Rhubarb pie

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For most of us, eating rhubarb on its own is not an option, therefore you must come up with some unique recipes to employ it in. Fortunately, we can do that for you; just follow this really easy and fast recipe, and you’ll have a delicious supper in less than 25 minutes.

Preparation time: ten minutes

Cooking time: 10 minutes

  • 4 cups (1000ml) of organic chopped rhubarb
  • 1/4 cup (62.5 ml) of organic cane sugar
  1. In a pot, mix the rhubarb and the sugar.
  2. Cook it for 10 minutes until it turn into puree. And that’s it!
  3. Really quick and easy. It’s not worth buying it!

Like I normally do, I invited my readers to participate by telling me what they thought about my recipes and offering me some advice. What are their thoughts on this one? Do they enjoy it, and did it make someone essential to them happy? Does it save them any time? Simply put, what do our readers think of this recipe? It’s finally here:

I made this dish for my mother’s birthday, and she loved it! I’ve been hunting for a recipe like this for quite some time. I’ll certainly make it again.

This is one of the easiest meals I’ve ever made, yet it’s really yummy and amazing! My kids had a great time!

I saw the recipe on Facebook and decided to make it for my husband’s birthday today. That was excellent, and he devoured it!!! Dana, thank you!

I made this for my hubby for Valentine’s Day, and he really liked it! Thank you very much!

This dish was a hit with us. It was a big hit with our family. Thank you very much.

Thank you so much for sharing this delicious recipe. My kid particularly like the flavor.

This was fantastic! I used strawberries instead of ricotta and feta instead of ricotta. Thanks for the recipe to use up the last of the rhubarb!

This is very great!!!! I cooked it on Wednesday for my husband’s birthday, and I had to have my first thing Thursday morning, which was no issue since I had previously portioned some out to take with me on our lunch break at work.

This is one of the greatest dishes I’ve ever tried. It’s simple to create and makes me glad to eat this delicious food.

Thank you so much for this delicious dish! I prepared it for my boyfriend’s birthday last Friday, and he absolutely loved it!!

I’d like to thank Dana for her fantastic recipes. They’re all simple to make and tasty!

This was fantastic! I created it for my hubby on Valentine’s Day. Thank you very much!

4 cup more rhubarb) but otherwise followed the recipe precisely as written. That was delicious! And thanks again, Dana, for another fantastic dish. The only thing I changed was that I added 1

And one more thing before I say good-by to everyone: You’re 1000, no 1 000 000, no 1 000 000 000 times more great, pleasant, and fantastic than any of the recipes on this page. I adore you, I adore you all!