Why Do I Want Sand? [And What Should You Do? Explained!]

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Humans desire various types of meals, and we can hear them crave everything, even the strangest things. When you desire sand, though, it’s a very other story. Surprisingly, many individuals want and consume sand. As a result, you may wonder:

Why do I want sand? When you desire sand, you are most likely suffering from pica, a disease in which you crave anything other than food. A nutritional shortage is usually always to fault, however the condition may sometimes be a symptom of another sickness. As a result, whenever feasible, seek medical assistance.

Sand cravings are uncommon, however they do occur in certain persons. Additionally, giving in to a want without knowing why puts you at danger. Simply simply, you must comprehend why you desire sand. Only then will you be able to cope with it without jeopardizing your health.

You may discover all there is to know about sand cravings and how to cope with them right here. You will prevent extra issues and will not have to cope with the possibility of swallowing sand.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Why do I desire sand?

What does it mean to have a hankering for sand? If you have a sand desire, you most certainly have an underlying illness or health problem. If this is the case, you should not take it lightly and should carefully assess your choices.

Let us investigate!


Pica is a kind of eating disorder in which you want non-food objects. It is also one of the causes of sand cravings. As a consequence, if you suddenly want sand, you may have this condition.

Pica may induce people to seek items other than sand in rare cases. You could want stones, ash, cloth, clay, paper, hair, and chalk, for example.

Another thing to keep in mind is that although pica may be a sign of other diseases such as trichotillomania or schizophrenia, it is also a distinct problem in its own right.

Ultimately, no one etiology of pica has been identified. Scientists think it develops in response to nutrient scarcity, which we will cover next.

Deficiency in Nutrients

Pica is caused by a lack of minerals, which may result in sand cravings in the body in certain cases. Since sand contains numerous minerals, a shortage of it may trigger your body to want it.

As a consequence, you should evaluate your current diet to determine whether any of the items you consume offer you with enough minerals and other nutrients.

If not, you should take vitamins or eat a balanced and healthy diet to minimize or lessen future sand cravings.


Geophagia is a cultural practice in which people eat sand. Although this is not a legitimate hunger, it may make you want sand if you’ve been eating a lot of it or if you’ve seen someone eating it.

Some people practice geophagia because they think that eating sand has several health advantages. For instance, they claim sand can:

  • Aid in the resolution of any intestinal difficulties
  • Make your skin softer and lighter in color
  • Provide safety during pregnancy
  • Toxin absorption to prevent or treat sickness

If this is the case, it is still essential to ingest dietary supplements, minerals, and vitamins. You avoid the hazards linked with consuming sand this way.


You may want sand if you have anemia, but eating sand will not make your symptoms go away. Instead, see your doctor and get your blood tested to determine which nutritional supplements you need.

According to some studies, geophagy may hinder mineral absorption because the clay in your stomach binds to iron, zinc, and other nutrients. In other words, consuming sand may raise your chances of developing anemia.

As a consequence, instead of consuming sand, you should replace other items to fulfill your need.

Why am I now wanting sand?

If you find yourself desiring sand all of a sudden, you may be deficient in nutrients. Pica is a condition in which your body wants sand as a result of a nutritional shortage or an underlying ailment.

As a consequence, it is prudent to seek alternatives to sand. You should also take mineral supplements to ensure that your body gets all of the minerals it need. This should be enough to prevent you from seeking sand in the future in most circumstances.

If you still want sand after following all of these precautions, you should visit an expert or discover if you have a medical condition.

Why am I always desiring sand?

If you desire sand all the time, you’re probably not getting enough minerals. Iron and calcium are the most prevalent minerals found in sand.

Most cravings go away when you fulfill them, but you can’t do the same with sand since consuming it raises your risk of illness.

The best strategy is to substitute other foods for sand. Yet, if you continue to want sand, you might try eating something nourishing and mineral-rich.

How can you get rid of your need for sand?

Consuming meals with comparable colors and textures is the greatest approach to quit desiring sand. If you prefer, you may chew on ground cookies, cereal, or crackers. Also, it is essential to take mineral-rich foods in order to quit wanting sand.

One thing you can do to assist yourself from eating sand is to tell someone you trust, particularly if you are dealing with your desires. Finally, if you want professional assistance, you may request it.

What should you eat if you’re wanting sand?

Ground cookies are a good substitute for sand if you’re wanting it. For example, you may bring some oreo cookies or other treats with you and eat them with your hands.

Continue to replace the cookie as long as you are unable to replace it. As a consequence, you may be interested in taking vitamins and minerals supplements as a dietary alternative at the same time.

You will acquire the correct quantity of nutrients this way, and you will no longer want sand in the future.

Pregnancy cravings for sand

Why do you want sand when pregnant? When you want sand during pregnancy, your body is most likely desiring the iron or minerals found in sand.

Pregnant women may suffer sand cravings as a result of the image desires that many pregnant women experience.

Some specialists believe these cravings are caused by iron deficiency, while others believe they are a response of the immune system to the changes in the body during pregnancy.

