What’s the Deal with Macadamia Nuts? (Explaining the Top 3 Reasons)

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If you like nuts, one of the things you should do is try different types of nuts. But, when you go further into the realm of nuts, you will come across some of the most costly, with macadamia nuts topping the list. Hence, you could wonder:

Why are macadamia nuts so costly? The major reason macadamia nuts are so costly is that they are in little supply and take a long time to develop and yield nuts. Another reason is that these nuts are difficult to shell, making them labor-intensive and so valuable.

Although there are various nuts available as replacements, you will always sense a difference while eating macadamia since they are filled with distinct tastes. As a result, if you’re inquisitive about their worth, knowing why they’re so expensive is critical.

This article will provide an in-depth analysis of macadamia nuts and their pricing. This manner, you can determine their worth and choose if they are worthwhile to purchase based on your preferences and requirements.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

How much do macadamia nuts cost?

Certainly, macadamia nuts are pricey. These nuts are often among the most costly in the world.

A pound of macadamia nuts may cost up to $25. These nuts originated in Australia’s northeastern region. Moreover, it normally takes seven to 10 years for them to develop and yield nuts.

Apart from the lengthy years of maturation and climatic sensitivity, macadamia nuts have additional variables that boost their price.

Why are macadamia nuts so costly?

These are some of the reasons behind the high price of macadamia nuts. You should continue reading to see if you believe these nuts are worthwhile for you.

Limited Supply

One of the primary reasons macadamia nuts are so costly is their scarcity.

Since macadamias grow on trees, they take longer to harvest than other nuts. Trees might take years to yield nuts after being planted.

The macadamia tree may develop in three to seven years, depending on the clone or hybrid. Farmers must thus properly care for these trees if they want to get a return on their investment.

Additionally, macadamia trees can only grow in a limited number of locations or agro-ecologies where the circumstances are ideal.

Only nations or places with high heights, regular rainfall, and moderate temperatures can support macadamia trees.

Regrettably, these areas are valuable agriculturally and are utilized to grow avocados, tropical fruits, and coffee. Moreover, real estate and tourism raise the value of land in these areas.

As a result, macadamia fights for space, and tree nuts are delayed. Because of these conditions, land for macadamias is limited, giving them a high value along the route.

Long processing times and issues

Another element that adds to the high price of macadamia nuts is the shelling procedure. According to legend, macadamia nuts are difficult to break and are processed in a factory environment.

Before shelling kernels, a region must invest in the essential infrastructure. Yet, because to the high starting point, many small farmers in poor nations are already out of the race.

Premature harvesting and erroneous or poor shelling are two more concerns that arise during the shelling process.

Farmers collect nuts before they have formed their great oil, so they harvest them while they are still developing.

If done poorly, shelling might harm the Macadamia kernel. Just about half of the shelled macadamia kernels are intact. The remaining parts are half-broken.

It is not unexpected that entire shelled macadamia nuts are highly prized owing to their high investment prices, farmers guessing games, and nuts being stolen in the line of duty.

Further Markets

Since macadamia processing companies can only produce a limited amount of kernels, there is a secondary market in East Asia.

Raw macadamia nuts are sold untreated in this nut in shell market after being sawn in the shell and boiled in salted water for a snack.

The availability of macadamia Nuts on the shelled market is limited, driving up the price of this commodity.

Since it is difficult to determine the maturity of a macadamia kernel before shelling, initiatives have been made to choose the biggest macadamia for the NIS market.

Lower-quality nuts are being pushed down the supply chain for processed kernels, raising the cost of grading, shelling, and sorting.

Over 20% of Kenya’s NIS is illegally exported, posing a major danger to farmers’ livelihoods since the extra value associated with shelling is less likely to be realized.

How much are macadamia nuts?

The Macadamia nut is the most costly nut in the world. A pound of macadamia nuts costs around $25, about double the price of almonds, and they have been smashing price records for years. Of course, you may reduce those rates by purchasing in bulk, however this is not ideal unless you want a large quantity of macadamia nuts.

Are macadamia nuts expensive?

That is all up to you. Macadamia nuts are usually recognized as delectable dessert nuts due to their buttery, creamy taste. As a result, these nuts are often imported into countries such as China and the United States.

If individuals are prepared to pay a high price for such nuts, it is undeniably worth it.

Yet, it all comes down to personal opinion, as some individuals may like to purchase macadamia nuts while others prefer to go for cheaper alternatives.

One of the reasons macadamia nuts are becoming more popular is their high fat content.

Macadamia nuts are the most fat-rich of all nuts, with 20.9 grams of fat per pound, which is why they were formerly considered harmful by many people.

According to study, macadamia nuts are healthier and more nutritious than other choices.


In a nutshell, macadamia nuts are so costly because there are so few of them and the trees take so long to grow. Another factor is that it is difficult to shell out these nuts, which boosts their worth.

Despite the fact that other nuts may be substituted, macadamia nuts will always taste different due to their distinct flavor. As a result, if you want to know how much they are worth, you must first understand why they are so costly. We hope this essay has helped you understand the worth or value of macadamia nuts.

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