Why is Nutella so pricey? (All You Need to Know)

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Did you know that during World War II, an Italian baker called Pietro Ferrero created Nutella in Italy? Owing to a cocoa scarcity, Pietro decided to add hazelnuts, and Nutella took the globe by storm. So how on earth can it suddenly be so expensive? Let us investigate!

Why is Nutella so pricey? One of the primary reasons Nutella is so costly is because it is made using high-quality ingredients. Nonetheless, a significant portion of its expense is due to the high cost of advertising for a well-known global brand.

But that was only to put it quickly, so take a deeper look now.

Let us therefore, without further ado, get right into it!

What makes Nutella so pricey?

Simply explained, there are two crucial factors hidden beneath Nutella’s pricing. The first factor that contributes to Nutella’s high price is the cost of ingredients. Nutella is made from (at least in part) high-quality ingredients, and creating hazelnut spread isn’t cheap, as we’ll discuss in a moment.

Nevertheless, let’s face it, the marketing costs of such a well-known brand contribute to Nutella’s high price. The major reason Nutella is so popular is because of its advertising, which isn’t cheap either.

How much money does it take to create Nutella?

While it is impossible to say how much it costs Nutella to create one bottle of their product, we can look at how much it costs to make homemade Nutella.

Although a 26.5 ounce bottle of store-bought Nutella costs roughly $7, preparing it at home may range between $15 and $25. (depending primarily on the hazelnuts price).

Furthermore, although this does not imply that Nutella would subsidize the production of their product, it does dispel the notion that they are, on the contrary, ripping us off, since Nutella is quite costly.

Is Nutella the same price everywhere?

Actually, the price of Nutella does not vary by nation, which seems reasonable given the disparities in buying power. And while it may appear theres also a change in the recipe buried behind the varying costs, thats not the case.

Nutella is always made using the same ingredients (sugar, fat, hazelnuts, and chocolate). While some changes in ratios have been documented, they are not as significant as one would imagine!

What is the cheapest Nutella price?

Unfortunately, there isn’t much information available to assist you find the cheapest Nutella in the globe. Yet, you don’t have to be upset since the price of Nutella doesn’t differ all that much throughout the world.


There are two key reasons why Nutella is such an expensive food. First and foremost, Nutella is manufactured with high-quality ingredients, but there is also the expense of the brand’s marketing hidden behind the price.

Nevertheless, believe it or not, Nutella isn’t as expensive as it may seem at first look. Although we can’t say how much it costs the manufacturers to create one bottle of Nutella, it can be stated that producing your own at home would cost nearly twice as much!

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