Why are avocados so pricey? (Explaining the Top 3 Reasons)

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Avocados are one of the fruits we eat on a regular basis. Many people eat it for breakfast, and it’s also becoming popular as an ingredient in salads and other cuisines. You may have noticed that avocados are rather pricey, particularly if you purchase them often. Hence, you could wonder:

Why are avocados so pricey? For starters, avocados are so pricey because they need a lot of water to develop and only flourish in certain places. Another concern is that avocados may deteriorate if incorrectly delivered. It also takes time to develop, and the fruits they yield vary from year to year.

Despite their high price, avocados are nevertheless widely available. Yet, as a budget-conscious shopper, you may want to know whether you’re getting excellent value for your money, particularly when purchasing avocados.

We’ll go through the top three reasons why avocados are so pricey in this post. You can assess its worth and establish if you’re getting excellent value for money based on your tastes and requirements.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Are avocados pricey?

Certainly, avocados are pricey since the price has skyrocketed in recent years. For example, its price has risen by around 40% in the past year. As a result, avocados are more costly than in past years.

Why are avocados so pricey?

The top three reasons why avocados are so costly are listed below. Here, you may learn why avocados can be so pricey and decide if they are worth your money.

Avocados need a lot of water.

The first reason avocados are pricey is because they need a lot of water to thrive. A tree, for example, requires around 80 liters of water to produce one kg of avocados.

To summarize, an avocado tree that produces hundreds of kilograms of fruit requires thousands of liters of water. As a result, they can only grow and yield fruit in locations with enough of rain and water.

Because of this, avocado trees provide excellent flood protection. Yet, it is also responsible for frequent droughts in the neighboring regions where they flourish.

Avocados can only be grown in certain places.

Avocado trees, as previously said, do not grow anyplace. As a result of the restricted area in which avocados may grow, they are shipped to the majority of nations and regions.

Most avocado producers will evaluate the possibility of avocados spoiling while transportation. As a result, most avocado shipment or transportation requires early harvesting while the fruits are still immature.

If avocados are only sent when they are ripe, they will deteriorate or go bad in transit.

Another consideration is that unripe avocados for shipment need sun protection. Given all of these resources and need, the price of avocados, particularly imported avocados, may rise.

Avocados take a long time to mature.

Avocado trees are slow to yield fruit. Most avocado trees that grow from seeds require between 5 and 13 years to maturity. Only when the trees reach maturity will they begin to bloom and yield fruit.

In summary, producers devote a significant amount of effort to growing and caring for avocado trees until they give fruit. As a consequence, they charge a premium price to compensate for the farmers’ original investment.

Apart from taking a long time to develop and mature, some ripe avocados yield fruit at random. This implies that the fruits produced by these trees are not constant year after year.

A tree, for example, may produce a great yield one year but a modest crop the next year. The supply of avocados is determined by such inconsistency. As a result, a little harvest equals a reduced supply and a higher price.

What is the price of an avocado?

Avocados often cost between $1 and $1.5 per piece. The price now depends on where you acquire your avocado and the sort of avocado available.

You can save more money by purchasing avocados in bulk, but you will not spend too much on avocados since they are not that costly, considering that a full avocado can already create two to three meals.

Are avocados a good investment?

Yeah, avocados are expensive. Despite their expensive price, avocados are abundant in nutrients and provide several health advantages to their customers. As a result, it is a wonderful and healthful dish for everyone, even those on special diets.

Although avocados are pricey, they are not so expensive that they will break your bank. Avocado is a food that is well worth the money because of its nutrients and health advantages.

Avocados are becoming more popular as a healthy staple and as a component of many cuisines. Avocados are popular as a morning food for many people. It’s also popular as an ingredient or component in a variety of recipes and cuisines.

As a result, the value of avocados is high, which contributes to the price of this fruit. Avocados are high in nutrients and provide various health advantages to their users.

Are avocados really so expensive?

Avocados are not very costly. As compared to other fruits, the costs are not that different. Also, you don’t have to pay a lot of money to eat avocados, and this meal is affordable to everyone.

When we compare the present price of avocado to prior years, we can notice that the price has risen significantly.

Although the price rise may be attributed to inflation, a substantial chunk of it is due to the increased popularity of avocados.

In sum, avocados aren’t very costly, although their cost has risen in recent years.


In a word, avocados are so expensive because they need water to develop and flourish only in particular regions. Another issue is that avocados might deteriorate if they are not treated properly before delivery. Moreover, they take a long time to develop, and their fruits vary from year to year.

Despite their high price, avocados are nevertheless widely available. Yet, as a frugal shopper, you may want to know whether you’re getting excellent value, particularly when purchasing avocados.

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