Why are hazelnuts so pricey? (Explaining the Top 4 Reasons)

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If you like Nutella, you should also enjoy hazelnuts. Hazelnuts are a kind of nut that contains not only taste but also minerals and health benefits. Nevertheless, one thing you’ll notice is that hazelnuts may be rather pricey. Hence, you could wonder:

Why are hazelnuts so pricey? Since hazelnuts are difficult to cultivate and harvest, they are quite costly. Hazelnuts are also in great demand due to their popularity. Storms, cold, and the resources required to mass-produce these nuts all have an impact on the price.

Hazelnuts are quite inexpensive, particularly when compared to other more costly nuts. But, if you are on a tight budget, you may want to know the worth of what you are purchasing to ensure that your money is wisely spent.

This essay will discuss the top four reasons why hazelnuts are so costly. This will help you grasp the worth of these nuts. Based on your preferences, it will also help you determine if the hazelnuts are worth the money.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

How much do hazelnuts cost?

True, hazelnuts are pricey, but not prohibitively so. Hazelnuts are one of the most costly nuts when compared to others. Yet, when compared to other premium nuts, it is quite inexpensive. The following are some of the reasons why hazelnuts may be extremely costly.

Why are hazelnuts so pricey?

These are four typical causes for the high price of hazelnuts. Continue reading to learn more about the worth of these nuts and the reasons behind their high price.

Hazelnuts are in high demand.

Nutella, the popular chocolate spread made with hazelnuts, is one of the numerous reasons why hazelnuts are in great demand.

Ferrero (the business that makes Nutella) consumes about a quarter of the world’s hazelnut output to develop and supply this chocolate spread due to its expanding popularity.

Since they cover a major amount of the hazelnut supply, such strong demand might raise hazelnut prices.

Frost and storms

Hazelnut growth is hampered by storms and frost. As a result of the storms and frosts that devastated the majority of the hazelnut supply, the price of such skyrocketed.

For example, a ton of hazelnuts would cost $10,500 a few months ago, however the earlier price is $6500 for the same ton. In summary, anytime crops suffer from these natural calamities, prices rise.

Growing and harvesting difficulties

Hazelnut harvesting and cultivation are notoriously difficult. The bulk of the crop is farmed in a very narrow, hilly stretch of land along Turkey’s coast.

Since most nuts are still harvested by families in the region, productivity is substantially lower than in more commercialized locations. In summary, growing and collecting these nuts takes a lot of time and work.

As a consequence, the value of hazelnuts rises, particularly when demand for these nuts rises.

Mass Production Research

Because of the high demand and difficulties in supplying.

With the popularity of Nutella, many customers have preferred hazelnuts. The same is true for other producers that wish to capitalize on this trend.

As a consequence, significant resources were used to create a solution, if not an alternative. This stage seeks to achieve hazelnut growth and output.

Several farms, for example, have been established to meet the demand for these nuts. In the long term, such a move toward increased supply would benefit consumers. But, for the time being, these resources will be taxed via additional expenses.

How much are hazelnuts?

Hazelnuts may range in price from $0.7 to $1 per pound. As a result, it is a less expensive nut than the popular nuts, which cost more than $15 a pound. Yet, because to the rising popularity and demand for these nuts, analysts predict that prices will rise in the next years.

Is it worthwhile to spend money on hazelnuts?

Certainly, hazelnuts are expensive. Hazelnuts are high in healthful fats, in addition to vitamins, minerals, and antioxidant components.

They may also help lower blood fat levels, manage blood pressure, reduce inflammation, and enhance blood sugar levels, among other things.

Hazelnuts are famous because they are the nut used to produce chocolate spreads such as Nutella. It’s also a popular nut that goes well with other sweets, forming a great dessert.

With a variety of nutrients and health advantages, the hazelnut is a popular nut that many people like. As a result, it has a high value, a high demand, and a high price.

Is it true that hazelnuts are more costly than almonds?

No, hazelnuts do not cost more than almonds. They are less expensive. Yet, there are several pricey hazelnut brands available. In brief, it depends on the brand you choose.

Nonetheless, you’ll notice that almonds are usually more costly than hazelnuts. As a result, if you want to purchase hazelnuts, you should do it at a lesser cost.


In a nutshell, hazelnuts are expensive because they are tough to cultivate and harvest. Nonetheless, due to their popularity, hazelnuts are in great demand. Storms and frost may also have an impact on the price, as can the resources needed to mass-produce these nuts.

As compared to other pricey nuts, hazelnuts are not so expensive. But, if you are on a tight budget, you may want to ensure that the money you spend is well-spent by understanding the worth of what you are purchasing. We hope this essay has given you some insight into the worth of hazelnuts.

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