Why are cashews so pricey? (Explaining the Top 3 Reasons)

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Cashew is one of the most popular nuts that humans consume. These nuts are available at local grocery shops, and we love them as snacks at any time of day. Nonetheless, cashews might be expensive for certain individuals. Hence, you could wonder:

Why are cashews so pricey? Cashews are very pricey for a variety of reasons. Cashews, for example, are pricey because they are imported. Second, the production and processing of these nuts are hazardous. Finally, there has been an upsurge in demand for these nuts throughout the years.

Although cashews are pricey for a variety of reasons, they are still quite inexpensive when compared to other nuts. If you are on a tight budget, you should be aware of the high cost of cashews.

In this post, we’ll go over everything you need to know about cashews and why they’re so expensive. Using this information, you can determine the value of these nuts and choose if they are worth purchasing based on your preferences.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

How much do cashews cost?

Yeah, cashews are pricey. As compared to other pricey nuts, however, you can observe that they are comparatively cheaper or more inexpensive.

When sold at retail in the United States, cashews may cost approximately $15 per pound. Thus, of course, purchasing in bulks will help save you money. Nevertheless, this will only be the case if you need significant volumes.

Cashews are pricey mostly due to the processing. Cashews are unsafe to touch and to consume without them.

Why are cashews so pricey?

These are three typical causes for the high price of cashews. You may learn about the worth of cashews and how they are priced in the table below.

Cashews are an imported product.

Importation is one of the reasons why cashews might become pricey. Since cashews are not native to the United States, they are imported from other nations.

Such importation may have an effect on the final price since merchants and importers would add extra fees to increase their profit.

Another issue is that since cashews only grow in tropical areas, growing cashew trees in the United States is difficult. In summary, the expense of importing mounts up, making cashews a pricey nut.

Cashew processing is risky.

Another aspect that contributes to cashew’s high price is the danger of processing. One thing to keep in mind with cashews is that they are covered by a shell that contains harmful substances. It includes anacardic acid, which is similar to the chemical found in poison ivy.

Workers who are not cautious may suffer when their skin is exposed to the oil. Another danger arises when these chemicals are discharged into the environment.

Even once the employees have dealt with the poisons, grading and sorting each cashew will need some effort.

In summary, the whole process of making cashews edible is time-consuming and dangerous. As a result, they added a surcharge to compensate for the employees’ efforts.

Extra expenditures are generally incurred to supply personnel with the essential protection equipment against toxins.

The demand is increasing.

The last reason for the high cashew price is growing demand. There has been a dramatic spike in demand for cashews in recent years, which has been exacerbated by a fall in availability owing to a bad harvest season.

Due to a limited supply and strong demand for cashews, the price of cashews progressively climbed over time.

The market’s growth trend is continuing, and many believe that demand will continue to rise in the coming years.

It’s no surprise that cashews have grown in popularity over the years, given their many health advantages. When we realize that these health advantages may be obtained by having a nut snack, the desire for such increases.

What is the price of cashews?

Cashews typically cost between $11 and $13 per pound. That depends, however, depend on how many cashews you purchase. Here’s an estimate for cashews:

  • One bag of cashews – $12.6 per pound
  • Two bags of cashews – $12.3 per pound
  • Three or more bags of cashews – $11.6 per pound

When you purchase in bulk rather than at retail, you save more money. If you simply need a modest quantity, you may always go with retail costs.

Is it worth it to buy cashews?

Certainly, cashews are expensive, and this is due to their high value. Since making cashews suitable for ingestion is dangerous, it becomes valuable in addition to the health advantages that it provides.

Since processing cashews requires specialized knowledge and costly anti-toxin equipment, it is already an excellent buy. If you’re looking for a healthy nut snack, cashews are an excellent choice.

Cashews are well-known for their nutritional content and health advantages. Several studies encourage cashew eating since it promotes a variety of health advantages such as decreasing dangerous cholesterol, strengthening muscles and nerves, and generating a stronger immune system.

Since cashews are mostly used as snacks, it is not unexpected that cashews are gaining appeal among many individuals looking for a nutritious snack.

Is a cashew pricier than an almond?

Cashews are not more costly than almonds. Nonetheless, when the two are compared, cashews are less expensive than almonds. For every pound of cashews purchased above a pound of almonds, you can save a few of bucks.


In a nutshell, various reasons contribute to cashews’ high price. Cashews, for example, are pricey because they are imported. Additionally, cashew nuts are hazardous to produce and prepare. Last but not least, the popularity of these nuts has grown over time.

Even though they have several aspects that make them pricey, cashews are still very inexpensive when compared to other nuts. Cashews are pricey for a reason that you should grasp if you wish to stick to your budget. We hope this essay has helped you understand why cashews are so valuable.

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