Why is my Nutella so runny? (Is It Harmful? All You Need to Know!)

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The sight of water on top of your Nutella is not the finest thing that could happen to you. Is it, however, as horrible as it appears? What are the potential causes? Let us investigate!

Why is my Nutella so runny? The most frequent cause of watery Nutella is that the oil has separated from the other components in the spread. Yet, although it may seem horrible, it is really natural and has no negative connotations.

This response was simply a cursory one, however, so well now take a more in-depth look at this topic to properly comprehend it.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s simply get started; there’s a lot to learn!

Is it normal for Nutella to be watery?

Although it is impossible to say that Nutella is meant to be watery, it typically does not signify anything negative when it is. The most prevalent cause of watery Nutella is oil separation from other components, which is not a negative thing.

The liquid in your Nutella is watery, maybe a little greasy, but transparent, indicating that this is the case. On the other hand, if it’s foggy and simply awful, you should toss the Nutella.

Why is there liquid in my Nutella?

As we indicated in the last response, your Nutella is most likely liquid since the oil in it has separated from the other components. It occasionally occurs to old Nutella, but it doesnt signify anything harmful; the Nutella may still be enjoyed.

Why is my Nutella thin?

The presence of oil is also the most likely cause of your Nutella being thin; as the oil separates from the rest of the Nutella, it thins. But don’t worry; it’s not a big deal and can be simply repaired; more on that in the next response.

What is the best way to make Nutella less runny?

If your Nutella has become too thin, it does not necessarily indicate that anything is wrong with it. But, if you need to thicken it for whatever reason, a simple technique to make Nutella less runny is to add powdered sugar!

Since powdered sugar includes cornstarch, a well-known thickener, this easy method will thicken your Nutella again.

How can you tell when Nutella has gone bad?

Believe it or not, distinguishing bad Nutella from excellent Nutella is a simple chore. To determine whether Nutella has gone bad, just examine its texture and look. As Nutella goes bad, it gets hard and dry, so if you see any of these changes, you should throw away that bottle of Nutella.

Is it possible to become ill from expired Nutella?

It is because eating outdated Nutella may make you ill, which can create health concerns. Nevertheless, keep in mind that this is only true as long as the Nutella is spoilt, which normally does not occur immediately after the expiry date.


Although if opening a bottle of Nutella and discovering a liquid on the top is not a pleasant experience, it does not always indicate that there is anything wrong with the Nutella.

Why? Most typically, Nutella is runny on top due to oil separation from other components, which is not a negative thing. As a result, even if there is a liquid, you can probably still enjoy your Nutella.

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