Why Do I Want Clay? [And What Should You Do? Explained!]

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Humans like food in all its forms, and we can hear them yearning for everything and everything. Clay, on the other hand, is a different story. You’d be shocked how many individuals like and want clay. As a result, you may wonder:

What’s the deal with my desire for clay? You desire clay because you suffer from pica, a yearning for anything other than food. Even though the disease is a sign of another ailment, a dietary shortage nearly always causes it. In such instances, obtaining medical attention is the best option.

Some individuals have clay cravings, although they are uncommon. Additionally, giving in to a want without understanding why endangers your health. As a result, it’s important to understand why your body loves clay. If you grasp this, you will be able to regulate it without causing yourself injury.

We will tell you all you need to know about clay cravings and how to overcome them. Following this action will help you avoid more issues and will also save you from the possibility of swallowing clay.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Why am I drawn to clay?

What does it mean to have a hunger for clay? An underlying ailment or health condition is most likely to blame for your desire for clay. Yet, you should not disregard it and should analyze your choices in this situation.

Let us investigate!


One of the causes of pica is clay craving, an eating disorder defined by people’s desire for non-food objects. As a result, if you suddenly feel the desire to ingest clay, you may have this sickness.

In rare cases, patients suffering from pica may seek for other items rather than clay. You are probably not alone if you want stones, ash, cloth, clay, paper, hair, and chalk.

Another thing to keep in mind is that although pica may be a sign of other conditions such as trichotillomania or schizophrenia, it is also distinct.

Pica’s etiology has not been recognized in any precise way. However, it develops in response to nutrient scarcity, as this article will explore in the next section.

Deficiency in Nutrients

Pica may occur when the body craves clay due to a shortage of minerals. Similarly, if the clay lacks minerals, the body may seek it.

As a result, you should analyze your present diet to determine whether any of the items you consume offer you with enough minerals and other nutrients.

Clay cravings may be compensated for with supplements, or a healthy, balanced diet will help you prevent or lessen future desires.


The ingestion of clay via cultural activity is referred to as geophagia. Clay is not a legitimate hunger, although you may want it if you’ve recently eaten a lot of it or if you’ve seen someone else consume it.

Geophagia is the habit of eating clay because some people think it offers several health advantages. Among these advantages are:

  • Resolve intestinal problems
  • Soften and lighten your skin
  • Keep you safe during pregnancy
  • Absorb toxins to prevent illness

In this situation, you must still eat dietary supplements, minerals, and vitamins. You avoid the hazards linked with ingesting clay by doing so.


If you have anemia, you may want clay, but eating clay will not alleviate your symptoms. By analyzing your blood, your doctor can help you decide whether you need nutritional supplements.

Clay in your stomach may bind to iron, zinc, and other elements, impairing your capacity to absorb minerals. Also, clay might raise your risk of anemia, so consuming it may be a bad decision.

As a result, you should avoid eating clay and instead substitute it with other meals that will fulfill your hunger.

Why am I now wanting clay?

If you have a sudden taste for clay, you may be deficient in nutrients. Pica occurs when your body wants clay owing to nutritional deficits or underlying health issues.

As a result, it is prudent to examine clay alternatives. Using mineral supplements will ensure that you obtain all of the minerals your body needs. In most circumstances, you should be able to quit desiring clay following this.

If you still want clay after doing all of these steps, you should see a doctor or discover if you have a medical condition.

Why am I always desiring clay?

If you constantly want clay, your body is most likely deficient in minerals. The two minerals that are often found in clay are iron and calcium.

Most cravings will go away if you fulfill them, but you can’t do the same with clay since consuming it raises your risk of illness.

To attain the greatest outcomes, it is advisable to substitute the clay with other meal alternatives rather than clay. But, if you continue to want clay, you might try consuming healthful and mineral-rich meals.

How can you get rid of your desire for clay?

To avoid cravings for clay things, eat meals with similar colors and textures. You can chew on ground cookies, cereal, or crackers if that is what you like. Also, ingesting mineral-rich foods is necessary if you wish to quit desiring clay.

If you are worried about yourself eating clay, the best thing you can do is tell someone you trust about it so they can assist you, particularly if your desires are getting the better of you. Finally, if you want the assistance of an expert, you may request it.

What should you eat if you’re craving clay?

If you’re wanting clay but don’t want to eat it, ground cookies are a good substitute. You may take some Oreo cookies or other sweets with you and eat them with your hands if you wish.

It’s advisable to keep doing it as long as you can’t replace the cookie. As a consequence, you may be interested in taking vitamins and minerals supplements in addition to your dietary substitute.

You will be able to ingest the proper quantity of nutrients as a result, and you will no longer want clay.

Pregnancy cravings for clay

Why do you want clay when pregnant? When you want clay during pregnancy, it’s possible that your body is desiring the iron or minerals that clay contains.

Pregnant women can desire clay, which is frequently a consequence of the image cravings they have.

According to experts, these cravings are caused by iron deficiency, while some believe they are caused by the immune system’s reaction to the changes in the body during pregnancy.

Regardless matter the cause, taking mineral supplements will guarantee that you obtain the right minerals.

You should also avoid eating clay since it might create a variety of health problems.

Preferring clay before period

Why do you want clay so much before your period? Since you need extra iron, you want clay before your period.

