The syrup made from onions

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Maybe my kid is unusual, but she likes onion syrup, not only because I tell her it’s beneficial for her, but because she likes the flavor (at least I think, huh). And because I do, I guess I’ll share this fast recipe with you.

Time to prepare: 5 minutes

Time spent waiting: 3-4 hours or more

3 cup of syrup. The quantity of syrup you use will depend on how juicy your onions are. I got 1

  • 1 organic onion
  • Organic honey (for example buckwheat honey)
  1. Thinly slice your onion.
  2. Place your slices in a dish and cover them with honey.
  3. Set it aside for a few hour then press the excess of juice from your onion.

Like I normally do, I invited my readers to participate by telling me what they thought about my recipes and offering me some advice. What are their thoughts on this one? Do they enjoy it, and did it make someone essential to them happy? Does it save them any time? Simply put, what do our readers think of this recipe? It’s finally here:

You’ve made me hungry! I like your recipes and must confess that I’d want to attempt this one. I’ll print it and use it when we move to the country this summer (were planning on living in a van). Since my husband dislikes vinegar, I normally create onion syrup to use in vinaigrette dressing. But, your recipe seems to be really simple and fast! Thank you for your contribution.

This was my first time cooking it, and it was delicious. I used juicy red delicious and golden delicious apples, and my version has a stronger taste than previous versions. Next time, I’d want to try some other kinds of apples. The only thing I modified was that after boiling the onions, I strained them to eliminate any additional honey that had poured from of them rather than leaving them in the pan where it had trickled down. It smelled lovely in my home for hours.

Since my husband dislikes vinegar, I use onion syrup for vinaigrette dressing on salads or as a sauce for pork or chicken.

I usually make onion syrup using onions from my garden since they are really juicy (yeah!). Needless to say, it’s fantastic!

This dish is fantastic.

I believe this is a simple meal that can be prepared fast. It also makes an excellent present.

I’ve made this dish numerous times and have never been disappointed with the flavor. I’ve even given it as a present to onion-loving friends.

It’s really simple to prepare and packed with flavor. I’ve cooked it a couple times now and it’s very fantastic.

I sprinkle it on top of our bread loaf when I bake it for a wonderful treat. delicious!

This was delicious, however I wouldn’t quantify how much I put in since the sweetness of the onion changes.

And one more thing before I say good-by to everyone: You’re 1000, no 1 000 000, no 1 000 000 000 times more great, pleasant, and fantastic than any of the recipes on this page. I adore you, I adore you all!


What does onion syrup do?

Onions have been used as a home treatment for coughs and colds for millennia. Irritated throats may be soothed by drinking onion juice or preparing your own onion syrup. Sulfuric chemicals that reduce inflammation also aid to reduce mucus and function as a natural expectorant.

How does onion syrup help a cold?

As previously stated, onions contain sulfur compounds that aid in the battle against mucus and the ejection of mucus from your airways. Onion is one of the most potent natural medicines, capable of fighting both viral and bacterial infections and alleviating sore throat symptoms.

Does onion help stop coughing?

Because of its phlegm-removing qualities, raw onion is an effective cough medication. Since onion has the capacity to lower the viscosity, or thickness, of mucus, enabling it to be removed more readily, it is an excellent home cure for cough.

How often should I take onion syrup?

This onion syrup is typically used as a cough medication for children. Just administer a tablespoon as required to relieve coughing (1-2 spoonfuls per hour, if needed).

What is the best syrup for Covid?

Take guaifenesin-containing drugs such as Robitussin, Mucinex, and Vicks 44E to keep you awake. Coughing is beneficial because it removes mucus from the lungs and aids in the prevention of bacterial infections. Individuals suffering from asthma and other lung ailments must cough.

What does onion do for lungs?

Onion contains compounds that seem to alleviate edema and tightness in the lungs caused by asthma. It also includes compounds that seem to decrease cholesterol and blood sugar. Onion is used to reduce scarring.

What are the side effects of drinking onion juice?

When used as a medication, onion may delay blood coagulation and raise the risk of bleeding. Onion may help to reduce blood sugar levels. Diabetes sufferers should avoid eating too many onions. Before and after surgical operations, onions may increase the risk of bleeding or interfere with blood sugar regulation.

What are the benefits of drinking boiled onion water?

“They provide vitamin C, which is widely recognized to maintain a healthy immune system, which is vital for fighting off a virus or illness,” Tamburello explains. Onions are also rich in potassium, a mineral and electrolyte that aids in fluid balance, muscular function, and heart rhythm regulation.

Do onions help with stuffy nose?

Deodorize With Onion

“An onion is great for stuffy noises,” says doctor Lauren Feder, MD, author of Natural Baby & Childcare. “The onion’s sulfur component pushes out mucous and fluids in the body.

How long does onion syrup last?

Onion syrup has a delicate flavor and is easily tolerated by youngsters, particularly red onion. It may be kept in a cool area for up to a week and slightly longer if refrigerated.