Why Does My Chicken Taste Like Fish? (Is It Safe to Eat?)

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If you love chicken, you’ve undoubtedly experimented with a lot of different dishes and tastes that use it. Chicken is, in general, a very adaptable kind of protein, and it goes well with a wide variety of cuisines. On the other hand, if you suddenly taste fish in your chicken meal, it may give the impression that something quite else is going on. Hence, in the event that anything like this takes place, you may inquire about:

Why does my chicken taste like fish? There are several reasons why your chicken tastes like fish. The most common reason is that your chicken has gone bad or because your chicken got mishandled and poorly prepared. If your chicken is fresh, you can always fix it by adding something acidic to conceal the fishy taste.

If the chicken you’re eating takes on the flavor of fish, for example, it’s one of those times when you could start to worry and consider tossing the meal. But, before eating the chicken, it is important to investigate the situation and determine whether or not it is safe to do so. In this approach, you will have a better chance of rescuing the meal and being able to enjoy it even after the fishiness has been remedied.

In this piece, we will attempt to answer the question of whether or not it is safe to ingest chicken that has a flavor like fish, as well as explain why you could have this perception in the first place. We will also discover the most effective method for repairing the flavor of fish-flavored chicken by determining the most effective strategy to repair the flavor.

Let’s not waste any more time and get right in, shall we?

Why would chicken have a fishy flavor?

As I was saying before, if chicken has gone bad, if it has been mistreated, or if it has been badly cooked, it will taste like fish.

It’s possible that this may seem to you as a catastrophe, and in fact, that might be the case. If your chicken, on the other hand, is safe to eat, you may be able to get rid of the fishy taste it has by just adding a few more things.

Let’s not just toss it out; rather than doing that, let’s investigate what may have gone wrong with the chicken you so carefully prepared.

To begin, there is almost no room for error when it comes to chicken. If there is even a remote potential that anything may be harmful, you should never keep it even for a moment longer than necessary.

The only way to know for certain whether or not you have already cooked your chicken is to check it properly before you cook it.

The second issue is that it is not always possible to determine whether or not raw chicken has become rotten. If raw chicken is kept at room temperature for an extended period of time, the rate of bacterial development will quickly accelerate, rendering the chicken unfit for consumption and a significant issue.

In spite of this, there are a few things that might be causing your chicken to smell and taste like fish despite the fact that it has not gone bad.

What makes a chicken breast taste like fish?

If the flavor of your chicken breast reminds you of fish, the problem is probably with the way you cooked it. On the other hand, if your chicken breast is not spoiled and is safe to eat, the fishy flavor can be the result of the oil or pan that you used to cook it in.

For instance, if you fried a fish in a pan with oil and then use the same pan to cook a chicken breast without first cleaning it, the chicken breast may end up tasting like fish. This is because the oil from the fish was transferred to the pan.

On the other hand, if you keep a fish in the refrigerator with a chicken breast for an extended period of time, the chicken breast may end up tasting fishy.

Changing the oil and cooking the chicken breast in a separate or completely cleaned pan can allow you to rectify this situation. Instead, you might use a new pan altogether.

What’s the deal with my fried chicken tasting like fish?

If the flavor of your fried chicken reminds you of fish, it’s probably because you cooked the chicken in the same oil that you use to fry fish. Changing the oil out for a fresh container of it will resolve this issue. In addition, check the freshness of your chicken to ensure that the finished product will not have a fishy flavor or odor.

Why does chicken sometimes taste like tuna?

When you fried chicken, it goes through a process of oxidation that may occasionally make it smell like tuna. This is the reason of the fragrance. In general,

It is possible for chicken that has been cooked in oil to have an aroma similar to that of tuna. Oxidation is the root of this problem. When some fats, like linoleic acid, are oxidized, the process results in the production of volatile molecules that have a pungent odor.

You may repair this by deep-frying the chicken in fresh oil until it is cooked through. After that, you may make sure that the chicken is completely immersed and not exposed to oxygen, which will stop it from oxidizing.

Is it safe to consume fish-scented chicken?

It depends. While a fishy odor might be caused by improper cooking, it is OK to consume fresh chicken even if it smells fishy provided as the chicken itself is fresh. You must, however, toss out the chicken if it has gone stale and gives off an odor that is similar to that of fish.

The odor of spoiled chicken is a clue that something is wrong. The smell of raw, freshly prepared chicken is either extremely faint or nonexistent. Because of this, you need to get rid of any hens that have a strong odor, such as one that smells like rotting eggs or has a lot of sulfur in its scent. Despite this, you should under no circumstances depend on your sense of smell to judge whether or not the chicken is safe to eat.

Is it bad to eat chicken that tastes like fish?

Chicken that has the flavor of fish is, for the most part, not good. Nonetheless, in rare cases, chicken that has a flavor similar to that of fish may still be consumed without risk.

There are a few distinct possibilities that might explain why your chicken has the flavor of fish, but one of the most likely explanations is that it has spoiled and is no longer appropriate for human consumption.

The presence of a fishy taste in meat is often an indicator that the product is no longer fresh and should not be consumed at this point since it poses a health risk.

If you are certain that the chicken you are using is not old, then the foul odor is most likely the result of improper handling and preparation. Having said that, such a situation may be remedied in a number of different ways.

How can you remove the fishy flavor from chicken?

If you serve your loved ones chicken for supper but it has the texture and flavor of fish, you could have a difficult time convincing them to consume it right away. You may, however, make your chicken into a delectable meal that can be saved for another night by following a few simple instructions.

