Why is beef jerky so pricey? (Explaining the Top 4 Reasons)

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If you like beef jerky, you are surely aware of how pricey it can be. While beef jerky is not inexpensive, it offers some important advantages. For starters, it’s delectable. Sadly, you won’t have much success locating a beef jerky deal once you start searching. This product cannot be made any cheaper over time. Hence, you could wonder:

Why is beef jerky so pricey? Beef jerky is pricey because it is made from high-quality beef. Also, the raw beef necessary to produce jerky is costly. Another consideration is that producing beef jerky is time-consuming and labor-intensive. All of these reasons contribute to the high price of this snack.

Beef jerky is a delicious treat and snack that many people enjoy every now and then. But, the expensive price may make you wonder whether it’s worth it to spend money on a snack. If that’s your worry, we’ve got you covered!

We’ll explain the worth of beef jerky and the top four reasons for its high price in the following sections. This manner, you can determine if beef jerky is a delicacy worth spending money on, particularly if you’re on a tight budget.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Is beef jerky pricey?

Yeah, beef jerky is pricey. The high cost of raw beef, the high cost of quality components, the non-automated production, and the time and energy necessary all contribute to the high cost of beef jerky. As a result, while being one of the most popular snacks on the market, beef jerky may be one of the most expensive.

Why is beef jerky so pricey?

The four primary reasons why beef jerky is so costly are listed below. You may read on to find out why this snack is so pricey.

A excellent cut of beef is used to make beef jerky.

High-end beef jerky companies and producers will employ higher-quality cuts of meat. You will have to spend extra if you want a nicer piece of meat.

Some of the less costly slices of beef jerky are prepared from cow leftovers that aren’t as popular as others.

While some individuals like this sort of beef jerky, there are distinctions across brands.

If you want great-tasting jerky, always pick a leaner beef jerky cut. This sort of beef is usually more costly to buy, as you can see when you go shopping.

Even if the meat is as basic as ground beef, it always earns more money when it is leaner. This is due to the fact that many of the meat’s tastes originate from leaner flesh.

One issue that some people have is that some jerky may be as pricey as purchasing a steak.

Beef is a costly meat.

Beef is more costly than other types of meat. As a consequence, demand for beef was quite strong, but has now declined dramatically.

Beef is currently bought less often than chicken and turkey. Nonetheless, cost is a role, as are other aspects like as nutrition and health.

Consumers are leaning toward chicken because it is leaner and healthier, and it is gaining popularity.

Beef is more costly to produce due to the high cost of raising cattle, in addition to supply and demand. To grow cows, you will need additional acreage, personnel, food, and time.

In comparison to farming beef, rearing chickens is less expensive and simpler. Since there are so many expenses connected with rearing cattle, it is no surprise that beef prices are passed on to the customer.

Long-term planning is required for beef sector investment to assure profitability and long-term sustainability.

The process of making beef jerky is time-consuming.

Two elements must be addressed while making beef jerky. They are cows and the jerky made from the work required to raise them.

Cows must be raised, fed, and cared for for years before they can be used for meat production. It is a time-consuming procedure that will need the use of labor, power, and food. On many days, there is little respite or end of labor in sight for a farmer.

Even after the animal has been reared, processing continues. Beef jerky takes longer to cook when done properly. This procedure will take some time and money to complete from start to end, so it is not something you can accomplish in minutes.

Also, beef jerky will not be flavorless. To give beef jerky a rich flavor, several procedures must be performed.

Due of the high water content in beef jerky, a large amount of the spices or tastes used on the jerky are frequently required. Moreover, the cost of a product involves labor, which is one of the most costly aspects of any firm.

Beef jerky making is time-consuming.

It takes time to create beef jerky. This is true for the majority of food items. Some things require time to develop or mature before they are fit for eating.

When it comes to beef jerky, the procedure is long and intricate after the product is created. This kind of meat allows people to consume it without having to prepare or cook it. It has a lengthy shelf life and may be stored for a long period.

This is a fantastic convenience, but it did not come without substantial work from certain individuals. Thus, the next time you purchase beef jerky, keep these points in mind.

What is the price of beef jerky?

The price of beef jerky is determined by numerous variables. Yet, we may categorize the possibilities as cheap, moderate, and costly. You should expect to spend $25 for 16 ounces or less of cheap beef jerky. For every 16 ounces of beef jerky, the average price is roughly $30. Finally, premium beef jerky may cost $35 or more.

Is beef jerky a good buy?

Yeah, beef jerky is expensive. When you consider all of the resources required to manufacture one, the price of beef jerky is fair. Consumers may choose inexpensive jerky since it is cheaper, fattier, and has more marbling, but this option compromises quality for a lesser price. Because of its flavor and texture, a high-quality beef jerky cut is well worth the price.

Because of its stronger taste, beef jerky is quite popular. Jerky reduces moisture and has a more rich taste than uncured beef. It is still a popular low-fat, high-protein snack today. Humans preserved meat for the first time in ancient times as civilizations sought the finest methods to do so.


In a nutshell, beef jerky is pricey because it is created from premium meat. Buying raw meat is also expensive. Additionally, beef jerky is a time-consuming and labor-intensive product. As a result of these factors, this snack is rather pricey.

Beef jerky has a pleasing flavor, which is why many people like it on occasion. The high price, on the other hand, may make you ponder whether spending money on a snack is worthwhile. We hope this information has helped you decide whether or not to purchase beef jerky.

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