Red Spots on Chicken: Is That Safe? (And What to Do)

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If you often shop at supermarkets and grocery shops for chicken, you’ve probably noticed that these establishments always sell clean pieces of raw chicken that are intended for cooking. Nevertheless, if you look closely at raw chicken, you could see some red spots on it. This is cause for concern. So, if you come across anything like this, you may worry whether it’s okay to prepare and consume after being cooked. So, you may ask:

If there are red spots on chicken, is that safe? In general, red spots on chicken are blood spots, and they usually occur when the chicken is poorly handled and processed. So while it may seem unsafe, you can eat it as long as you cook it properly. 

The crimson spots that appear on chickens are really remnants of blood that either trapped or discharged after the birds were killed. So, it is possible for this to occur if the chicken is not well cleaned or if the flesh is not properly preserved.

You will have a deeper understanding of the red spots that occur on our chicken flesh as well as the factors that contribute to their development by reading this article. In this manner, you will be able to acquire an idea of how to deal with the situation and prepare the chicken so that it will be safe even if it has red spots on certain of its body parts.

Let’s get down to business without further ado, shall we?

What causes red dots on chicken?

Blood spots may be seen on the chicken in the form of red spots. Spots like this could look concerning, and in most cases, they appear on chicken flesh as a result of improper treatment and improper development of the birds.

The presence of mites, fleas, lice, or ticks on a live chicken may be an indication that the chicken is infested with another kind of parasite. Now, if you just notice red spots on chicken flesh, those are blood spots, and the chicken, if it has been properly cooked, is safe to consume.

What causes raw chicken to develop red marks?

There are a few different reasons why raw chicken sometimes has red stains on it. One possible cause is that the chicken wasn’t properly chilled before consumption. On the other side, it can be an indication that the chicken flesh was not handled properly.

In general, air cooling raw chicken might accentuate any skin flaws that may be present. As a consequence of this, red markings are more easily seen on the raw chicken. But, these markings are quite harmless, and you do not need to be concerned about them after the chicken has been cooked correctly.

On the other hand, if the raw chicken is handled improperly, it may develop red stains on its surface. It’s possible for the chicken to have red spots if the butchering and storing processes aren’t carried out correctly. It could seem like it lowers the quality, but if you prepare it correctly, that impression will go away.

Chicken thighs with red dots

What are red spots on chicken thighs? The red spots on chicken thighs are caused by blood that should have drained at the packaging plant. Therefore, these spots were caused by poor handling after you butchered the chicken.

Are red spots on chicken thighs bad? The red spots on chicken thighs are not bad, and you can do something about it.

Since these are blood spots, you may remove them off the chicken by submerging it for two minutes in water that has been brought to a boil. The blood that is on the surface may be removed in this manner, and the red spots will likewise go as a result.

Due to the fact that they are only blood spots, you are free to continue eating and enjoying your chicken thighs as normal. But, you need to make certain that it is cooked correctly up until it reaches the correct temperature on the inside.

Chicken legs with red dots

What are red spots on chicken legs? Those red spots on chicken legs are blood spots. Spots like these are often caused by poor handling and growth of chickens, and they usually occur on chicken legs.

Are red spots on chicken legs bad? The red spots on chicken legs are not bad, and you can take care of them once you cook them properly.

If you run the chicken under water that is boiling hot for a few minutes, you will be able to remove any blood stains that may be on it. It is possible to remove the blood off the surface, and doing so will result in the patches of red disappearing as well.

You are safe to continue eating the chicken thighs, despite the fact that they have blood stains on them. But, you must ensure that it is cooked correctly until the required temperature is achieved within the chicken legs.

Chicken breast with red dots

What are red spots on the chicken breast? A red spot on the chicken breast, also known as a blood spot, occurs when the chicken meat has been handled or butchered incorrectly. It can also happen, especially when the meat is undercooked. Although you can get rid of it, it’s not something you must worry about since you can get rid of it.

Are red spots on chicken breast bad? Although they are rare, red spots on chicken breasts are not a bad thing. However, it would be prudent to cook your chicken thoroughly if there are red spots on your chicken breasts. By doing so, you will enjoy eating the chicken without any problems.

Chicken wings with red dots

What are red spots on chicken wings? If you see red spots on your chicken wings, these are blood spots, and you can deal with it by blanching your chicken wings. Such spots come from improper or poor handling, but it’s still safe to eat if you cook it properly.

Are red spots on chicken wings bad? No, red spots on chicken wings are not bad, although it means they are not correctly handled. Still, since chicken wings have tiny amounts of meat, you can easily take them out by blanching for a couple of minutes. Then, once it’s finished, you can cook the chicken according to your preference, and it’s completely safe to eat.


In a nutshell, the red spots on chicken are known as blood spots, and the presence of these spots is an indication that the bird was handled or processed incorrectly. As long as it is correctly prepared, you should be able to consume it even if it could give the impression of being unhealthy.

The blood that either lodged or expelled during the slaughtering process is the only thing responsible for the red spots that can be seen on the bird. As a consequence of this, it is possible for it to take place when the chicken has not been properly cleaned, or when the flesh has not been properly kept.

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