rojo Arroz Arroz Rojo, often known as Mexican Red Rice, is a popular side dish in Mexico. Yet, while most individuals could offer Arroz Rojo with every meal, they find it difficult to prepare other side dishes.

Verde Rice The most popular variety of rice that goes well with Mexican meals is arroz verde! This rice dish is made with cilantro rice pilaf, poblano peppers, parsley, cilantro, onions, and garlic.

Asado Asado is a traditional Mexican stew prepared with braised pork and smokey seasonings. Try this simple pork roast recipe for a tasty Cinco de Mayo meal!

Mexican cuisine beginning with a distinct letter of the alphabet