Orange Chicken vs. Sesame Chicken: What Is the Difference?

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Both orange chicken and sesame chicken are considered to be classics of Asian fast food, and they are very comparable to one another in many respects. As a result, a lot of people believe that they are the same kind of food, however it isn’t entirely accurate.

So what is the difference between orange chicken and sesame chicken? The biggest difference between orange chicken and sesame chicken is that orange chicken is sweeter. Additionally, orange chicken is a classic of chinese cuisine, while sesame chicken belongs more to the japanese one.

But, this is just a quick response, and there are many more distinctions to be made between these two delicious dinners. What do you mean by that? Let’s find out!

Is orange chicken the same as sesame chicken?

Absolutely not; orange chicken and sesame chicken are two very different dishes. Orange chicken is a dish that originated in China and can be found on the menus of many Asian restaurants. For example, orange chicken has a strong association with the restaurant chain Panda Express.

On the other hand, sesame chicken is not a traditional dish in Chinese cuisine; rather, it is more at home in the cuisines of Japan and the United States.

What is the difference between orange and sesame chicken?

Yet, this is not the only difference between the two meals; also, the flavors are not the same. For instance, orange chicken is sweeter than sesame chicken, yet sesame chicken has a higher salt content.

As a general rule, the chicken itself has a more robust taste in it, which is one reason why some people would choose it over the sesame chicken.

One further significant distinction between orange chicken and sesame chicken is the origin of the orange chicken: it is prepared in China. On the other hand, chicken with sesame seeds is a dish that is most closely associated with the United States and Japan.

What is the connection between orange chicken and sesame chicken?

Although the distinctions that were just discussed, orange chicken and sesame chicken are still pretty comparable meals that have a few things in common with one another.

They both focus mostly on the well-known Asian-style crispy chicken, which is most likely the factor that contributes to the success of both establishments. They also have some similarity to the well-known spicy-sweet flavor, despite the fact that

How does sesame chicken taste?

Sesame chicken does actually have a strong sesame taste, which is attributable to the use of sesame seeds and sesame oil in the preparation of this well-known dish. The name of this dish is not a coincidence.

Nevertheless, garlic and soy sauce also play a part in this dish, as does the chicken with crispy breading, despite the fact that the flavor of the chicken tends to blend in with the flavors of the other components more often than in orange chicken.

How does orange chicken taste?

Orange chicken, as we discussed in the previous paragraph, has a taste that is quite reminiscent of fried, crispy chicken, but the sweetness dominates the whole experience. This is because of the orange juice, which is also responsible for giving the dish its name.

Is orange chicken superior than sesame?

It is difficult to define which one has a superior flavor since both of them are just amazing, and the decision relies solely and entirely on the individual’s sense of taste. Hence, the answer is no; sesame chicken is superior than orange chicken.

On the other hand, if you are primarily interested in a bitter flavor, you will most likely find that orange chicken is more to your liking than sesame chicken.


Both orange chicken and sesame chicken are very well-known dishes that can be found on the menus of several Asian restaurants all over the globe. Yet despite the fact that they have certain similarities, they are not the same thing at all.

Orange chicken has a highly sweet and fried flavor, and it is a traditional dish from the Chinese culinary tradition. You can find orange chicken on the menus of many Asian restaurants, including Panda Express, which came close to making it its own brand.

On the other hand, chicken with sesame has a more subtle flavor than the sesame, and whether you like to believe it or not, it’s not originally from China. Instead, it is considered a culinary staple in both Japan and the United States.

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What is orange chicken vs sesame chicken vs General Tso?

Orange chicken is… Orangey. A typical serving of sesame chicken has a salty flavor with a touch of sweetness and is topped with sesame seeds. At most restaurants, general tso’s is served with vegetables like broccoli and carrots and has a little more sweet flavor overall. The brown sauce that is traditionally served with sesame chicken is often more red in color than the sauce that is used in this recipe.

What’s the difference between orange chicken and honey chicken?

pieces of thigh meat On the other hand, what differentiates them is the sauce. Orange Chicken has a flavor that is unmistakably citrusy, and the addition of red pepper flakes gives it a hint of heat. On the other hand, the Honey Chicken is more on the sweeter side and has undertones of ginger and garlic in it. They begin in the same manner, with the breast being breaded and fried.

Does orange chicken contain sesame?

The original Panda Express orange chicken recipe doesn’t call for sesame seeds or green onion, but I always include them since I think they provide a nice touch of taste and color. These two components are by no means required, since the meal is quite enjoyable without them. Thus, if you want to recreate the same dish that is served at Panda Express, leave off these two components.

What is another name for sesame chicken?

There is no such thing as sesame chicken in China, which is chicken that has been breaded and then covered in a sweet sauce before being sprinkled with sesame seeds. On the other hand, there is a cuisine known as la zi ji that has a lot of the same taste qualities. Chicken breasts cooked in peppercorns, toasted sesame oil, and chilies are the primary ingredients of the traditional Sichuan meal known as la zi ji.

Is General Tso and Szechuan the same?

What sets chicken prepared in the style of Szechuan cuisine different from chicken prepared in the style of General Tso? Chicken prepared in the style of Szechuan is said to have a spicier flavor than chicken prepared in the style of General Tso and includes Sichuan peppercorns. Deep frying, as opposed to pan frying, is used to cook the chicken in General Tso’s chicken, and the batter used on the chicken is thicker.

What is General Tso Chicken also called?

The dish known across the globe as “General Tso’s” (or “Zuo’s”) chicken is really of Hunanese origin.

Is sesame chicken the same as General Tso?

The primary difference between ordinary tso chicken and sesame chicken is that the former is prepared with a spicier sauce and uses both chicken breast and thighs, while the latter is sweeter and uses only chicken thighs. Both dishes are made using chicken.

Which is better General Tso or orange chicken?

We are able to vary the flavor of the sauce based on the components that go into it. The chicken prepared in the orange sauce will have a taste that is both sweet and savory, while the chicken prepared in the general Tso’s sauce will have a flavor that is less spicy and more savory.

What does sesame chicken taste like?

Chicken with sesame sauce is a dish that is often offered in a wide variety of Chinese restaurants in the United States and Canada. The flavor of the chicken based on Chinese cuisine is sweet rather than spicy, and the dish is comparable to General Tso’s chicken in appearance.

What is another name for orange chicken?

This specific meal is often referred to as “orange chicken,” “orange peel chicken,” “orange-flavored chicken,” and “tangerine chicken” in the majority of nations located in the western hemisphere. All of these titles are derived from the citrus fruit orange. It’s possible that the “tangerine chicken” meal that’s popular in Hunan region in China was the inspiration for this dish.