What Is the Appeal of Nutella? (All You Need to Know)

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Did you know that Nutella has its own day? On February 5, 2007, an American blogger called Sara Rosso declared International Nutella Day, indicating that Nutella is a legend. But why is this so? Let us investigate!

What is the appeal of Nutella? Besides than its irresistible flavor, the major reason Nutella is so famous is its marketing. Despite the fact that Nutella is a relatively unhealthy snack, its marketers have managed to persuade many people that it is a healthy and nutritious morning staple.

So, to put it short, let us now take a closer look, shall we?

What makes Nutella so delicious and addictive?

Numerous factors contribute to Nutella’s popularity. The high sugar and fat content is one of the key reasons Nutella is so delicious and addicting. Another key consideration is that Nutella includes chocolate, which has a variety of addictive chemicals such as tryptophan.

Apart from the factors described above that make Nutella addictive, there are several additional reasons why Nutella is popular across the globe. To be honest, the major reason Nutella got successful was because of its marketing.

One of the things Nutella accomplished in its marketing was to make Nutella seem to be an essential element of morning. Nutella seeks to capitalize on the fact that their product includes nuts (despite the fact that it is mostly sugar): nuts are healthful, thus Nutella must be as well.

It’s difficult to pinpoint precisely when Nutella became famous since it was a gradual process. But, roughly speaking, Nutella’s first significant surge in popularity occurred in the early 1980s.

Nutella became famous in the United States about 1982, and its popularity quickly expanded across the rest of the globe; however, more on that in the following paragraphs.

Yeah, Nutella is well-known around the globe. Because to its popularity, the OECD featured Nutella as a case study in one of its studies. According to that research, Nutella is sold in 75 countries throughout the globe, and these figures are from 2013, so the number is most certainly considerably higher currently.


There are two primary reasons Nutella is so famous across the world. First, Nutella has an incredibly addicting flavor, owing mostly to its high sugar content. Nevertheless, this would not enough.

The most important aspect of Nutella’s global success is clearly the way this brand promotes itself. Because of its clever and relentless marketing, many people assume Nutella is a healthy and nutritious spread rather than a junk food snack. As a consequence, Nutella has become as successful as it is.

Nutella is now available in over 75 countries throughout the globe, and it is undeniable that it is the world’s most popular hazelnut spread.

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