Anything acidic will do the job if you’re trying to mask fishy tastes in chicken. Your best bet is to use lemon juice. Your chicken will have a deep and complex flavor while only requiring a few basic ingredients. The flavor will be wonderful, despite the fact that it won’t be quite like chicken in any way.

Make use of vinegar.

Vinegar is one of our go-to tricks for solving common problems around the home, and it works well for masking fishy flavors in chicken. If you make a creamy sauce with white wine vinegar and add a generous amount of black pepper that has been cracked, your family will gobble it up in no time.

Tomatoes should be included.

The addition of tomatoes to your chicken can cover up any traces of fishiness. To accompany pasta, you may try your hand at preparing a savory ragu with a distinct herb taste.

Lemon juice marinade.

In general, lemon juice is one of our favorite complements to chicken, and it works well as a flavor neutralizer when combined with fish. After gently rewarming your chicken in a marinade made of lemon juice and herbs, serve it with a hot summer salad.

Does Covid make chicken taste like fish?

No, Covid is not able to make the chicken taste like fish in any way. Although if a loss of taste is one of the symptoms that often accompany covid, the flavor of the food we eat won’t be affected. Hence, even if you have Covid, you could still eat chicken, and even putting spice to it, it might not have any taste or appeal to you. On the other hand, if the flavor of your chicken is more like that of fish, it is less likely to be caused by Covid.

Why does my pregnant chicken taste like fish?

If you find that even chicken has a fishy aftertaste while you’re pregnant, it’s probably because your taste buds have gotten so acute that you can detect fishy notes in even chicken.

Since pregnant women are more sensitive to smell and taste, anything with a strong odor has the potential to make them feel sick to their stomachs. Having said that, this is not a standard practice. For instance, many individuals have a severe dislike to chicken, despite the fact that it does not smell very strong.

In a nutshell, this is quite normal, and it also can indicate that there is nothing wrong with your chicken. Nonetheless, before you consume the chicken, you should check to see that it has not been sitting out for too long. You won’t have any issues even if the chicken isn’t as fresh if you do it this way.


In a nutshell, the flavor of your chicken may be attributed to a few different factors. To begin, the chicken you ate was probably spoiled because it was either improperly handled and cooked, or it went bad after it had already begun to spoil. There is always the option of adding an acidic beverage to raw chicken in order to cover up the fishy flavor.

As soon as you notice that your chicken has a flavor similar to fish, you should be concerned and think about throwing it out. If you are concerned about the welfare of the hens, you should check into the matter first. When the fishy flavor has been removed, the meal could still have a pleasant flavor overall.

  • Chicken Tastes Watery
  • Chicken Tastes Rubbery
  • Chicken Tastes Sour
  • Chicken Tastes Metallic
  • Chicken Tastes Soapy


Is it safe to eat fishy smelling chicken?

A red flag should be raised about chicken that has an overpowering odor. It is no longer safe to consume the food if it has an odor that is fishy, sour, or sulfur-like and reminds one of rotten eggs.

Why does the chicken taste fishy?

This happens most often when chicken is fried in a skillet or pan that has not been cleaned beforehand, or when oil that has been used for cooking is recycled numerous times. It’s not that the oil or the pan have a fishy smell; rather, repeated heating of oil may cause it to undergo chemical changes that might leave your chicken tasting off. These changes can impart strange tastes.

Why is my food tasting like fish?

The majority of the time, dysgeusia is the result of a negative reaction to a therapy or drug, but it may also be brought on by a deficiency in a vitamin or mineral. Alterations in taste are another side effect that may happen to pregnant women. Dysgeusia, on the other hand, may in very unusual circumstances be an indicator of another health problem, such as hypothyroidism or liver illness.

Does spoiled chicken have a taste?

Spit it out and throw away the remainder of it if it has an odd taste or appears to have a somewhat sour flavor.

What happens if you cook spoiled chicken?

The dangers of eating chicken that has gone bad

In spite of this, you should still avoid cooking and eating chicken that has gone bad. Although while re-heating or cooking will kill surface germs, it won’t eradicate some of the toxins created by bacteria. These toxins can cause food poisoning if you consume them, so it’s important to avoid eating them ( 8 ).

Can you smell if chicken has salmonella?

The appearance, flavor, and aroma of food that has been tainted with Salmonella or other pathogenic bacteria is often unaffected. Because of this, it is essential to be knowledgeable on how to avoid contracting infections. Salmonella are the cause of a far larger number of infections than you may think.

Why does my chicken have a weird taste?

Why, therefore, does reheated chicken have such a foul flavor? The reason is that chicken and fish have a little different flavor the second time around because they have been exposed to oxygen, which causes polyunsaturated fatty acids and proteins in the food to break down. You are not imagining this occurrence in any way. It is a true phenomenon, and a phrase has even been coined to describe it.

How do you get the fishy taste out of meat?

We have discovered an effective and simple method for getting rid of the odor: After letting the fish or the flesh from the shellfish soak in the milk for twenty minutes, rinse it and pat it dry. Milk’s casein binds to the TMA, and when the milk is drained, it takes the offending compound that is responsible for the fishy smell with it. The end product is seafood that has a taste that is pure and a pleasant aroma.

Does food suddenly taste different with COVID-19?

After having coronavirus, you could realize that some foods have a strange flavor or scent to you. A food’s flavor may be described as being tasteless, salty, sweet, or metallic. These shifts often don’t last very long, but they may have an impact on your appetite and the amount of food you consume. Your altered sense of smell or taste may only be temporary for the vast majority of individuals, but it may be more permanent for a very select few.