Individuals who have heavy periods may suffer from iron deficiency, which may explain their desires for clay.

As a consequence, you’ll need iron pills to assist you get through your impending period. If you take iron supplements, you will be able to avoid clay cravings in the future.

On menstruation, I’m craving clay.

Why are you wanting clay during your period? If you find yourself craving clay during your period, you may need to take additional iron to satisfy that want. Women who have heavy periods may suffer clay cravings as a consequence of iron insufficiency caused by their heavy periods.

In this scenario, iron supplements may be required to get you through your period. Because of the iron supplements you are taking, you will not want clay during your period.

At night, I get a need for clay.

Why do you want clay at night? If you want clay at night, it is likely that you are anemic and need more iron and other minerals in your body.

It would be preferable if you ate other food options, such as crumbled cookies, in addition to mineral supplements if this is the case.

As a consequence, you will be able to fulfill your desires with similar-textured food while still benefiting from the nutrients offered by your supplements.

When you’re unwell, you want clay.

Why do you want clay while you’re sick? If you want clay while you’re unwell, you likely need more minerals to feel better.

Pica cravings are an eating disorder in which people seek and consume non-food substances such as clay. My experience has revealed that some anemic persons prefer clay, thus if you are anemic, you may crave clay.

If this is the case, consuming minerals or eating minerals-rich meals would be most beneficial. You may also consume ground cookies.

Can you get addicted to clay?

While the chances of establishing a clay addiction are minimal, it is conceivable if you ignore your clay urge.

If you’re stuck for ideas, consume some pulverized cookies, which have a similar texture and color like clay. But, if you are deficient in certain nutrients, you should also take dietary supplements.

Is a desire for clay a symptom of pregnancy?

During pregnancy, pregnant women often want clay. The cause for this has yet to be determined; sadly, no obvious explanation has yet been presented.

Pica desires may be triggered by an iron deficit in the body. Another idea believes that these urges are caused by immune system alterations during pregnancy.

Clay cravings may arise during pregnancy, but they are not a sure indicator of pregnancy since they can occur at any time.

Is it possible to consume too much clay?

It is possible to consume too much clay, which is harmful. Moreover, consuming clay may harm your body by introducing parasites, germs, and heavy metals.

Also, the high potassium content of clay may result in elevated blood potassium levels, raising your risk of cardiac arrhythmias and cardiac arrest.

You should avoid eating clay at all times since it may cause a variety of health problems and risks.

Commonly Asked Questions

These are some often asked questions concerning clay and its desires. Here are a couple of them for you to go over and see if you can find any useful information.

What does emotionally wanting clay mean?

It is possible that in some circumstances, clay cravings are unrelated to emotions. While this is an important potential, it is not usually the case. Clay cravings, for example, might still be triggered by emotions in certain individuals.

Understanding that such a need exists is a type of self-medication. When you witness other people eating clay around you, you may be tempted to have some yourself.

Moreover, addressing this urge might improve your mood, making you feel happy as a consequence.

What ailment makes you want clay?

Clay cravings are frequently induced by a lack of minerals, which is one of the reasons why they arise. Nevertheless, iron deficiency anemia and anemia related to anemia are the most probable causes of your anemia.

Individuals with iron deficiency anemia may benefit from eating clay if they have this disease. Yet, although soils are a rich source of minerals and nutrients, ingesting these minerals and nutrients is not a smart idea.

What effects can consuming clay have on your body?

There are various signs and problems connected with the illness of pica. Pica is a condition with a variety of symptoms and problems, such as eating clay or dirt and experiencing stomach cramps and bleeding.

Eating clay might also induce constipation owing to pica. Those that consume paint may be exposed to lead poisoning as a result of their consumption.

Is the clay toxic?

Those who inhale clay materials, particularly silica, may suffer lung injury. This is due to the presence of free crystalline silica in clay bodies, which may induce scarring in lung tissue and an irreversible reduction of breathing capacity. Crystalline silica is prevalent in clay bodies in levels ranging from trace to considerable.

Why am I drawn to chalk and clay?

You may be iron deficient if you have a hankering for chalk. Pica is the medical word for a strong desire for specific foods. With iron deficiency, you may want materials other than chalk, such as ice, paper, coffee grounds, and seeds. Pica has no established etiology, however it is considered to be caused by iron deficiency.

Desiring clay soil

Geophagy consumes clay, dirt, or mud, as the term indicates. Pica, or the unnatural urge to consume coins, paint, soap, or other non-food things, is often associated with the illness. Geophagy has been practiced for ages by societies all over the globe, from the ancient Greeks to Native Americans.

Desiring clay dirt

If you have pica, an eating disorder in which you want a range of non-food objects, you may have the desire to eat dirt. If you have pica, you may want stones and clay.


The simple fact is that clay cravings may be caused by a variety of medical issues. Pica, an eating problem, may be present if you have cravings for anything other than food. This problem may be a sign of something more serious, although vitamin shortages are the most typical cause. If you find yourself in this situation, you should get treatment right away.

Some people seek clay, yet it is still difficult to come by. Moreover, it is a want that might endanger your life if you give in without knowing what it is. As a result, you should be conscious of why you want specific meals. When you understand these causes, you will be able to conquer them without causing damage to your health.

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