What Is the Reason for the High Cost of King Crab? (Explaining the Top 4 Reasons)

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King crabs are an unique kind of seafood that we come across on sometimes. It’s not something you’ll constantly find at supermarkets and marketplaces. It’s also not something you’ll constantly find at restaurants. Another issue is that they may be rather costly. Thus, you may be wondering:

Why is king crab so pricey? Since king crabs are in short supply, they are pricey. Moreover, these crabs require many years to develop and can only be found in frigid regions. As a consequence, the harvest is dangerous and labor-intensive, and delivery to customers is lengthy.

King crabs are recognized for their huge proportions and delicious tastes that need little preparation when cooked. As a result, they are often relished with just a little amount of ingredient and are best served fresh. But, if you want to have this experience, you may ask why they are so pricey and if these crabs are worth purchasing.

This post will discuss the top four reasons why king crabs are so pricey. This manner, you can assess the worth of these crabs and if they are worth include in your budget.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Is king crab pricey?

Certainly, king crab is pricey. King crabs are among the most costly kind of seafood. They are so costly that a pound might cost between $50 and $60. Another consideration is that king crabs may grow to reach 6-10 pounds, implying that a single crab can cost up to $500.

Why is king crab so pricey?

If you’re wondering why king crabs are so pricey, consider the following four factors. Then continue reading to find out what makes these crabs so valuable and expensive.

Limited Supply

The first reason these king crabs are so pricey is their scarcity. In general, king crabs can only be found in certain localities or regions. They thrive in frigid conditions in particular.

Since there are limited areas where they can be grown, there is no opportunity to expand king crab farming, resulting in dramatically higher prices as demand grows.

Maturity Through Time

Apart from the exact place where the king crabs reside, it also takes many years for these crabs to grow and be ready for collection.

Each crab, in particular, must be at least 7-9 years old before it may be collected. The extended maturation period contributes to the high price of king crabs.

Labor-intensive and potentially hazardous processing

Another thing to consider is that the farmer faces several risks while gathering these crabs.

These crabs, for example, reside in deep and frigid seas, making them difficult to catch. Also, no one can survive these waters for long periods of time, thus they cannot acquire a lot.

Moreover, king crabs are risky to get since they may chop off fingers if not handled carefully.

In sum, the work and hazards involved in obtaining these crabs justify the premium price.

Shipping Time

King crabs are best served and relished while they are fresh, which is another issue. Since their surroundings are frigid, the extended hours of journey need the use of particular preservation processes to keep each crab fresh and tasty.

In summary, it takes a lot of work to keep these crabs at their peak until they are served to customers.

What is the price of king crab?

King crabs often cost $50-$60 per pound. Most of these crabs are sold by the leg since they may be rather pricey and large when purchased whole.

For instance, a king crab may weigh approximately six to eight pounds, which implies a single crab can cost over $300 to $500.

The usual serving size for king crabs is now one to two pounds, which indicates that one whole crab may feed two to three people.

Is it worthwhile to spend money on king crab?

It all depends on your preferences and money. But, king crabs are worth trying if you want to celebrate or enjoy a particular event. King crabs are noted for their sweet and mild taste, which calls to mind lobster.

The meat, which consists of huge and tender portions, may cost more than $47 per pound. It all comes down to your budget now. If you have one extra, it is definitely worthwhile. If money is an issue, there are always other seafood options.

King crab is so popular because it is not often seen in restaurants or supermarkets. Moreover, the flesh of these crabs has a distinct taste that you will undoubtedly like.

Moreover, many individuals prefer these crabs since their flesh is lean, rich in protein, and low in fat and calories. In sum, even individuals who are concerned about what they eat may enjoy these crabs guilt-free.

Why are king crab legs so costly?

King crab legs are so pricey because they have the biggest amounts of flesh in a king crab. With large king crabs, each leg may weigh a pound. As a result, most king crabs are sold by the leg and weighed in pounds to determine the price.

Why does king crab cost more than snow crab?

King crab is more costly than snow crab because it is uncommon, large, has a restricted harvesting season, and is in short supply.

Snow crabs, on the other hand, are less expensive since there is a bigger supply and the collecting is less labor-intensive and dangerous.

Of course, snow crabs are still pricey when compared to other types of seafood. But, if you must select between the two, snow crabs will save you more money than king crabs.


In a nutshell, king crabs are incredibly pricey due to their scarcity. Moreover, they can only grow in frigid conditions and take many years to develop. As a result, gathering and delivering these items would be dangerous and labor-intensive.

King crabs are famous for their big size and delicious tastes that don’t need any preparation. As a consequence, they are typically eaten with little seasonings and are best appreciated fresh. If you wish to have this experience, you may be wondering why these crabs are so pricey and if they are worth purchasing. We hope this information has helped you determine if king crabs are a good investment for you.

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