Regardless of the cause, taking mineral supplements will guarantee that you obtain the right quantity of minerals.

Moreover, you must guarantee that you consume food alternatives rather than sand, since this might expose you to a variety of health issues and concerns.

Sand cravings before period

Why do you want sand so much before your period? If you desire sand before your period, it’s usually because you need more iron.

Those who have heavy periods are more likely to suffer from iron deficiency, which may cause sand cravings.

If this is the case, you should receive some iron supplements to assist you manage with your next period. If you take iron supplements, you will be able to avoid sand cravings in the future.

On period, I have a strong need for sand.

Why do you want sand when on your period? If you experience a sand hunger during your period, it is possible that you may require extra iron to satisfy the want. Women who have heavy periods may suffer from sand cravings as a consequence of iron insufficiency.

In this instance, iron supplements are required to get you through your period. You will no longer want sand during your period if you take iron supplements.

Nighttime hankering for sand

Why do you want sand at night? If you want sand at night, you are probably anemic, and your body need extra iron and other minerals.

As a result, it is preferable to take different food options, such as crumbled cookies, in addition to mineral supplements if this is the case.

This allows you to fulfill your desires with food that has a comparable texture while still benefiting from the nutrients given by your supplements.

When you’re unwell, you want sand.

Why do you want sand when you’re sick? If you desire sand while you’re unwell, you probably need additional minerals to help you cope.

Pica desires, an eating disorder in which someone seeks and consumes non-food objects such as sand, are conceivable. Several individuals who are anemic, in my experience, also consume sand, therefore if you are anemic, you may be desiring sand.

In this instance, the most beneficial thing you can do is take minerals or consume minerals-rich foods. You may also consume comparable options, such as ground cookies.

Is it possible to develop a sand addiction?

While the odds of developing a sand addiction are minimal, you might still acquire one if you do nothing about your sand appetite.

If you dont know what to do, you may eat some ground cookies since they have a similar feel and color like sand.

Nevertheless, you should also take dietary supplements to correct any vitamin deficits you may have if you ever have them.

Is a need for sand a symptom of pregnancy?

Throughout their pregnancy, many pregnant women want sand or clay. The reason why this occurs has not yet been found; sadly, there has not yet been any obvious explanation.

Pica desires may be triggered by an iron deficit in the body. Another idea holds that these desires are caused by changes in the immunological system that occur during pregnancy.

To summarize, sand cravings may occur during pregnancy, but they are not a sure indicator of pregnancy since they can occur at any time.

Is it possible to consume too much sand?

The reality is that it is possible to consume too much sand, which is not a healthy thing. You may obtain parasites, germs, and dangerous heavy metals in your body if you consume sand.

Moreover, high potassium levels in the sand may lead to high blood potassium levels, increasing your risk of cardiac arrhythmias and cardiac arrest.

To summarize, you should avoid ingesting sand at all times since it may cause a variety of health difficulties and risks.

Commonly Asked Questions

These are some answers to commonly asked questions concerning sand and its desires. Let’s take a look at each one and see if you can find any useful information to aid you with your issues.

What does a desire for sand imply emotionally?

Sand appetites are not always tied to emotional demands. Yet, it is critical to keep this option in mind. Emotions, for example, might still cause sand cravings.

Recognizing these types of cravings is a sort of self-medication. For example, if you observe other individuals around eating sand, you may be tempted to do the same. Also, addressing this urge might improve your mood, making you feel happy.

What ailment makes you want sand?

Mineral deficiencies are the most common cause of sand cravings. In most situations, you are suffering from anemia or iron deficient anemia.

If you suffer from iron deficiency anemia, you may benefit from eating sand. Yet, although soil contains minerals and nutrients, ingesting these minerals and nutrients is not a smart idea.

Why am I drawn to dirt and sand?

Eating dirt and sand was an ancient habit known as geophagia. Since then, numerous nations throughout the globe have adopted this eating style.

Those suffering from pica, an eating disorder in which the patient desires and consumes non-food objects such as dirt and sand, are often spotted consuming these items.

In addition to eating dirt and sand, certain anemic individuals ingest dirt and sand all around the globe, including Africa.

What happens to your body when you consume sand?

Pica is a disorder that causes a variety of symptoms and problems. Pica is characterized by a variety of symptoms and problems, including ingesting sand or dirt and experiencing stomach discomfort and bleeding.

Consuming san might also cause constipation owing to pica. Moreover, a person who consumes paint may be exposed to lead poisoning as a result of ingestion.


Sand cravings may be prompted by a variety of medical issues. Secondly, if you have a need for anything that isn’t food, you may have pica, a kind of eating disorder. This disease might be an indication of a more serious ailment, however it is mostly caused by dietary shortages. This is the kind of scenario in which you should seek assistance.

Some people yearn for sand, yet it is still scarce. Moreover, it is a want that might endanger you if you give in without recognizing what it is. To put it another way, you need to understand why particular meals appeal to you. If you do, you will be able to conquer them without causing damage to your health.

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